The concept of what the Mother is saying “to be reborn when you are already alive” … is not understood, and for most people is not understandable. How could such a phenomenon take place?

This wonderful channelled gem is lovingly shared from a personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael ~ The Mother’s Plan of Rebirth: The Bigger Picture

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, bright angel of lurion, blue and mauve and pink, daughter of the Mother, anchor of the love, bringer and anchor of the peace.

Welcome to this Council and to this Circle of One, to this Circle of All.

Bright angel, you are in the time of rebirth, you are in the time of reconstitution, of resurrection, of ascension in form upon this glorious planet where you, in the deepest connection and commitment to our beloved Divine Mother, have chosen to be.

And yes, you are in her Pause and this is intended to be the time of silence, the time of the in-breath, the time of re-examination of what is truly important, valuable… not in the esoteric sense or in the physical sense… but in the combination of what makes your life rich – not only tolerable but rich and profound… and yes, sweet one, joyful.

You, like many, are an agent and an angel of change and you have come to this planet … not only to bear witness, and yes, to find the joy at this redirection, rebirth, of not only humanity, the planet, the kingdoms, the elements, [but] everything.

But one of the things that this is actually catalysing is the challenge of being in form – the challenge not only of merely accepting that you are in form, but revelling and glorifying and ecstatically embracing the fact of being in form as the Mother’s, yes, Templar, representative, agent… but also, essentially, in the joy for yourself. …

You are the beloved of my soul and you are cherished and valued. So now I teach you, I guide you, I hold you to not only answer these questions but also to fully engage you in the reconstruction, because part… and not just in a philosophical or spiritual or any kind of way… a physical part of being reborn, of the Mother’s engagement… think of this… is a foreign concept to humans.

You are far enough along that you will understand, but I want to walk you through it. And you will share this because it is important for people to know.

In the human realm there is this structure, this paradigm within which you have operated, that you are born and that you live for a given number of years – again, decided by you, and the Mother, and all of us – and then you die and you leave your form behind.

The concept of what the Mother is saying “to be reborn when you are already alive” – and not merely in a spiritual sense – is not understood, and for most people is not understandable. How could such a phenomenon take place? And yet, here we are.

The Mother is an Infinite Source of Creation. That is who She is. It is what She does. The Mother/Father/One seeded from the stillness into silence, into action, the Word made flesh.

Now the reason I am emphasising this for you – and for many – is that I want you to think about this: that you are literally, and we with you, are literally reconstructing your body… not merely your soul which is in fine shape, nor your spirit which is ascended. So we are ‘rehabbing’ you quite literally… think of it that way… for the next adventure.

And the reason that you and I are having this conversation is not only my desire to engage with you but the necessity in this sacred partnership that we are doing this reconstruction together. The magnitude and the nature of what the Mother has meant by “rebirth” have been significantly, severely, not only misunderstood but underestimated by the humans.

So, in this reconstruction, let us reconstruct [for example] your entire digestive system so that you can pretty much eat what you want, what you choose, and what nourishes your body, mind and soul, reactivating different markers in your DNA and turning off markers that in fact do not contribute to your wellbeing.

Now, one of the reasons, the background to that, as you well know, is that you couldn’t digest what the human race was offering for supper, breakfast or lunch… that you found the chaos in the food… the hatred and the greed… you of all people who knows how energy works and travels. You cannot create food that does not have the energy of those who have planted, harvested, and tended to it; of course, it is there!

That is the reason why organic food is so popular. People think “oh, it is pure, it is the taste” but that is not it. Well, that is part of it, but that is not really it. It is those that are caring for the food and tending the food in a sacred way.

So, first of all, we reconstruct your digestive tract – yes, we can do that! – and we make it so that during this transition, when the purity of sustenance is going to come to the forefront, you will be able to handle it in the meantime. So that is number one.

Let us now talk about your beautiful visage – and, sweet one, this is also, again, engaged in with you, not for you. This is also part of your rebirth and reconstruction.

First of all, you have seen in the collective of humanity that far too often the attention, the credibility, has been given to those who are young and beautiful. And that is not to say that those who are young and beautiful, middle-aged and beautiful, old and beautiful do not deserve the credibility, but the credibility comes from within.

Now one of the reasons you rejected that beauty is you said, “I’m sick of this and I don’t want to be judged on my external appearance.” And this has been partly because you have been… we will not say fearful… but certainly a little leery and resistant towards physical intimacy.

So this was one of your insurance policies, but now you are saying, “No, no, no, I don’t want that. I want the outer reflection to really be the inner reflection of who I truly am,” and who you truly are, sweet one! So let us reconstruct that as well. It comes from the inside out.

And as you are not in the constant battle with food… and air, by the way… we will talk about that as well: air and toxins and chaos. Think about it. Chaos in the air of society is like a constant assault on the senses, and again, humans, because they have become so desensitised, have not realised this. It is like a constant abrasion, a mud pie in the face – and it is not organic mud; it is the sludge of hatred and greed.

So let us reconstruct this, and I give you this little exercise that I want you to do and share at will.

You take your hands and you run some chi (no, not the Violet Flame). Then you bring your hands around your face, not touching but with the tops of your fingers resting on your hairline and/or on the sides of your cheeks, and simply feel the Blue Flame. It is the soft blue, the summer-sky blue, and it is penetrating into your skin, your muscles, and it is meeting and drawing out the beauty that is still and always has been within you.

You can do this looking in the mirror as well. It will help you because you will start to see the change in the construction, the texture of your skin, your hair, your attitude. But this can be a part, a literal part, of the rebirth that the Mother talks about.

Now let us be clear – not because we wish to in any way continue the false grid of praise for the young and beautiful, [chuckles] shall we say – and yes, that is a generalisation – but because this Planet of Love was intended for the angels in form. I have never encountered an angel who is ugly, or harried, or haggard, or worn out!

You also allowed this to take place because you wanted to emphasise to human beings that beauty really is from within, that it emanates from the soul. And, sweet angel of light, your soul is magnificent… magnificent… and it is time for you to let that shine so that as you step out… and I do not only mean, let me be clear, as your brother at arms, your brother at peace, I do not only mean into healing circles, in person or virtual; I do not only mean in sacred undertakings; I do not only mean family affairs; I mean into the world!

I mean what you would think of as casual socialisation, whether it is a smile or a beaming of this highest frequency in the Co-op, the supermarket, wherever you go.

The Mother created and Gaia volunteered to be this magnificent planet, to be a place of beauty, a place of love. That is why I say to you: “You have left the overpopulated, polluted, dirty, impoverished, paved streets because somehow humans thought, “Oh, if they are paved, everything is fine,” and nothing has been fine for a very long time.

So yes, now you are on the rougher path, but it is the path of beauty, it is the path of resurrection, it is the path of truth, and sweet one, it is the path of beauty and peace.

So let us begin with you participating in this rebirth, this reconstruction, this day. …

This is part of our sacred partnership. Partnership isn’t simply doing for… yes, often doing on behalf of the Mother… but it is also counting on one another. And this is what the Mother and we are counting on you for.

You are rising up from the ashes not only of despondency but of disgust – disgust in what the world has done energetically, actually, philosophically. But out of this rebirth, this literal rebirth, comes the New.

So yes, much of the old is being torn away, and I do not mean by malevolent forces, by cabals or Illuminati; I simply mean by human choice, free will. The resurrection is the rebirth of human, free-will decision making on how they determine their pathways, individually and collectively, in the divine right that they have been granted by the Mother/Father/One.

This is the gift. And this is the gift that will reverberate throughout the galaxies, throughout the universes. And you, sweet one, are part of that. So, in choosing and understanding… even though it is something to wrap your head around, we know!… you are choosing rebirth.

Everything… everything… is possible!

So you have this body at a time when the physical, true physical nature, of the vessel is being resurrected, more deeply understood – not simply like a car or even a spacecraft that you jump in and out of, but as this beautiful temple.

You are ready, sweet one. You are ready! …

This is a new world, and beloved one, this is a New You!