It is like on Christmas Eve: you know that Christmas is coming and it’s going to be fun!

Traci shares this beautiful channelled gem from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael Speaks Of Expectations

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News …

I wish to speak to you further about what the Mother has begun with you about expectations. We do have what you would think of as expectations, but not in the traditional human definition. We have expectations of ourselves, of the unfoldment, of you, of many. Our sense of expectations… and this is why I want you to shift your awareness. Come with me!

We know… we are lucky, we are fortunate… we know what the unfoldment of the Plan is, and yes, although sometimes there are variances, we even know the timing of this – divine and human. We know the elements of this, and they are glorious. Yes, it does mean cleaning up the debris, manifesting garbage into light, but all of this is exciting and joyful, supremely divine.

So when we talk about or participate in expectations, it is the up and down joy, excitement, of what is to come… the knowing. It is like on Christmas Eve: you know that Christmas is coming and it’s going to be fun!

Expectations in the human realm have become so densely laden with judgment, with a sense of burden and a sense of measuring-up. There’s nothing delightful in that; there’s nothing joyful in that. And because there is always higher/better/more, it is very difficult for any human being to ever feel that they have fully, completely, measured up.

That level, that definition of expectation, truly needs to go by the wayside. This is part of the debris we wish to take care of because the fulfilment is not intended to feel arduous; it is not intended – and I mean this very personally – it is not intended to feel like failure, that somehow you have misstepped

Think of it, my beloved friend. I am the Archangel of Peace, working with this planet and with this collective for eons. If I glance down and I see the murder, children being beaten and starved, bombs flying and racism thriving, I would think to myself, in the earthly expectations, that I have failed miserably, that I have not delivered unto the Mother what I have promised her, and that I should not even earn the right to be the artist that I am, that She should just shove me away somewhere because I’m useless. And that would be awful.

But that is not how I view or how we view our role, for every single person that finds that inner peace, sometimes only for an hour and sometimes for a lifetime – and sometimes they have spent a lifetime seeking but finally getting that knowing of peace – we celebrate that because it is one more, one closer. And when that is anchored, it vibrates out into the atmosphere and into the hearts of others.

It doesn’t matter whether they know it or not. Peace and joy and love are highly contagious, far more contagious than any virus that is known upon your planet.

When a nation decides to cease hostilities (sometimes a ceasefire for 24H, sometimes the end to a war) we celebrate that and we shower them – by the way, whether it is the peaceful individual or the nation or the collective – we shower them with glistening, sparkling energy to reward them and they feel the sense of, “Ah, thank God, I feel better already.” People sometimes say, “Oh, I am so glad the air is cleared,” [but] what they are really saying is, “I am so glad I got my sparkly energy!”

Do we persevere? Yes. But do we celebrate? Yes! And we celebrate not only the particular instance or example; we celebrate… we are often celebrating… because we know where you are headed and we know the outcome! That is the most difficult part of being in human form, with this wondrous free will – that you really would like overridden a lot of times [chuckling] – because we know and you don’t.

And so you will say to me, “Mi-ka-el, could you just fix it!” And I would love to, but I will not overstep any being’s divine authority because my admiration – not just the rules of engagement – my admiration, my respect for that individual or collective is so deep, so high, I would not do that. But that does not mean that we do not influence, or yes, in certain situations where we are permitted, we intervene.

Now, I am one of your influencers, and you know I am not exactly the meek and mild type! But I want you to know: you decry yourself while we sing your praises. While we are astounded, not just at what you do… yes, that is part of it… but we are astounded, gloriously pleased at the level of your heart commitment. That is the fundamental bedrock of course during this time of rebirth, and always we are saying “take action, take action, do, do, do” because we are excited.

But the bedrock of that, our love of you, is based on your heart and your heart commitment. And sweet one, that has not varied, that has not changed. If anything, it has grown; it has grown phenomenally. And that, what you think of as the subtle heartbeat, that is transmitted out literally with every beat of your heart.

So it is not that you are not doing. Do you wish to do more? Yes. Do we wish you to do more? Yes. Do we support you in whatever you do? The answer is yes!


Channeled by Linda Dillon
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