Take the time to back up, to reflect, to delve, to dive deep within your very soul and decide, in your Divine Authority, what is it not only that you think you should do; what is it that you want to do?

This precious channelled gem is lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael ~ A Human Decision as Nova Gaian

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love – and yes, I have jumped the line! I have jumped the line in front of several, including my beloved brother, Yeshua. I have jumped the line simply to bring you greetings from on high – and when I say “on high,” I mean directly; I mean from the heart and mind and beingness of Mother/Father/One.

And yes, I come as plain-spoken Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, but have you noticed, my dear friend, sweet sister of blue, that in fact we are able to speak in subtleties with the availability and the infusion of nuances, of speaking the unspoken, of energetic infusion when the individual who is the receptor is more open in heart and more open in spirit to hear and to listen.

None of us – and I speak on behalf of this entire Council, and yes, I usurp Gabrielle’s position in this moment! [laughter] – none of us ever choose to, nor ever will, speak harshly. We may speak directly to those who do not listen to nuances or colourings in the words because, as you well know, my beloved sister and scribe, there is infusion into each letter, and the space between each letter, and the space between each word; there is an infusion of books, of tomes, of centuries, of lifetimes, of galaxies.

We often adjust how we speak to the openness and the awareness of an individual’s not only intellectual or mental stability but their emotional and what you might think of as spiritual stability. No, we do not differentiate, but when we read somebody we do not just read this element or that segment; of course, we see the individual truly and love the individual truly for where they are.

We do not speak to hear ourselves talk! We speak to ignite, to remind, to infuse, to support, to uplift those we speak with. Always, this line of communication has been wide open, but, as you well know, for many, many centuries human beings decided not to listen and then, out of fear, deputised those who could listen on their behalf, whether it was prophets or priests, medicine men or witches.

But those people were always slightly excluded from the mainstream of society. And yes, while certain honours were accrued to those positions, certain levels of separation were also imposed, and that is not the way of Nova Gaian. That is not the way of Nova Earth. That is not the way of Sacred Union, Communion and Community. That is not the way of Unity Consciousness.

The whole Plan, the whole idea, if you wish to think of it that way, is to have the conversation… open, above board, freely shared… not in a way of preferential treatment and not in the way of directing. We come, yes, all of us – this entire Council – come as advisers, and our primary purpose has always been, and will always be, the transmission of love into each and every heart of humanity – and of course the Eternal, Infinite Creation of the Mother.

But we don’t go there because we want all of you to recognise that we are not directing you. In fact, you have far more latitude and have taken far more scenic detours than many galaxies would even imagine!

But that does not mean when we say “we do not direct you” that we do not draw to your attention when truth-speaking is necessary. There has been far too much deviation. And no, we do not script within your heart or your mind what truth looks like, because the truth is the knowing of that which promotes and fosters peace and love.

And so, as we repeatedly say, as the Mother guides all of us: “If it is not of love, if it does not look, taste, smell and feel like love, then move away.”

Truth is not a conspiracy; it is not being politicised or weaponised; it does not create fragmentation. Truth speaks to the heart, to the temple, not only of the mind and soul but to the practicality of being these enormous agents – and angels – of change during this time of shift, or rebirth, of regridding, of reconstitution.

This is the fuel, the energy, that we share and gift to you so that you will have, literally, the wherewithal in order to continue – and to continue with the clarity of purpose.

We understand the practicalities of safety, of a roof over your head, of food on the table. It is not that we do not understand this. But what we also understand is that existence in any realm brings you forward from that into the truth and desires of your heart – not the momentary passing moods or inclinations, and certainly not the fear or anger.

You are equipped, you are infused, you have integrated and anchored what you need, what will be required of you, not in the way of earning, not in the way of recompense, but what will be required of each of you as stalwart citizens of Gaia in order to quite literally restore and rebuild this planet, this meeting place for peoples throughout the galaxies – this meeting place of love.

Unity, connectedness, and balance is the 2nd half of the formula. It is not being tried. It is bringing it into the practical reality of everyday life.

There will be waves of the Mother’s Pause. I do not say this to incite fear or obedience, which is tedium. I say this that you will simply know, like the tides, there is the ebb and flow. Like the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, there will be an ebb and flow to the pauses so that you will have this opportunity to regroup, to breath, to reconstruct.

Does it mean pandemic? No, not necessarily. That is going to be a human decision.

But what it does mean, and what this pause has taught you, and what the Mother is giving you, again and again, is: Take the time to back up, to reflect, to delve, to dive deep within your very soul and decide, in your Divine Authority, what is it not only that you think you should do… because that is often influenced, shall we say, by external factors; what is it that you want to do?