… within the space of this year, we are very anxious to be cohabitating! Many of you are so anxious to come in physical form and visit us on ship. And we are so anxious, without being undercover, to be visiting you on planet!

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show ~ February 28, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 12:09 to 20.22]

Galea of Neptune, UFOG Communications Officer aboard the Neptune ~ Living in Unity, Community, and Cohabitation!

Galea: Greetings, I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you, dearest Suzanne, and to all of you. Welcome to the ship! It is my honour to invite you in, that we will go and sit and chat and visit, and catch each other up, shall we say, on the news of the day, from our perspective and from yours. So, welcome, beloved ones! We are honoured to have you on board this day, even in this way, ao let me take you, beloved friends, by the hand, by the arm, by the shoulder. We do not go to a formal conference room. Let us go to the gathering place – yes, there are many on this ship – but it is an informal set-up, what you would think of as a lounge.

In fact, let me start this way. Gathering places for us are exceptionally important. Similarly, sacred space and privacy are equally important. We work, we communicate, often telepathically – collective mind, collective understanding, collective purpose. That does not mean that we are a bunch of robots, friends. It simply means that within our unique individuation, there is also the collective understanding.

To us, gathering, joining together – what you might think of as visiting together – is very important. And I’m talking about this because this is also a pattern that you have been feeling and yearning for, and beginning to introduce in a new and different way. So, understand what I say. Communication – and yes, I admit a bias! – but communication is deeply respected, honoured and essential to our wellbeing. Yes, telepathically, but even the telepathic communication is in Saedor. So it is important that we come together.

And you might think that even on a mothership which is very large: “Are you not working together and running into each other all day long, all night long, continually?” This is a confined space and you are correct in that. But in that confined space, and even between the various intergalactic and galactic forces, genuine communication – what you might call heart communication – becomes even more necessary, more desirable; not in the sense of living in each other’s pockets or invading one’s sacred space, but in terms of heart sharing, of coming together in joyful, fun, peaceful… a whole variety of ways where we can simply be together.

Sometimes there is a great deal of chat – and chatter! – depth of conversation about what is truly transpiring in our hearts, our minds and our lives, and at times it is silence. We also have gathering places for sacred ritual, ceremony – what you think of as prayer, meditation – and often those places are more often than not in silence.

We do not confuse – yes, confuse – the fact that we have been working with someone for a period of time out of what you would think of as a day as necessarily having had heart communication. Is language respectful, clear, honouring, functional? Absolutely. But we do not spend, for example, our time on deck talking about how we are doing, and in that, we are also always very aware of how each other is doing.

And so, in what you would think of as off-time, we seek each other out to either share the joy, share the expansion, share the conundrum, share the latest information, whether it is a loved one being posted far away or the arrival of a new soul. Because there is always a great deal of in and out, of circulation of beings as well, on board all the ships and in all the fleets. So there is always something interesting and heartfelt – sometimes casual, sometimes intense – to talk about, to communicate over.

This art of communication, this art of visiting, has in many ways been lost in many cultures and particularly in your western culture. There is often a sense of purpose that is assigned to a visit rather than the simple desire to be together, to catch up. Often you have used the ceremony – or the excuse! – of eating a meal together in order to create such occasions, and we do not negate that; that is beautiful because you are feeding each other love and honouring and fellowship.

Now, as we have said before to you in different contexts, we do eat, and we often will eat for the sheer joy of it – the textures, the taste, the experience – and of course, we do share visitation and fellowship and information exchange often while we are eating. But sometimes eating is also simply the maintenance factor, as you well know. We do not require having a meal or something like that to imbibe in order to visit. The exchange of communication is considered sacred enough that you don’t necessarily need, want, desire any distraction.

Now, most of you are not quite there yet. And we are not talking about hospitality, because that comes from your heart. But very often the focus becomes on the food, the drink, the set-up, rather than the true purpose, which is simply to be together. And this is something that you are already learning from us.

And you say to me, “Well, Galea, how are we learning it from you?” Beloved ones, are we not week after week, month after month, simply sitting together and chatting and sharing news of our hearts? Yes, technical information as well, and we will get to that. But even when we are sharing what you think of as news, it is never separated; it is not put into various quadrants separate from our heart and from our love.

Now, similarly, as I have begun, our sacred space is cherished, valued. If you think, sweet angels, that you value your sacred space – and most of you do; some are, shall we say, more social than others – but if you think that you are valuing your sacred space, again, you are learning from us, we are sharing with you. So in terms of the value of your sacred space, you are probably, in a collective way, somewhere around 2 or 3 while we would be at a 10!

I do not say this in the way of critique. Again, because we are in a confined space, individual, unique, sacred space becomes even more important. And you can say to me, “Well yes, Galea, I can imagine. You are stuck on a ship that is only about 26 miles long.” And what I would say to you, sweet angels, is: “You are stuck on a planet that is beautiful and diverse, but you are still limited in terms of your flexibility.”

So let us talk about sacred space from our perspective. First of all, there is the sacred space of the individual. Now you know on Gaia, in varying different cultures, that the concept of personal space which we would call sacred space varies; that there are many differences between say American and Japanese and Indian. So there is a proximity factor.

We have often – and when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘the big we’ – we have often spoken to you about remaining in the sacred space of your bubbles – and this is a good vision or visual for you to hold on to when we are talking about sacred space – because whether you are again on deck or in the lounge or in the privacy of your own apartment, that sacred space walking down the hallway is always with you.

None of us… think of what we say… none of us would ever invade – yes, invade – another’s sacred space. It is foundational. And it is foundational to the peace throughout the galaxies that no being is ever threatened, that that sacred space is just that. It does not need to be validated or identified. It is known.

Now, there are beautiful occasions at varying degrees when we will merge our sacred spaces together through volition or choice… or desire, but that is different. And I do not want to give the impression that we are cold or distant, quite the contrary, for we love to touch, to embrace, to encourage.

So our physical spaces and our physical apparatus is very important to us. But prior to reaching out, say to touch another person on the arm or to take their hand, there is a subtle communication – what you might call body language but it is more developed than that – where permission is given or not given. Because like you, there are times even in what you might think of as a difficult situation where you feel you want to reach out to somebody, but the person or the being is saying, “You know, I just need to be left alone right now.”

So there is always permission in terms of this level of communication, and of course there is telepathic communication. Now, within the sacred space, there is also the complete ability to, shall we say, turn off your telepathic communication – and many do this when they go particularly to their own compartments or apartments when they wish to be alone, or wish their beloved ones or family with them. It is like posting a “do not disturb” or a “no trespassing” sign.

Similarly, our compartments/apartments are inviolate insofar as no one would consider showing up at another’s door without an invitation or that green light being issued. Again, it is not that we are overly formal, but in the confined space there are rules and customs of respect for that unique space.

Now, when there is a deep friendship or partnership, then there is a blanket invitation. But even in that – think about what we are saying – there is the telepathic message that would go out: “Okay to come over? Yes? No, not now, not a good time.”

Why am I talking to you this day, right now, with all the chaos that is going on about this? Because many of you are yearning – and programmed, self-programmed – for unity and community. You long to be with your group, with your community, with your “tribe” as some of you call it. And at the same time, you say, “Yes, but I don’t want people in my kitchen 24/7.”

So, developing – and you are developing – this empathic, telepathic, sacred space is very important. And being able to post the “do not disturb” sign is also critical because to live in community – and I speak from a family of two to being an entire Gaian planet – that sense of the honouring of your being, of your pathway, which needs to be – for all of us, Gaians and us – it has need to be this combination of work and play, of what we would call “family” because we consider ourselves one big family, one community, and a galactic and intergalactic community.

So to be in that situation, which is also the paradigm, the patterning for the Cities of Light as well, and within that, those Cities of Light, there are various communities. You know, you have this expression of ‘peeps’. Well, we have peeps, and it is not just determined by who you work with; it is who you are vibrating/resonating with.

So you are moving towards this. And certainly, the technology that we have, hmmm… ‘facilitated’ upon the planet has made this sense of community much more available – yes, what you think of as ‘online’ or ‘social media’ or various technologies. But there is also this human and, might I say, galactic and intergalactic yearning to also be in closer proximity so that sharing and visiting in form, in person, can take place.

So you have been doing some of the very essential preparation work, not only to be in community with us but – let us be very clear – that is why we have so many “boots on the ground”, as your expression would be. We are not formulating or establishing separate communities of star beings. That is not and never will be our intent. Our intent is to be fully integrated into existing communities. We do not want to be segregated or separated. That completely defeats the purpose.

Now, in order for this community or collegiality to truly blossom, there has need to be a mutuality of approaches to both what visiting and lounging is all about, and what working is all about – because we are very focused when we are working; there is too much at stake – and what sacred space means. So we bring this up because it is underway.

I know I have gone on, dearest Suzanne.

Suzi: Hi! Yes, well, I certainly appreciate it, and it’s always a delight having you as a guest and hearing all this. The excitement is palpable for contact between us. And I imagine that you’re sharing what life is like on board ship because we’re close to being able to experience this wonderment with you, would that be right?

Galea: That is absolutely correct.

Suzi: Yeah – close and soon and when, and all that sort of thing. Yes, we’re all looking forward to that greatly, as are you. Can we at least say that this year is looking good for that?

Galea: Why, I would say this year is looking excellent for that. And this is related to, of course, our sharing, our download of the Porlana C energy as well. And you most certainly – particularly those of you who are bravehearts and saying, “Give me more!” – have been receiving this. Previous to this, as you know, as a planetary activation, this simply has not been done. It has been done in very unique circumstances, but not as a general gift or download. Now, part of you would say, “Well, how is that going?”

Now, you are absorbing this – and I mean you, Earth, Gaians, kingdoms, collectives – are absorbing this, our measurement would be, at a rate of 4.325. Now you say, “Oh my, that is very low.” Right now we are overjoyed! Let us say that this is going fantastically and that this is the rate at which the ability without, hmmm…

Suzi: Blowing up? [Laughter]

Galea: Yes! [Laughter] I was looking for a politically correct term [laughing] but you can be hired as a communications officer anytime!

Suzi: Excellent!

Galea: Without blowing up people, this is the rate of absorption that is workable right now. Now, there is not anyone – whether they know of Porlana C, whether they care about Porlana C, whether they believe in Porlana C, it matters not one iota to us  – there is not one being, particularly human, upon the planet that is not in this process of absorption.

So you also have noticed – I do not think I have to point it out – a certain level, particularly collectively in areas of massive change, of certain volatility… and that is politically correct! [Laughing] Now, this volatility does mean that it is sparking things – and it is sparking things that they may come up to be released and eliminated, once and for all.

So the volatility – when you say to somebody, “Why are you feeling so touchy? Why are you feeling so vulnerable? What is going on in the White House?” there is this level of volatility, of what can also be felt as… because when you are on the receiving end, it feels like increased vulnerability.

And it is also encouraging you – and if I was Archangel Gabrielle, I would say “strongly encouraging you” – to make sure that you are truly anchored, beloveds, in your sacred space so that you are not allowing that volatility, that release of what we would call “excess” – excess fear, excess anger, excess control – to invade your sacred space in the slightest.

You are being the observers of a massive cleansing, and it is a cleansing that Gaians and your representatives at the Intergalactic Council have agreed to and given the green light to. It is not that it is simply being done to you. It is that there have been, shall we say, different or higher authorities that on your behalf have said, “Yes, we are ready to proceed.”

So you are absorbing the energy. For some, it is creating a volatile situation, but with each little mini-explosion, there is less to let go of. So observation, yes, vigilance, of course. We are not suggesting that you allow yourselves to be raped and abused in any way. That is why the maintenance of your sacred space is so important. But simply know that that is also an offshoot or a side effect of this Porlana C energy.

That is why we are keeping the absorption rate at about 4%. As you become more capable of handling that energy… and it is not a negative… you know, you have many, what we would call ‘negative’ or ‘undesirable’ ratings for absorption. So, for example, if you are taking an x-ray or you are an x-ray technician, you can only have so much radiation poured into you. That is not the type of absorption we are speaking of.

Suzi: Is that a collective average that you’ve given, then?

Galea: That is correct. Some of you are as high as 10%, and there are a very few of you that are at about 20 or 30%.

Suzi: Wow, okay!

Galea: So this undertaking is not slowing down. That is what I have been asked on behalf of many to communicate to you this day. No, we are not going to turn it down. There have been times with the Archangelics or the Mother or the Ascended Masters where they have finetuned and turned down the volume of the energy so that you did not feel so hot-wired.

We are not turning it down because, as you have said, within the space of this year, we are very anxious to be cohabitating! Many of you are so anxious to come in physical form and visit us on ship. And we are so anxious, without being undercover, to be visiting you on planet!

Suzi: Oh wow, yes! I look forward to both witnessing and participating in all the changes on Earth and enjoying a clean and peaceful Earth, as well as exploring life on board ship. I’m sure many of us are. And we can do both, right?

Galea: It was never intended to be an either/or. You know, it is an exchange and it is an adventure! And for us, it has been an adventure, and for you. It has been an adventure in unfoldment for thousands of years – and here we are!

Suzi: That’s right. But you’ve been aware of this and we are only now taking baby steps into being aware of you guys and other life, and what’s really true here and the truth about us. Thank you for pointing out our limitations! It’s getting to feel now like I’m getting too big for my container, and I mean more than my physical body by that. The squeeze is most noticeable indeed, and I wonder about when it will shift into a comfy place – like ever?

Galea: Yes. But first, you are also learning, shall we say “perfecting” this aspect of sacred space. You see, there are times – and let us use human examples – there are times when you wish to be as tiny as the smallest fairy because you wish to explore the innards of a plant or a flower; or you just wish to go exploring unnoticed, unobserved, not bothered.

And then there are times when you want to be the size of the entire range of the Rocky Mountains. And you want that sense of such spaciousness, not with intent ever to override or invade another person’s mountain range for there is room for everybody, but you are learning about that expansion-contraction and you, delighted one, are in this process of the expansion.

When you are feeling this, allow yourself – yes, still with your shields – to be the size of the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean or the entire Himalayas. Allow yourself to be the Milky Way. Play with it. It is so much fun! These are the kinds of things that as we visit, we will sometimes do and play at. You have board games. We have different kinds of games! [Laughter]

Suzi: Oh my gosh, a board game just seems so small and uninteresting at this point. Will our bodies evolve to be able to eat when we feel like it as well? I do know to let go of the ‘how’ of that, but can it truly happen that our physicality gets rearranged so dramatically in our embodiment?

Galea: It is already being rearranged. Now, again there are preferences. There are those of you who truly love to eat. It is the same here on board ship. There are some that just grab a bite of light [laughter] and are good for days, but there are others who truly enjoy it, so that is alright. But yes, it will be, can we say, more individually modulated and directed.

Suzi: Alright. So there are lots of things that are possible but we had to take care of ourselves first…

Galea: Of these beautiful, physical forms, and they are beautiful! You know, often we have spoken to you about the beauty and diversity of Gaia, but the beauty and diversity of the human form, even where you are twins or triplets, you are different, each and every one of you. It is amazing!

Suzi: Well, we’re almost at the end here, but it occurs to me as you’re speaking that there are many humans who will need education on how to behave. Shall we have education centres or… I’m not sure how to put that… is it just going to be a natural occurrence as people absorb more Porlana C that they’ll be more peaceful and respectful in their interactions, speaking in Saedor and Perro?

Galea: It will be more organic because we do not in any way wish to be seen as invaders, conquerors, demanding certain things. But what we will do is it will be a very intense role-modelling and subtle communication, especially telepathic. Think of us as having – and you! – as having many gathering places. There are those who will wish to avoid us for the first little while, but there will also be centres where, if you want to come and meet and greet and hang out, we will be there!

Suzi: Oh, that’s wonderful! Okay, that’s great. So they could go with a trusted friend and human and say, “Hey, come on over here, I want you to meet some people.” It’d be really cool!

Galea: Exactly – and then we can play some games!

Suzi: Really nifty games! [Laughter]

Galea: Go with my love, sweet angel. Farewell.

Suzi: Thank you. Farewell.