As we reunite in this birth, I will give you peace, and I will give you truth, and I will give you love, reborn, reignited…

 If You Wish to be Reborn, Say “Yes!”     

Universal Mother Mary

Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love


Let’s begin today holding hands, holding hands across North America and across the ocean to England and Scotland and Wales and France and the Netherlands and Russia and Estonia and Italy, Lithuania, over…China, Japan, through Asia, the Middle East, Australia. Loop back around to Hawaii so that we are not only holding each other’s hands, but we’re circling our beloved Gaia.

And as we come to the time of Solstice, as we come to the time of quiet, as we come to the time of reset and renewal, we’re tucked into each other, we’re tucked into each other and each other’s hearts, and we have each other’s backs, and we renew our promise to one another to be heart-speakers and heart-listeners, and to be the observers, the discerners. And when we move into action, we do so with the deepest knowing of love. And we practice tolerance, and unity, and community, and allowance, and surrender.

Take a nice deep breath of deep Christmas red, that deep cherry red, the red of a poinsettia, of a deep red rose, of old stained glass. Breathe the vital red, the red of our root, of our cord deep down into Gaia, as we come together as spiritual beings of love…regardless of religion, and in respect for all belief systems, all walks, all paths, knowing that we are all interconnected and we are all one, and the only thing that counts is kindness.

Now, take another deep breath of our beloved Mother’s Blue Diamond, that rich sapphire, tanzanite, blue velvet, sparkling midnight sky. And feel yourself as if you’re leaning back into Her and She’s wrapping that beautiful Blue Diamond cloak…cozy, warm, airy…all around you so that in so many ways you almost feel swaddled, cocooned, loved, and cherished, valued, and known.

During this time when the Mother and the entire Council of Love tells us ‘no more hiding’, it’s important that we feel this level of cocooning. No more hiding doesn’t mean that each of us doesn’t need moments of retreat, of quietude, of staring at the wall. And when we do, lean into the Mother, put your head on Her chest, and simply feel the Love. It’s there for you, not now and then, but every single day, every single moment.

So, bring that Blue Diamond down into your heart, dancing with your Pink Diamond flame, and the Gold Diamond of the Father. And see as if this flame is actually turning into a spiral, and it’s coming up your chest, up your throat, through your head, pituitary, pineal, up through your crown as if you are this huge Christmas roman candle and you are shining brilliantly and bright. And that your essence, your brilliance, is transmitting out to the entire planet, the entire collective, and far beyond.

And relax, bring down those shoulders, relax your jaw, relax your hips, your knees, your ankles, your feet. And feel that that candle is firmly secured, not only in the soft dirt of Gaia but deep into the bedrock and that as you look around at the persons next to you, holding your hand, you see their candle as well, their beacon. And look around and see how we’re surrounding the entire planet as if we just became this monumental birthday, Christmas cake, this Solstice celebration, and we will light up the world, and we will ignite the hearts, and the minds, and the souls, and the vim and vigor and vitality of everyone.

We can do it…let’s go!


Greetings, I AM Mary, I AM Mare’, Mother of Love, Mother of all, Mother of change, Mother of hope, Mother of light, Mother of sound, and yes beloved ones, Mother of each and every one of you. And I have asked to come this day, yes, of course, always bringing the entire Council of Love who are at your beck and call. Not distant archangels or angels, ascended masters or enlightened beings, not distant star family…intimate and deeply acquainted, not only with you but with your inner workings, with your heart, with your soul, with your dreams, with your desires, with your mission and purpose within My Plan.

So, I come this day as your Mother, sweet children of My heart…and I say this not because you are junior but because you are family. You have always been, not just mine but our family!

Many of you have not known the joy of true family, of acceptance and sharing, and gratitude, and love, of growth and expansion, and yes, at moments, challenge which led to further growth and expansion, deeper understanding, and the profoundest love of all.

So, I remind you, I remind all of you, whether you have had the grandest family experience or the most awful…you belong, you have always belonged to My family. You are the dearest child of My heart, the precious one that I have not only birthed and watched grow but that I have been proud of and am proud of. And yes, there are times when I stand back to see how you are riding the bicycle. And there are times when you call and you beckon and I step forth to pick you up and wipe your knees and wipe your tears. But I am never any further than a whisper, a thought, a cry, a smile, a laugh…because I wish to share in your laughter as well, your victories,  your conundrums…that is what Mother and family do. We are united in heart, united in love.

I am the birther and creator of this infinite universe…yes, with the Father…and so there is nothing that we do not comprehend or understand. And similarly dear hearts, there is nothing that is impossible. This is part of your quest. You often seek what you believe is possible and you hope, and you dream, you pray, for what you feel is impossible or nigh impossible. And yet, that is where I am calling you to, that is where I am beckoning you to…to please surrender these shackles of limitation. They are not real and they can be brushed aside as easily as a cobweb. And don’t worry, you won’t disturb the spider in the slightest.

You are powerful creators, you are the Creator Race, and you have come to do exactly that…to be the restorers of the dream, the awakeners of humanity, the builders of Nova Earth.

But that is not why I come in the quietude of this time. I come this day as your Mother, to make an offer to you. My offer, My offering to each and every one of you, my beloveds, is this…Do You Wish to be Reborn? If you wish to be reborn in this time…I do not mean soon, I do not mean distant future, I mean between this time and the time that you celebrate as Christmas…if you wish to be reborn, to be renewed, to have what so many of you would term ‘a fresh start’, say “Yes!”

Turn to me, the sensation may well be of literally crawling and placing yourself back within my womb, which is infinite and spacious, back within the void, back upon my lap, back upon my arms, back within my heart, and being, starting over…not without memory, not without talents, capacities, capabilities, memories, knowing, Divine Knowing, Divine Authority, inspiration, and stamina. If you wish this, this is My Christmas gift to you.

You have been so extraordinary, so true, so trusting. You have practiced consistency and persistence, and you seek the truth. And the truth is always within you, not without, and it is within Me. And as we reunite in this birth, I will give you peace, and I will give you truth, and I will give you love, reborn, reignited. And so, your extinguished parts of yourself will rise up and burst again upon the planet in this New Age of Love.

This is My offering. Turn to me, sweet ones, I am waiting. And go, go in the beauty, the might, the sweetness, the gentleness of the silence of this time. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon