Reacquaint yourself with me, with every part of me!

Winter Solstice 2023 ~ A Channelling Extravaganza of Christmas Messages from JESUS SANANDA, GAIA, and YAHWEH!

Yahweh’s 2023 Christmas Message – Ask and You Shall Receive!

I AM Yahweh and I speak on behalf of all of us. And as you know, in many ways, I have been silent but not absent – not ever absent.

The element of the Divine Feminine, the balancing and the re-creation, the re-acknowledgement, the expanded understanding of the balance, of the unity – yes, of course, between the Mother and I, but also amongst our family – it has been completely necessary.

Far too often, I have been seen, perceived, as a thundering god, a dictator from on high. Obviously, that is not of Truth, and it most certainly has never been of Love.

Have we shared with you – not given you; hear what I say – have we shared with you the mechanisms, the laws, the strategies that you need and that you deserve on how to complete this Ascension of Gaia, of humanity, of this Galaxy, of the Milky Way and far beyond? Yes, of course we have! It has not been coercion. That level of coercion became a human go-to.

When I invited you into the Warehouse of Heaven, into the family business – and our business is Creation! – I was entrusting you. And I am saying to you again: “You are more than fully capable!” Not because we ask you – and we do ask you – but because you choose to.

You want to create, re-create, and expand in a massive way this planet which was always intended as a place for the angels, our angels – well, there are only our angels! – to play, to have a physical experience of love, not restricted to but including the physical. Being in form is a gift!

So yes, Gi’Anna declares the readiness on behalf of all planetary and galactic beings to assist.

I don’t declare, I remind you: Claim your divine inheritance! Claim your sovereignty1 It is not about becoming sovereign, you were born sovereign!

And so I bow to you, as you bow to me, and I embrace you as your Father. I know you, I know every part of you, and I love every part of you.

And so I ask, I invite, I request for you to do the same – to reacquaint yourself. Just as you have with the Mother, reacquaint yourself with me, with every part of me!

I will not override, but I can most certainly assist. Ask and you shall receive!

Go with my love.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 21 December 2023