Your grand passion is important, and what we ask of you this day and every day – but particularly on this day that celebrates love – is to allow your grand passion to be your sweet, sacred self. The grandest love affair you will have in this lifetime is with your beloved self, with your beautiful, sacred self. And it is only – only! – from that place that you then connect and understand the love of All, of One, of Mother/Father, and your capacity and the love of others.

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:22 to 18:00]

The Magdalena: Greetings, I am the Magdalena.

Suzi: Welcome.

The Magdalena: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you. And thank you, for I step forth and I step forward on behalf of this entire Council of Love, the Company of Heaven, the Mother/the Father/One. I am honoured to do so, and I am particularly honoured to speak on this day when we celebrate love on this planet.

Now, you well know that we will celebrate love any day and every day! But so often… and that is particularly true during this time of such exacerbated change, that there are so many distractions that love often gets forgotten or put aside – not because you aren’t the love, not because you don’t love, not because you are not willing to love, but because it is not first and foremost on your mind, in your heart and on your agenda.

Beloved friends, I understand, for I come this day and every day as a sister of your heart, as one who understands and knows what it is to walk the planet and to have tasks at hand, and mission and purpose to meet, and kids to feed and animals to attend to. I understand all of this.

And even though there are times when you do not feel the mighty ones understand or the ascended masters do not understand – they do, we all do. And never do we wish to minimise or somehow give the impression that your daily to-do list is not understood and is less than sacred because, my dearest hearts, everything you do is sacred – everything!

It is of the old paradigm that there are sacred times when one goes to church or temple, and then there is time when one tends to family, and then if you are extraordinarily selfish or lucky, that you get to tend to yourself. That is not the case! And we are so overjoyed to see that this ancient delineation has mostly simply dissipated, that there is the clarity of intent, not just on our side but on your side, that everything you do is sacred, and that you are loved and supported in a myriad of ways in every single thing you do.

The love of self is so important. Yes, there is part of me – as the channel knows! – that wished to come today and talk about the love of sacred partnership and the love of romantic love, because in the emphasis of love of self and sacred bliss and euphoria and ascension, the sweetness of the gift of romantic love is sometimes overlooked, underestimated and forgotten.

And yet, there is not a man or woman alive that at some point – and we would suggest to you repeatedly, at many points – desires that romantic love. Romantic love can be a key component of sacred union, sacred partnership. Is it the totality? No. But who does not wish for some romance, for those sweet words of endearment, for the gentle touch, for the passionate look, for the passionate touch, for that sense of excitement that makes your heart go pitty-pat?

Is it the be-all-end-all? No. But is it a sweet, sacred gift? Yes. Some of you have thought of late – and we have heard you; that is why I am bringing it up! – that you have need to move beyond romantic love. Sweet angels, to expand into sacred union, sacred partnership, sacred love, true love with yourself, with another, with all upon Gaia, does not mean that you need to forsake that romance; it simply means that you are folding it in.

When I have walked with Yeshua – each of us knowing of our sacred mission and purpose, individually and together – there was a deep knowing of the magnitude not only of what was being asked of us but what we had promised, and what we wanted to do. And in that extraordinary joy, we also knew that there would be extraordinary loss and pain. We did not pretend that it was alright because it was simply part of the journey. Is there a level of acceptance and surrender? Of course, but that does not put us in the category of denial.

But one of the things that sustained us, yes, of course, was the mutuality, the sacred bond, but it was also the romance; it also was the passion, the look, the touch, the excitement. It did not make light of our mission and purpose but it made the journey lighter.

This Council of Love is focusing on and encouraging you to focus on your grand passion, what inspires you, moves you, pushes you to create and to bring forth your biggest, grandest dream, what makes you superbly happy to be alive – whether it is staring at a tree, planting a tulip or watching a snowflake.

Your grand passion is important, and what we ask of you this day and every day – but particularly on this day that celebrates love – is allow your grand passion to be your sweet, sacred self. The grandest love affair you will have in this lifetime is with your beloved self, with your beautiful, sacred self. And it is only – only! – from that place that you then connect and understand the love of All, of One, of Mother/Father, and your capacity and the love of others.

It is important to receive, and in the reception of love it ignites that knowing, it ignites that grand passion. But let us be clear – that grand passion has always lain within you. And even when you are out of form, it is still an integral part of your matrix, of your tapestry, of your soul design.

What I say to you is not of ego. In fact, it is the deepest sense of wonder and awe, and what you and the Mother/Father/One have created. It is you – and we are madly, passionately in love with you! Not just that we love you – we are ‘in love’ with you. We think you are extraordinary, each and every one of you, and that is why we broadcast this out to the entire planet and far beyond – because we know your Star family loves you as well, and is in love with you, and that you are in love with them, and that we are in love with them.

There is a reticence sometimes amongst the lightworkers/loveholders to say, “I am in love with you,” thinking that what this means is that I have to marry you, commit to you and live with you for the rest of my life. That is not what it means at all! It means not only do you have the love for the individual, for the person, for the group, for the cause, but that grand passion that you are in love with the dynamic energy movement of the love.

That terminology ‘in love’ has been somewhat misunderstood, and now it has come to mean ‘I am either in relationship or out of relationship.’ That is not what it means at all. We want you, we invite you to not only be in love with yourself, in love with your life, but in love with each other in ways that are reflections, meaningful bridges between all of you.

True love is so expansive, so massively huge that it is inclusive of energies, of people, of situations, of planets far beyond what you can imagine. And when you declare your willingness to love, to be loved and to be in love – and to have others be in love with you – you are declaring the potential of co-creation with All, and most certainly with the humans, the Gaians who walk the planet.

You know, there were times when I walked the Earth as Mary Magdalene… and you have all heard the falsehoods and the rumours that have been spread about me. It did not stop me! And there were times when Yeshi would tease me and say to me, “Mary, you are in love with everybody!” And we would look at each other in that passionate, personal way, and we would laugh and I’d say, “Yeshi, you know, you are absolutely right!” because I did not place the filters.

Now, did that make me a harlot? Did it mean that I was having sexual intercourse with everybody on the street? No! But was I willing to expand my passion, and to share my passion in life and to receive other people’s passion? Yes, I was, and it was a gift. It was a gift I gave and it was a gift I received, whether it was in sacred ceremony or sitting sharing a loaf of bread.

I had studied many traditions with the Essenes, with the Hellenics, with the Hathors in the temples of the Goddesses. Each tradition, when you truly become part of the mysteries, emphasises passion and what I have termed ‘grand passion’ this day. And in some traditions, that grand passion has been partnered or associated with selflessness. And those are not contradictory, because when you expand yourself to be the love and in the love and to be in love, then that sense of limitation of self disappears.

It does not mean that the value and the wonder and the magnificence of your self disappears, because that is sacred and to be honoured – that is far different than ego moves – but it allows you to be the fullness of who you are. And sometimes that is a young girl wanting to simply sit quietly and marvel that her menses have come, or that she is with child, or to mourn her husband. And sometimes, it is to stand on a hilltop and to sing and cry and call and laugh at the top of your lungs, and to simply celebrate being alive and being who you are.

This is true equally for men and women; it is not gender-defined, it is not even age-defined. And let me tell you – whether you sit marvelling at the wonder of your body holding life or on the top of the hill singing out, we are with you, the mighty archangels are with you. As soon as this occurs, when you throw open your arms, you are inviting all of us to join you – and we never say no! We love a good invitation!

Now I have gone on and on. Sweetest Suzi, do you have questions for me this day?

Suzi: Oh, how I love to listen to what you have to say and, as I understand it, there’s more of the Council that probably has things to say as well. One of the things I’ve been wondering is – is it our natural state to be in partnership? I’m feeling okay and stable and not in longing mode or anything, but I’ve been wondering about the duality of male-female energy and if the dynamics between the two will be less problematic in our new world? And if so, it makes me want to just wait patiently until the environment for relationship is more user-friendly. [Laughter]

The Magdalena: Your natural self is wide open to partnership – and I do not just mean with you, sweet one; I mean with all of you – because that is our natural way of being. What has happened in the old human dynamic is that so often… and that is why I have said, “I am in love with everybody”… in that one-on-one dynamic, the male-female partnering, or female-female or male-male, it matters not – that exclusivity, instead of an expression of intimacy and exclusivity, has often become an expression of restriction. Now the whole idea of partnering is expansion. I mean, how can you add another person and restrict? It makes no sense in any dimension or reality that I am aware of!

So your natural state is to be open to partnering, but that happens at different phases of existence and in different ways. So you are in sacred partnership in a number of ways, as you well know – and I say this to you, sweet Suzi, and I also say it to everybody who hears me this night, this day, this evening – but there is a timing issue.

Now, might I say – yes, my journey was interwoven with Yeshua’s, my soul commitment was interwoven, but I could never – and I say that clearly, not only as spirit but as spirit in form at the time – I would never sacrifice my journey, my purpose, my knowing in order to be in a restrictive relationship that had parameters that were uncomfortable to me.

And that was why so often, especially the rabbinical groups took issue with me because I would not succumb. They thought that I was outrageous because I would not obey – because I know of my connection to divinity, I know what love is, and I do not need someone external to me to tell me what to do or how to do it or how to proceed or how to behave. That is not expansion; that is restriction. The only behaviour that can be a guiding principle: Is it kind? Is it considerate? Is it gentle? Is it loving?

Suzi: It feels like if an organism is going to choose to go up in frequency, it will do that. If an organism doesn’t want to, the splits are going to be more and more noticeable. So, in a relationship where the frequencies of the two partners are getting further and further apart, are we in a time right now where it’s like, to use the expression, ‘fish or cut bait’ – it’s like do it or don’t, and so relationships are just falling apart that really don’t fit any more?

The Magdalena: Well, it is more complex than that, but yes, you are correct. You are seeing greater breakdown. But think of it in terms of water because, of course, the physical forms are water, and we are always talking to you – and especially to you, sweet angel – about transmission.

Now, your vessel, your water vessel – because that is about 90% of what you are – communicates to the other water vessel that you are in partnership with. So not only are you transmitting intention and energy and sending it, your vessel that has become the higher frequency, you are holding literally the electrical conduct of electromagnetic energy, but more electrical than you’ve ever been. So your vessel of water is communicating to the plants, to the trees and to the partner that you are with.

So there is this subtle interaction that, in fact, is not really completely a choice, because just like the energies of the Tsunami or the Porlana C, it is penetrating because it is in the air. So the only way you can avoid increasing your frequency is by stopping breathing. And of course, we know what happens when that occurs! [Laughter] So there are upgrades automatically whether you choose to or not. It is something like Windows 10 – you don’t have a choice! [Laughter]

Now, having said that, there are beings who are very frustrated and who don’t necessarily – and that is putting it mildly – welcome the energies. So they are trying to expel those energies of the higher frequencies, of the love – what we would call ‘the love package’ – as soon as it is coming and they are saying, “No, no, no, no!” They are a crabby bunch! [Laughter] So there is an element of choice and discernment and judgment in that phase of the integration. So that is what you are seeing in this separation.

And what is happening especially, with not so much the disinterested but the recalcitrants, is they are so married… and it does remind me of many of the Pharisees that I would deal with… they are so wedded to being right and to being in charge that when they feel the increase in frequency, and their beloved or their friend or their child says, “Dad, do you feel the love? Don’t be ridiculous,” instead of smiling and hugging and taking a moment to celebrate and saying, “Yes, I do feel the love. I’m not sure, son, what to do with it, but I feel it and I welcome it, and I share it with you and thank you for sharing it with me.” So it is a bit of a push and pull right now.

Suzi: Right. Does the extraordinary love have to come with the extraordinary loss and pain? Can’t we just say “no, thank you” to that pattern?

The Magdalena: You absolutely [can] and I would encourage you to do so. This is why I have begun today in this long soliloquy to say the greatest love affair, the grand passion, has to be with yourself. And there are very few rules… as you know, I am a rebel!… but one of the rules is that you have to love yourself. So if you love yourself, if you are following that Universal Law, then if you find yourself in relationship that says, “It is necessary to suffer and go through a great deal of pain in order to be in this,” then of course I encourage you, I support you, we all do, Yeshua and I do – say “No!”

Now, when we were in relationship alive on your planet and there were situations that I would say were sorrowful, grievous as in grieving – yes, those things do occur, but they do not occur as one person saying to another person or to another group “I wish to injure you.” There is enough in the ebb and flow of life, of expansion, of the becoming Nova Earth where some things/people/situations are dying, passing from existence. And in some situations, you will feel grief. And those who are choosing to leave ‘by the legions’ because they do not want to go through this transformation – you will feel grief as they leave.

But at the same time, beloveds, feel the joy for the birth of the new; that it is creating the spaciousness for the new to come forth. You have an expression about ‘tilling fields and cleaning dead wood’ – well, there is a great deal of dead wood that is being cleaned out! And it is to bless it because it will fertilise the soil of the collective’s soul, and it will assist from the other side. You will grieve, but do not stay in that grief. Do not take it as personal injury. That is not of love.

Suzi: Yes. Well, we’re in love with all of you too! It’s wonderful! Have you got anything to say to folks who are feeling sad for not being in a romantic partnership on this day?

The Magdalena: I most certainly do. And I know I have co-opted my beloved’s time but that is alright because we speak as one so often.

I wondered, as both young woman on a path that was perfect and yet untraditional in terms of my journey, and then I wondered yet again when Yeshua died if I would ever know love again, or if I would know it in the way of that romantic excitement I have referred to. Because I knew that I had the sacred love, that he and my relationship would continue forever, in and out of form. And I knew that I had the relationship particularly with the Mother as I began my training and my journey, because my pathway is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine pathway.

But there were times where I wondered and I yearned. Now, I would say I was very lucky. Yes, it is all written and decided, but there is always a great modicum of luck, soul agreement, saying “yes’” at the right moment or “no” at the right moment.

Beloved ones, you who feel you do not have love in your life or in your heart at this moment – we are flooding you, particularly on this day, in so many ways you are like that lost lamb. We do not ignore the rest of the flock, but we are seeking you out. We are seeking you out because we want you to know how dear, how precious, how sweet, how loved you are. You have come to this planet for one thing – and that is to know love in physical form; and the more you know it, the more you expand; the more you expand, the lighter you are; the more you expand, the more love you feel, can receive and give.

But when you feel this sense of desolation, when you feel this depth of loneliness, turn to me, turn to me as one that was often excluded and badgered and naysaid. Turn to me and let me fill you with my love, the love of a sister who knows you, who knows the difficulty of the journey. So while you say no to pain and suffering, that does not mean that you do not know the pain of loneliness. I do not deny this.

So let us fill you, Yeshi and I, the mighty ones, the ascended ones, the enlightened ones and the Mother. Let us fill not only your heart but your cells, your bones, your organs, your aura, your many bodies. Let us fill you with love. And in that, let it waken up the love that you are.

There’s much talk about expansion of lightbodies and DNA, but your fundamental essence, your fundamental DNA is love. That is what it what it is composed of; that is what your very being is composed of. So let us ignite it. Let us fill you and ignite you and soothe you and comfort you. Let us walk with you.

Suzi: Yes. Your point about loving the self first is key I feel, and also I think it would be really helpful if you could confirm for people that there’s somebody for everyone.

The Magdalena: There most certainly is. And let me even expand on that. Is there the perfect partner for everyone? Yes. And most of you, men/women, have chosen to bring several soulmates so that you will have these choices; and different choices present at different phases of your life. So yes, there is someone for you, sweet ones.

Suzi: Well, at this point or up until now, it feels like you come into relationship which feels to be about triggering one another’s issues that come up to be healed, and it’s all fabulous blah blah blah and maybe you go your separate ways. I’ve asked this question before, but I really would love to know that we’re headed into the world of relationships in which we’re not here to trigger one another, that we’ve pretty much done our work and are clean and clear to engage in a celebration of beauty and fabulosity?

The Magdalena: You are not here to trigger one another. Was that triggering necessary to bring things to the surface, to make the choice, the conscious decision to leave those old lack and limitation paradigms, those false grids behind? Yes, and you’ve done a wonderful job of it. But that is not the true nature of relationship. Might there be moments where you irritate each other? Of course! But the nature of relationship is divine complement! That is not simply lofty speech. It is the true description – divine complement – who just happens at the moment to be in form.

So yes, relationships are evolving, as you have evolved to the next level of spiritual, emotional, mental maturity. My beloved friends, you are ready for your grand passion!

Suzi: Yes! Thank you so much for joining us. It’s been a delight to have you and, as I said, we are in love with all of you as well and we appreciate it. Happy Valentine’s!

The Magdalena: Happy Valentine’s, sweet ones. Go with my love, go with our love, and know – we are in love with you! Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.