The Expansion of 13th Octave LaHoChi

Lao Tzu talks about Lao’s Chi and balance and the continuing evolutionary nature of LaHoChi. “Once again I look among your people of your planet and there is need yet again to move amongst the people, and to teach them once again in various ways this essence of balance and how to allow this chi to move in and through you.”

Greetings, I am Lao Tzu, Master and teacher of balance and bringer of Lao’s Chi. Yes, I surprised this channel, for seldom do I speak, for part of keeping balance is also knowing when to stay still and to keep quiet and knowing that in that silence that you are also holding the energy for many. For so often there is enough mind chatter that goes on within you that you do not need to hear yet another voice. But nevertheless I step forward in Love this day my ancient friends.

When I have brought forth what you think of as LaHoChi, Lao’s Chi, I did so because I saw much suffering of my people. It was not a matter of wealth of rich or poor – there were simply so many that would suffer from different maladies, and they would not know why, and they would not know how to cure it. They would work with the ancient ways, with the smoke and with the herbs, with the roots, with the physicians who did not know very much. And so I would walk from village to village and, yes, sometimes within the palace. And I would teach balance, and I would teach how to hold and to run the chi to be in balance because you cannot have it be stagnant ever.

We have brought this forward again and again and again and do so again now because the energy of One is evolutionary as are you, my friends, and it is growing the same way that you are. It is in a process of ever-expansion in the creative form of the universe, for what is chi except the expression of Love? – the expression of the essence of All.

Once again I look among your people of your planet and there is need yet again to move amongst the people, and to teach them once again in various ways this essence of balance and how to allow this chi to move in and through you. It is not to be hoarded. It is to be shared and shared generously. For when you try and stop the flow, you simply create disease, illness, and you sit alone in despair. That is simply a waste of a lifetime, and it is certainly not the fulfillment of your dream.

Until very recently, we who have assisted in this transmission of this energy have modulated it in ways that you as vessels were ready to be the transmitters, so that you would not feel that you were overloaded or overburdened or simply could not contain it. That time has come to an end. And that is why we are gathered here yet again. Yes, we are all here. The room is full. So I wish you to know of my presence as teacher, as father, as Master and friend. I wish you to let all of your old conceptions – all of these opinions that you have gathered throughout many lifetimes – I ask you to let them go, for many of them are wrong. They are erroneous. And if they are incorrect…if they are in the balance, they will return to you.

But I ask for you to be the empty vessel today as we reestablish this balance within and around you and within and around all of you and between you as well. You come home to the heart of One, and that heart of One is also within you. It always has been. So it is not a matter of seeking. It is not a matter of searching. It is a not a matter of even asking. It is a matter of allowing and surrendering to what is already within you. So open to the flow, and I will assist as I always have. And we will walk together, and we will sit together, and we will heal together. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon November 14, 2009, Miami, Florida, 13th Octave LaHoChi class

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Linda Dillon

Linda Dillon is an internationally acclaimed channel, teacher, author and healer. She has channeled the higher realms and the Council of Love (COL) since 1984, after a near-death experience from a car accident opened her heart to her true purpose.

The Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance composed of angels, archangels, enlightened saints, the apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and the ascended masters. The purpose of the Council is the transmission of the Divine Radiance and Love into the hearts of all beings who wish to align and receive. The Council are messengers of the One and the message is Love. The primary messenger for the Council is Archangel Gabrielle.