It’d probably sound trite of me to say that Linda’s going out on her own marks the end of an era for me.
There are two minds at play in me. The first one is sad and grateful; the second one, relieved.
First Mind. For seven years or so, I’ve had the tremendous privilege, grace of Linda, to speak to the Divine Mother, Archangel Michael, and all my heroes – Sanat, Jesus, the Buddha, even Sri Shankara.
I’ve had the benefit of Linda’s many courses, books, and meditations, all circling around the radio shows and the value they produced for me.
On the air, I’ve been able to have the Mother confirm mysteries for me that lie at the heart of one’s understanding of the three levels of Reality (Trinity), her divine nature, the purpose of life, the process of Ascension, and so on. Who, ever, anywhere, has been as fortunate as I’ve just been?
Probably Suzi Maresca would say the same. Whenever has anyone had this kind of direct access to such sacred Beings?
So the personal contact with Linda and the form of service will be missed but respect for the Law of Free Will trumps all.
I’ll assist Linda in the future in every way I can. I love her message and she intends to continue delivering it on a regular basis. I’ll be there and we’ll repost it.
Meanwhile, I’m sitting here amazed, now that it’s over, in utter astonishment at what I’ve been allowed to be a part of. (1)
Second Mind. The second side is relieved.
Live interviewing was always service for me. It wasn’t a particular love of mine for this reason: I haven’t had a working short-term memory since 2011. I sometimes forget what I was just told. What I just said. It can be awful and worrisome.
There are others around me in the same condition but they’re not interviewing archangels.
This memory loss was done to wean me from the Third Dimension, apparently. It makes live interviewing a gamble.
Now my mission is done. I don’t have to be in that stressful situation again. So I’m at once sad but also relieved.
So I’m good. Don’t cry for me, Argentina.
And I wish Linda and Isaac the best in the future. We will post what they produce.
Suzi will be talking more about InLight Radio later, right, Suzi?
Thank you, Linda and Isaac, for seven of the best, most unforgettable years of my life!
(1) And then it’ll be a case of getting down to work, mining the information we’ve all been given, and commenting on it.
I hope to find in the InLight-Radio transcripts more blueprints for building Nova Earth. I already plan – with Linda’s blessing – to gather all the Divine Mother’s messages into one volume.