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…this Peace Meditation that I ask you to undertake and to undertake for the next several months is to help calm that fury because it is that fury, that anger, that desire to maintain and to stay in control and conflict; that is the most dangerous element of all…Taken from the COL Saturday call…


Every Sunday night people from all over the world gather to mediate, pray and anchor peace. The Sunday night peace meditation was implemented at the suggestion of the Council of Love several years ago following 9/11 and the Council request to pray for the women and children of Iraq and Iran.


Donn Smith is a delightful spirit, gifted coach and intuitive who has recently began a blogtalk radio show called A NEW Donn-ing dealing with his I Am Energy process. It is really worth a listen – open your hearts and receive.


There have been rumors circulating about my involvement in a gifting circle in 2001. Hopefully, this response will put this whole matter to rest. This is the first and only time I intend to address this issue, and I trust this answers questions being asked. This accusation is a lie, and doesn’t come from love …


There has been an incredible flurry of activity and overwhelming response from those who are not only willing, but eager to be part of the Earth Delegation to the Intergalactic Council.What has started out as something really sweet has taken on the energy of something between a fire sale and a typhoon.


The whole theme that the Council of Love has been talking to us about for 2012 is stepping forward and into action. Well folks I don’t think we have a problem. Both Steve Beckow (2012 Scenario) and I have been inundated with volunteers from all over the world to be part of the Earth Delegation. …


…it is the energy of the Divine Masculine, the balancer, but it is also the flame of infinite knowledge, of infinite creation, of infinite understanding of the creation codes. It is the Golden Flame of inspiration and my beloved ones it is the Golden Flame of action…


Tonight on An Hour with an Angel, Jesus made some startling revelations. To listen to this show and past shows, click on the link below:


I came to tell you and to engage you with my Love and also to share with you from our prospective what will be the themes and necessary for this upcoming year, which is momentous.


Join us for Jesus/Sananda’s bestowing of his Sacred Heart to us, then go with him, in this powerful meditation, that anchors us in the 5th/7th dimension of home…