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In Linda’s latest webinar “How to Channel” Mary Magdalene talks of some of her experience on Gaia that is as relevant now as it was back then…


…come with me and let us travel throughout your world, this beautiful planet that is in transformation; travel with me to the higher dimensions, to the higher realms, wherever you wish to go but stay in the stillness because that is where wisdom lives, that is where truth reigns, that is where you are clear …


  So what I am doing, before I go any further, I am making a solemn commitment to each of you. If you are not certain how these laws that I am discussing with you work, then call me, invoke my name, invoke my energy, invoke my wisdom; I am here to help the planet …


I have great interest in what is occurring on your planet at this time. And yes, as you well know, I have particular love and fondness for North America, for this is the place of anchoring this freedom and the I Am presence. But it is the anchoring, it is the beginning, not the end…


On Saturday Lord Maitreya brought forth again the question “are you healing and nurturing the human collective, are you also holding them, sending them and filling them with compassion?”


Join us for Jesus/Sananda’s bestowing of his Sacred Heart to us, then go with him, in this powerful meditation, that anchors us in the 5th/7th dimension of home…


Join a conversation wherein St. Germain helps us heal 3rd dimensional paradigms within ourselves, mostly based on lack and limitation, so we can be pure vessels of Light and Love in service to humanity


…this is about unity; this is about what we talked about, what we came together for thousands of years ago.


As you walk upon the Earth, as you walk upon Gaia, as you anchor deeply within and hold yourself in the heart of all, that is a balancing act. And it is not something I teach you, but it is something that I remind you of.


So I come this day to give it to you and to reintegrate, to reignite that you remember your infinite capacity to love and to pass it on.