The ego is the rational mind trying to make sure everything goes okay. This is an aspect that in the old third has truly done you well, has truly looked after things…Channeled by Dana Zook

We are all here, surrounding you our beautiful sacred children. We are the Council of Love. And yes, many of us often come through as one voice because so many of us are called by this one and we all want to be here.


 Thank you.

Sometimes it is difficult to set aside anxiety or what is sometimes referred to as the ego. But it really is the rational mind trying to make sure everything goes okay. This is an aspect that in the old third has truly done you well, has truly looked after things.

And as you go through this quickening and this shift, and as the old disintegrates, that part of your being goes into stress and anxiety because it does not know anything other than how it can operate.

It does not understand the miraculous-ness and the magic of the universe, of the I Am Presence, of the Godhead, of the legions upon legions behind what you see in your physical realm that are creating changes and readjustments and shifting things for you.

That is frightening to the ego because it cannot see, it cannot foretell. In this part of you, dear ones, when it is rearing its head in fear, it is when you need to reassure it, to take it upon your lap like you would a small child and cuddle it and explain to it that it is a different game. There are new rules and the old ones don’t work anymore and it is about trusting the magic that once upon a time you lived by and you knew and you felt and you heard.

This part is coming back alive again and it is also an aspect which, for each one of you, brought you great pain and even death in past lives.

Your sheer joy in the love and the magic got you into trouble with the old regime that wanted to squelch this because of its power, because of your power. And this beloved mind, your beloved ego, is trying to protect you from as well.

Understand that as you move more towards enlightenment and elevation, it sometimes becomes anxious. So like a little child, it needs reassurance that everything will be okay, that that was the past. That was in a different energy, in a different realm and it no longer exists.

You’ve entered into a new level on a video game where the rules have changed suddenly. But it needs to know it still has a place in your life. But the more you succumb to the fear and the anxieties, the more they will grow.

The more you go to divine places, as you are right now in this group or in your meditations where you feel the love, you feel the bliss, the more you will feel the peace and feel shielded from the external reality. The more you nourish this aspect within yourselves dear ones, the more it will start manifesting in your outer expression. It is not the other way around.

I am Sanat Kumara stepping forth as I am Keeper of the Laws, the Universal Laws. I remind you that you have the power within you to use these – the Law of Elimination, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Forgiveness.

You can call these forth and state your intent and I am instantly there to transform things. You are truly beings of light and masters beyond your awareness, dear ones.

So, call forth this aspect within yourself, as you all do, as this is the strength that will pull you through the mire that will shine through the fog when it sets in.

I bring you the love and the energies of unity from Venus.

Enter into the mitochondria of your cells to open them up. They are the connecting point between physical reality and the higher realms. Trillions of them in your body, in your cells, opening up and allowing this love from Venus and from myself and from the entire Council to pour into every aspect of your being, to transform any shadows into the light.

This is the Law of Transmutation…to brilliantly shine within every atom of your being. As you do so, it is the “As within, as without”. The world around you will begin to brilliantly shine as it is starting to do for all of you.

You are on a beautiful journey, beloved children of the light. You are never alone. We are always with you. As Yeshua said, it is truly a glance or a look or thought or a heartbeat away. We are closer to you than your own finger.

With that I give you my blessings. We, the entire Council of Love, give you our blessings. We step back for now. Farewell.

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