… we are preparing right now to come in peace, as the Ambassadors of Peace …

At the behest of Zentar of the Pleiades, brother of Zalishia, Earthbound Star Soul shares this fabulous gem from his recent reading with Linda.

Greetings, I am Zentar, guardian and friend, protector of your sacred being, defender of your portals, keeper of your flame, brother of thy heart, brother of thy soul.

And yes, I am honoured, thrilled, pleased to step forth this day to bring you not only greetings but the offerings of my heart, the offerings of my being as starbeing, as angelic – no, never as human, for you are the brave one who comes to bring the hour, the time, the period of awakening to this planet and to this planet of love, to this planet of light.

Beloved friend, you are finally healing – and you are in the completion of this phase of what we would term reconstruction, reconstitution, resurrection – but it is important, critical, that you not overextend. You are exuberant in your very nature; it is the truth and the construct of who you are. And look where it got you: on planet, ready to welcome your star family and friends! But it has also been… if I did not say “difficult”, I would most certainly say a “challenging” journey/mission… for the chaos has reigned not only in what you think of as current reality, but has really reigned for centuries, millennia, upon this beautiful Gaian planet.

So is it a clean sweep? Yes, the answer is “yes!” But we do not do so, and they do not do so, the Mother does not do so, Michael does not do so, in ways that are mean, cruel, dismissive and overriding of free will. The rebirth of humanity – the rebirth, the reignition of humanity – is not to destroy or in any way override what has been precious within this or any civilisation. It is to reignite that element of will – not only free will but Divine Will – to act, to behave, to extend and to be the love, and that cannot be achieved by simply overriding anybody.

Humans, Gaians, are truly experiencing… not merely in your nation, what you think of as the United States, but all over the planet… there is such a glaring overriding of individual free will, of free choice, of Divine Will and divine direction. And it is in this that the humans awaken and they claim their sovereignty, they claim their freedom, their independence, and from there truly express not just what the Mother wants – although that is/always has been the end game – but what they want, and their expressions of their divine qualities.

Has it been an incredibly rocky road? Well, you know that answer, for you have lived that answer! But it is in the rocky road, it is in the turmoil and in the chaos that that essential yearning for peace, for harmony, for love, for kindness, for simple human kindness and consideration, rises to the surface and demands – absolutely demands – not only to be seen and recognised; it demands to become what you think of as the operating system, the modus operandi of the planet, of Earth, of Gaia, and of the collective.

So yes, you have said, “Can you not hurry it along?” And believe you me, we say that 20 million times a day – your days, not just Good Friday – every day! [Laughter] But we won’t override because then – and we are preparing right now to come in peace, as the Ambassadors of Peace – then we are credible, then we are believable. Then what we come and offer is seen in the truth, not in the ways of being despots or dictators, but truly as a set of helping hands and a kind and loving heart.

So has your patience and the patience of the collective of humanity been pushed and tried to the limit? The answer is “yes”, and my beloved friend, that is a good thing because it is pushing, urging people into making different choices in declaring that their patience has not only worn thin, it is worn out. And so it results in the demanding and the implementing of a different paradigm.

And it is most certainly not a paradigm when any force – galactic, intergalactic or human – overrides another. It is a system of unity – not only of heart unity but of collective unity, of integrated unity of heart and mind, of talents, of technology and science and capacities. It truly is a Golden Age, but what makes it golden is that it is peaceful. It is not forced; it is birthed through free will and in alignment, by choice, with Divine Will.

You are our ambassador – you know this – and in that, you have need to know that much is already underway in terms of our not only actual presence, because you know full well that there are many boots on the ground – yes, including your artist friends – but it is the recognition of a formal declaration that you as human beings, as Gaians, are not alone, and the recognition and the welcome to us as we come in peace.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.