I also call you “brighthearts” for you shine so brightly throughout the Omniverse!

Merry Christmas and a joyous festive season, everyone! Wishing you and yours, our beloved Gaia, her Kingdoms and far beyond abundant blessings of love, peace, and joy now and always!  All our love, Linda and Ellen xxx

Winter Solstice 2023 ~ A Channelling Extravaganza of Christmas Messages from JESUS SANANDA, GAIA, and YAHWEH!

Opening Prayer:

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, angels and archangels, beloved brothers and sisters of the stars, ascended masters, wise prophets, beloved saints, and Council of Love ~

We come together today as sisters and brothers, as one team, one circle, one family of Nova Gaians. We offer ourselves as the wayshowers and anchors of the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. We welcome this tidal wave of change, of opening, of new beginnings and Ascension of the collective of humanity.

We humbly stand here on behalf of billions, literally billions, and we ask for your presence, for your guidance, for your protection, for your love and light and the full infusion of the Mother’s Divine Radiance. We pray for the expansion of clarity, purity, joy, and love. We declare our intention for Peace on Earth now, in Unity and Harmony with All.

Please guide us, each one of us, as one circle of love, as we step forward in this sacred undertaking. Please sustain us, grant us patience and stamina, laughter and play, fortitude and endurance, compassion, attraction and understanding, and the deepest levels of comprehension and knowing. Help us to fully embrace our divine and human potential as co-creators of Nova Earth.

 We stand here clearly declaring ourselves as the servants and handmaidens of the Mother, and we ask for your blessings for each one of us and for everybody, for all, for all the kingdoms, all the elements upon this sacred planet, and of course for the planet herself.

Let this communiqué go forward and touch and open the hearts of every person upon Gaia and far beyond.

Amen, Amen, and Amen.

*     *     *

JESUS SANANDA’s 2023 Christmas Message – How Did We Do?

Greetings, I am Jesus, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshua, I am your beloved brother Yeshi, and yes, I come here this day with open heart and open arms, not for some strict report card but to share with you as your brother, as one who has walked this planet, yes, in joy and suffering, in tears and laughter ~ I experienced the whole gambit, just as you do, sweet angels of light.

So often the Mother has called you “bravehearts”, and nothing could be truer, but I also call you “brighthearts” for you shine so brightly throughout the Omniverse!

Now, I know there are times when you feel extraordinarily weighed down. What I want to share with you today during this time of silence when we shut out the chatter… for me it was a time to retreat to the desert and to reflect, and so it is for you… what I wish to share is from our perspective ‘what has transpired during this last year’ – this last year of monumental, momentous change – for that is what is occurring.

And there are times, beloveds, when you feel your head spinning – and then there are those times when you think, “Nothing’s happening. When is something going to give?”

Now, what I share with you from my heart directly into your heart – yes, of course, through the Mother’s screen of Divine Radiance – is what is occurring… not behind the curtain; the curtain is pulled back, the veil is gone… but, nevertheless, me, as observer and participant, I wish to simply offer my heart-insights.

You have shifted, you have changed, and in that change, you are affecting every human form upon this planet. It is not a matter of reaching the tipping point; the tipping point has already occurred. We have repeatedly said there is not a singular event – it is the culmination of events.

When you have a pot, a teacup, a bucket of water and you add drip-by-drip-by-drip, and sometimes it is a slow drip and sometimes a torrent, the bucket is not immediately full. When the bucket is full and overflowing – and might I say overflowing with love – that is the tipping point, and that has and is occurring even as speak.

So let me begin by saying on behalf of all of us – yes, this Council of Love, which is more populated than you imagine, the entire Company of Heaven, all the realms – how proud we are of you and how we welcome this opportunity, literally, to be with you.

For many years, I basically begged you [chuckling] to come and walk with me, to come and walk with us – and sometimes you did and sometimes you didn’t – and when you didn’t, that never cancelled the invitation or our desire to be with you!

But in the past year, I, and we, have asked to walk with you, to join with you – not you coming to us; that is the shift in the 13th Octave. We come to you! We add our energy on planet, in you, in form, in change. And you have said, “Yes!” subtly, actually, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, all dimensions, all timelines.

If it were only that, it would be such cause for celebration throughout the Omniverse – but it is more than that!

The birth of a Galaxy is a pretty spectacular event. It’s hard to ignore, but most shifts in energy are more subtle and quiet than that. Yes, there is that moment of inception when the implosion-explosion occurs, when the fertilisation of the dream takes place. But also understand, then time is spent in the womb growing in safety and security, protected by the mother, which you have been.

The most significant, I won’t just say shift, I will say accomplishment – because that is what it is! – in this past year has been the relinquishing of the old paradigms; the abolishment of shame, blame, cruelty and fault; of the inalienable belief in death and destruction and disease… you know the list!

Now you say to me, “Yeshi, how can that be? I still see brutality and violence on this planet.” Yes, that is playing out, and we will address that. But I am talking about you, my brother, my sister, my family – and what you do, and what you have done, and what you are going to do is not just for you, it’s for the entirety not just of this planet but the Galaxy and far beyond!

Why do you think you are attended so clearly by UFOG? [Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies] What you are doing right now – from the shifting of the paradigms, the connection to Gabrielle’s Golden Grid, by the adoption of new ways of being – has a ripple effect throughout the Omniverse that you can’t even imagine. You don’t need to. All you need to do, as this one would say, is be gobsmacked!

You are no longer saying, “Master, I would like to change, I’m not sure how, please help me.” You have changed! And in so doing, in embracing love – yes, it is as basic as that! – the Mother could not give you or start to irradiate you with her Divine Radiance, nor the Father, nor any of us, if you had not said, “Yes!” actually, subtly, sublimely, physically.

Now, is there an incredible adjustment to hold it on a daily basis – yes, what you think of as 24/7, what we would think of as 36/7? [Laughing] Yes, there is an adjustment physically and every which way, but the point is, sweet ones, you have said, “Yes!” And there are those who are still saying, “Leave me alone!” and there are those who are saying, “I will think about it.”

You are the bravehearts who have gone forth, who are going forth, and saying, “Yes!” You are not saying, “Oh, I think I’ll wait; let me know when Ascension is done.” You are the Ascension! You are the fulfilment of the dream! And you say unto me, “Well, Yeshua, if we have done this, if we have accomplished what we came here to do, what’s next, or should I just go home?” You have only just begun!

Think of it in this way. You are very familiar on this planet with wars. And there is that time when there is a cessation of war, brutality, violence and cruelty for many of you, and that is why this period of silence is so important. You just simply sit back and say, “I’ll just stay in my bunker and breathe for a while.” And you need to.

But then there is the victory lap. There is the victory celebration when you get to go home on planet, in form, and celebrate!

And then what comes next? You are the co-creators and builders of Nova Earth. Not singularly responsible; that is of ego: “Oh, we are a select few.” That is ridiculous! But you are the builders; you are the co-creators; this is a time, particularly for the Halions, where you step forth and you say, “Alright, now let’s get going.”

The construct, in every aspect of what that means for an entire planet – from governance to healing, to family structure, to diversity and unity – is monumental. It is enormous! And you bring your co-creative hearts and your brilliant minds to this task, utilising not only your newly awakened capacities and talents but your ancient ones, the ones you have buried because there was no point. The point is so much bigger than you can imagine – so much bigger!

So you rest for a bit and then you step forth in co-creation of the New!

This is not being laid upon you, as I have said. What would be the point? What would be the point of all the gifts, of the Ascension, if then we said, “Okay, here’s your structure, this is how you’re going to do it.” No! Each of you, yes, made a promise to our Mother and you said, “Yes, I will go, and I will endure, and I will do the work, but I’m staying for the party! I’m staying for the joy of building the world according to Divine Plan, divine inspiration, human inspiration, perspiration!”

This is what we have all waited for! And this is why we say to you, “Can we join you?” because the location of this beautiful enterprise is upon Gaia. So do we have opinions, insight, advice as you step forward? Of course, we do! That is our role, but you are the hands on deck. You are the ones who have said, “Yes!”

And I thank you as your brother, as your friend, and I thank you on behalf of this entire Council, the Mother/Father/One, and the Company of Heaven.

Now, let us begin!

Channelled by Linda Dillon, 21st December 2023