Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension

Normally it is each of you, my brethren, that seek me out for the purposes of letting go, eliminating, bringing Read More

Serapis Bey asks, “What do you choose your discipline to be?”

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadWhy do I wish to speak to you of spiritual discipline? What is discipline? Read More

We welcome Ascended Master Serapis Bey as he speaks to Spiritual Discipline…

Spiritual discipline is the declaration, not just of intent but of all of your parts, that nothing is more important Read More

AA Michael, Serapis Bey and El Morya speak to Peace and our part in bringing it to fruition

Peace is not brought to your planet or anywhere throughout the multiverse, it does not come through control and hatred, Read More

Serapis Bey’s Gift of the Golden Diamond, Law of Elimination, Activation and the Seal of Solomon

“Serapis Bey gives the gift of the Golden Diamond. “It is the diamond of wisdom. It is the diamond of Read More