So not only do I give you my White Golden Joy this day, I am embedding it, I am igniting it with my White Flame of Illumination. But you, beloveds, I ask you, I request of you that you tend this flame by making a practice of joy.

*     *     *

Serapis Bey’s Ascension Prayer:

In the name of the Christ, my own real Self, I call to the heart of the mighty I AM, to the Angels of Presence, to beloved Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, and the Maha Chohan to take me to the etheric retreat of Serapis Bey at Luxor,

According to the will of my Holy Christed Self and the direction of the Maha Chohan, I ask to receive, yet again, the initiation of the Ascension Temple, especially as it pertains to harmonizing with difficult people and the difficult situations of life,

And we call forth the victory of the Ascension Flame within the sacred temple of my I AM.

*     *     *


Serapis Bey invites us to Create the Discipline of Joy as a Daily Routine ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!

Greetings, I AM Serapis Bey, brother of your heart, brother of your soul, brother of your circle.

You know, beloved friends, so often – particularly in the way of human affairs, which is fine – we get delegated to certain roles and capacities, as do you. So St. Germaine will be off with his Violet Flame (who long ago was in Zahara; you don’t hear much about that, do you?) and I will be in Luxor and Lao Tzu will be in China… It is not so. We are with you.

As you enter into this New Time, you are coming to realise not only with the expansion dimensionally and timewise of space in the Mother’s Infinite Eternal Creation, you are coming to realise the magnitude of yourself and therefore the magnitude of our capacity to be in many places at one time. Yes, this is a talent [laughing] certainly that the Mighty Archangels and the Seraphim have perfected long ago! It is part of their make-up. And often we have heard you say, “Michael, how can you be in so many places at once?”

What you are learning, might I suggest to you, is that one of the biggest parts of the Mother’s New is your realisation, anchored capacity and practice of realising the truth and the magnitude, the size (it does not matter whether you are 2ft or 6ft) of who you are and the quintessential ability to multi-locate – and I do not mean simply sending an aspect of yourself here or there for an interlude – all of this anchored in your physical form, this magnificent form that you and we and the Mother have co-created, most certainly with your guides and guardians.

It wasn’t an assembly line… yes, and we never go on strike [laughing], although there are times for justice! But it was not an assembly line, it was a heart collaboration. It was a coming together to see, to create, to bring forth, to birth the best being, anchoring your I AM, the best essence of you, to be on planet, in form, active and co-creative during this time of completion of the destruction of the old and the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth and Nova You.

Yes, I want to preface everything I say today by reminding you of that. You are not slapped together, you are a sacred undertaking; you always have been. Why do you think we are always consistently nagging you about our presence? Because we know – and we know the fundamental courage and bravery, compassion and trust, and outrageous sense of adventure that you hold within you.

Now, today I wish to speak to you… to your hearts, to your cells, to your heads, to your shoulders, to your toes… I wish to speak to you about the Discipline of Joy, the Routine of Joy. All of you, in one way or another, have or have felt that you have endured – and you have – and you have looked around and you have said, “Serapis, Michael, Gabrielle, Mother, where does the joy come? Where does the suffering stop?”

So not only do I give you my White Golden Joy this day, I am embedding it, I am igniting it with my White Flame of Illumination. But you, beloveds, I ask you, I request of you that you tend this flame by making a practice of joy.

All of you have had a moment, or many moments, or even periods of joy when you have felt the quiet embers, the warmth, joyfully connected to knowing within your realm. And joy can be a towering inferno, and it can be a moment when you say, “Look at that sunset!” Joy is the key to creating Nova Gaia and you as Nova Beings.

Yes, of course, joy and love are braided and intertwined, but the whole point is for you… every day, continually, you are faced, you are confronted with situations… and you have a choice. You, in your infinite free will, your I AM, you have a choice: “Do I look for the drudgery, the pain, the suffering? Or do I look for the joy, the opportunity, and do I infuse that joy into the situation rather than diving down into the depths of despair?” I plead with you: Choose the joy!

And it is not enough to look at a war-torn situation and say, “I will send the joy.” No! How does the joy get created? Well, it can start in the morning when you look in the mirror, and rather than saying, “Oh, I look tired, I look worn, I need a rest,” you look like, “There you are! There you are, this unique creation, and you’ve woken up to a brand new day!”

And you allow yourself to feel the joy not only of being created, of saying ‘yes’, because that’s been iffy back and forth, has it not? You look at the joy of who you are, that you have said ‘yes’, and that you are still in your radiance. See yourself, please, as we see you!

And then, throughout the day… this one (Linda) takes great joy in that first sip of hot coffee; it is the joy! Take joy in seeing a child on their bicycle, a blade of grass with a dewdrop, or a bird flying free. Take joy in what makes you giggle when you watch something, read something, or observe something that says to your very essence and your heart, “Yes, that’s why I’m here!”

Because it starts… we are not waving a magic wand and saying, “Now it’s fixed,” you are! That does not occur unless the joy is present. Yes, you would do it for love… you’ve done it for love… and you’ve done it for millions of years! The joy factor – your choice – and then your routine of joy… because joy, like love, is viral, it is contagious… and no one wants to be in a war, in a fight, in an argument, in a contest of egos when joy is present, not truly.

Now, as I speak to you, as I have illuminated you, you know this and so I ask you, I invite you to create these routines… so not once a day… ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, to create your Discipline of Joy!

You do not need to come to Luxor, I will gladly come to you! We all will! [Laughing] We all have for a very long time!

I am not some stern disciplinarian. I am the one who stands here and says, “I want you to be the fullness of the grace of who you are and I know you to be because I love you.” You – each one of you – do not think I do not speak each to your heart. Each one of you is my joy and you are the promise that the Mother has given me.

And so I thank you, and I will help you because, sweet ones, there is much greater need for quiet smiles, silly giggles, raucous laughter, and a smile that extends from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet!

Let us proceed together in JOY!