When you forget balance, when there is a lack of balance, it comes out in your bodies. Channeled by Dana Zook.

I am Yeshua and I come here this day to speak of love, as I always do.

Welcome Yeshua.

I am penetrating all of you with love because I see that all of you need that love right now, in this moment in your lives. Allow that love to penetrate you, to surround you, to fill you up, to enter every cell and infinitesimal particle of your being.

That love has the power to heal, to transmute the darkness, to change every level of your being. It is who you are. Surrender, you don’t have to do or fix or be anything but the love.

Remember balance. When you forget balance, and this is to all of you; when there is a lack of balance it comes out in your bodies.

If you stay in the love and allow the love of the light within you, of the God presence within you, of the I AM Presence within you, to come forth and ask it to take charge, all will be well and looked after. And it is about coming into your heart and out of your head.

We can stop here. The most important thing that I would ask you to do more often, is to just sit and hold the energy of us coming in. The more you can do this, the more you can hold.

Farewell for now. I love you all, I embrace you all. I am with you all in all ways and always. And so it is.

Thank you Yeshua.


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