We have Serapis Bey with us this morning, an amazing ascended master. He is the Keeper of the Ascension Temple, the Ascension Chamber, at Luxor, and he is the Keeper, or the Overseer, of the Ascension Flame, which is the merger of the Alpha and the Omega Flames.

You Carry, In Form, the Divine DNA

Serapis Bey

Linda Dillon                 Channel for the Council of Love

I want you to think about this as we begin, as we sink into our hearts and let go of the day, let go of the week, let go of the to-do list. Go deeper. Drop that pebble into the still-water lake, or the pond, and see all your energy drifting down to the very bottom of your heart. If you think of your heart and your heart chakra and your physical heart, for that matter, as a Valentine heart, then what you would be doing is bringing it right down to that point at the bottom. And that’s the seat of our soul, and it’s the foundation and the platform, if you will, upon which your tri-flame is grounded.

So, go down to that emerald platform, to that emerald foundation and feel your own beautiful Pink Diamond Flame surrounded and being swirled with the Mother’s Blue Diamond and the Father’s Gold Diamond. Now staying in your heart, let’s open up and balance all our chakras so that we are like a brilliant, shining tube of light.

Today, let’s start at the bottom, and before we even go to our root, I want you to go to your feet, to the arches of your feet, which is where your chakra system is also…obviously…and your meridians, and open those chakras on your arches on the bottom of your feet. And see if you’ve got these two brilliant white light holes in your feet – as if you got a jet-pack that you could take off flying at any time. But also see and feel those openings of white light going down through the carpet, through the floor, through the foundation, through the earth, through the gaseous layers, the rock, whatever you encounter…for me, it’s the ocean…into the heart of Mother Gaia. And feel that connection with Mother Earth and feel the love, and pull up that love energy back up into your feet, through your ankles and your shins, your knees, your thighs.

Now, come to your root, that beautiful cherry red, and let’s fill that with the white light, the brilliant white light, sparkling snow, the sun glancing off the water…almost blinding. And bring it up to your pubic chakra, and your sacral, and your umbilical…open…into your solar plexus, bring that white light into your yellow, into your gold, into your seat of the will. Up into your halion at the base of your ribcage, to your connection to your star family, your star brothers and sisters. And up into your heart and feel that white light, like an incredible spotlight, shining into your emerald, into your Pink Diamond, into the Blue Diamond and the Gold Diamond. Brighten it up.

And ever so gently into your siroun, your thymus, your high heart, and let that white light mix and merge with the coral, and the pink, and the lavender, and the peach. Up to your lurion, the hollow in your neck, and let’s bring it into our throat chakras and clear your throat…be ready for change, embrace the change, you are the change…and it’s time to communicate that. It’s way past time for change, for each of us, and for this planet!

Open your mouth and breathe in white light, the most brilliant, sparkling, strong, white light you can possibly imagine…come on. And as you breathe it in again, in through your nose, feel it going into the fissures and every nook and cranny and crevice of your brain…let’s light it up! Breathe it in again and exhale through your occipitals, through your voice of God at the base your skull between your occipitals. Again. Feel the clarity of the white light, the God Essence, the Source Essence, the purity, the grace, opening your third eye, your fourth eye, your fifth eye, up to your crown, up to your beautiful amethyst crown. And open that chakra on the top of your head and feel that white light pushing up, as you’re climbing upwards into your fourteenth, and fifteenth, and sixteenth chakra, way up on the roof of your house or your building.

Now, let’s keep going…up…higher…up through the Great Central Sun, let’s go on home together, into the heart of Mother/Father/One. Let’s go. Keep going. Don’t worry if you feel heated up, a little lightheaded, keep going. Feel yourself there at the foot of the Throne and jump in, drill in, into the heart of Mother/Father/One, the most blinding white light you could possibly imagine.

Now, let’s bring it down, down, down through the Great Central Sun, down through the white, the pale mauve, the lavender, the pinky lilac. Down through your crown, as if you feel like you’ve been hit by lightning, through your head, through your throat, through your thymus, back into your heart. And feel that white light uniting with your beautiful Pink Diamond Flame, making it brighter but somehow stronger, more resilient, more grounded, more powerful. And rest, relax, and give thanks.


Greetings, I AM Serapis Bey, Keeper of the Temple, Keeper of the Flame, and I welcome you. Yes, I welcome you as teacher, as initiator, and as friend, as one that has known and does know in every aspect of that reality of what it is to pursue and to walk the pathway of ascension.

And yes, it is true, I open my arms to you and I invite you to the Ascension Chamber, I invite you to Luxor to come with me, etherically, actually, spiritually, it matters not. But I also come to remind you that I am not only accessible in Luxor, in the temple…and it matters not whether the temple was in Atlantis, or Lemuria, or Luxor, or Zahara, for you have known me in many places and at many times.

I am not stern disciplinarian. Are my practices…is the regiment that I share with each of you rigorous? Yes. But it is rigorous because you are fully capable and competent to undertake significant undertakings, significant journey of ascension. This has never been simply a walk in the garden…but does it include a walk in the garden? Most certainly. And it is the garden of spirit, and it is the garden of light, it is the garden of awareness, it is the garden of knowing, it is the garden of Divine Knowing and Authority. And it is not simply in casual gesture that one assumes their Divine Authority, to be in full lineage, alignment, and embrace, of acting with and on behalf of the Mother, and with and on behalf of we who serve the Mother…whether it is Yeshua, or Maitreya, or St. Germaine, or myself, Kuthumi, El Morya, these are my friends, but beloved ones, you, also, are and have always been my friends.

When I speak of rigorous discipline, so many shy away, so many underestimate the power of their own might, and unless that innate power and authority is not only seen, and accepted, and embraced, then you are not walking, existing, behaving, creating, from your highest consistent potential. What I mean by discipline is consistency. Part of the, what I would call, the downfall of humanity has been the lack of consistency, the limitation of focus, that there is a picking and choosing and then dropping and setting aside of what is truly important, and essential, and quintessential to one’s existence.

So there is this meandering, there is this lack of attention so that in one day you say, “I wish to ascend, and master, I will be in the temple at 9:00 every day.” And then the next week you entirely forget and you are on a riverboat cruise of delight. Well, that is free will and that is entirely acceptable.

But, let me be clear, your ascension is consistency, and it is not merely consistency to me…I am unimportant…it is consistency to your sweet self, to your brilliance, to your light, to your path, to your choices, to your refined balance because in that, in the anchoring of the truth, the beauty, the significance of who you are, in fact, your life becomes a beautiful cruise, a walk in the garden, a relaxing under the Bodhi tree or the wisteria.

So I come, beloved ones because you are the angels of change. You are the creators and co-creators, with the Divine Mother herself, of this renewal, not only of Gaia, but of what it means to be human, of what it truly means to carry, in form, the Divine DNA.

In refinement comes focus. Each of you know, singerly and as a circle, what is important, what is near and dear to your hearts, to your core, to your journey…and similarly, you know what is unimportant. Now, that does not mean that there is not room for laughter and frivolity…quite the contrary, because when you do this, when you take this time out to simply be, to know the joy, to enjoy your life, you are building.

It is not meant to be an arduous journey, but it is a journey, a pathway of consistent focus. Beloveds, it is the deepest commitment of your hearts. It is without exclusion saying, “I will!”, and then doing in accordance with the love. For is the love not the White Flame?

So, why I come this day is to say to each and every one of you, to offer my assistance, not to say that I am simply there by your side, on call. No, the discipline, the consistency, the focus, the responsibility, is for you to call me. And if, and when you do, I will take you under my tutelage and I will walk you through, I will accompany you through, the reunion with One and the assumption of your reimagined, reborn, reconstituted self…on planet…as the true angels of change, the agents of our beloved Mother/Father, as the co-creators of Nova Earth.

Thank you for your attendance and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon