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Sweet Angels of Light, peace on Earth comes with your heart choices, with your heart decisions, with your heart speaking, and your heart listening.

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Universal
An Hour with an Angel

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour With an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, Editor in Chief of the Golden Age of Gaia. And with me today is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, author of The New You, The Great Awakening, The Jesus Book and currently in a nature preserve in Florida because there is more renovation going on in your house, Linda?

Linda Dillon: That’s correct. I think I’ve got a new nickname, Steve, and it’s called “car girl” [laughter]. I feel like the roving reporter, reporting from various spots around beautiful Florida. And, yes, I’m sitting in a gorgeous nature preserve and it’s quite an experience to sit in your car in the middle of a green field surrounded by green trees and water birds and all kinds of birds and flowers. And, in addition to that to be surrounded by Mi-ka-el, Raphael and Uriel and Jophiel and Gabrielle sitting in the passenger seat. So – (laughter).

SB: How many angels in a car seat?

LD: Right, well it’s funny, at one point – and it’s Uriel. Because, you know he takes the back and I can feel him in the back seat and I said, “Oh, back up, back up. I need the whole car protected.” (laughter)

SB: That’s funny. Well, I hear that you were saying earlier that Michael is very serious about some issues in the world in relation to peace. Are you comfortable? We’re going to be recording, I think, from the car. So, the sound – the listeners will have to make allowances for some sound change.

LD: They will have to accommodate for the gentle breezes and the bird sounds and I don’t know, I think there is a banging sound somewhere across the lake. So, put up with it.

SB: Yes, it’s probably coming from your house.

LD: Yes, probably.

SB: That’s good. So why don’t we let Michael come in then and we’re going to hear from him on some matters that he wants to bring to our attention around world peace.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael. I am Mi-ka-el and I come here this day in the full Divine authority of our Mother. Often, I say to you I come to you as brother, as ally, as friend. And, of course, that is always so. But I also come to you this day with the full authority, power, and might of an Archangel in perfect and clear alignment with the plan of our beloved Mother. For it can only be thus.

So often you would say to me, and I hear you. I hear all of you. When you say to me, “Well, Michael, why do you not simply create peace on Earth?” Sweet Angels of Light, peace on Earth comes with your heart choices, with your heart decisions, with your heart speaking, and your heart listening. It comes from your decision and the practice and actions and behaviors and beliefs, in peace.

Not merely the absence of war. Peace has never been won on a battlefield. Let me very clear about that. And you say to me, “Oh yes, but Michael, there are times when battle and war are necessary.” And let me repeat to you, beloveds – peace has never been won on a battlefield. Not whether it is armies and shooting and guns and bombs, or the political arena or your home and household. Peace is never won where there is not a deep anchoring of peace.

The stability of peace, the magnitude of peace within your heart, and from that place, from that place of your clear alignment comes the behaviors, the actions and the choice of peace. And the declaration of peace, the demanding and commanding of peace in all its forms, whether it is in your home, your relationships, your community, your town, your country or upon beautiful Gaia.

Why do you think other than sending the Porlana C and anchoring that energy of giving you incredible technology, catching bombs – why do you think your star brothers and sisters, your star family, your allies, truly – why they have not been more pro-active in truly anchoring? The energy of their essence is peace. It is hope. It is love. So is the Mother’s tsunami. So is our tsunami of One. We give you everything we have but we will never, not in this new paradigm, override some of the human choices.

Now let us talk about some of those human choices and, in particular, let us talk about the Middle East. Let us talk about the atrocities both subtle and actual that are taking place in this zone. Now I also tell you as backdrop, you have this saying – and it is a very true saying by the way – that it is always darkest before the dawn. You have another saying that things can’t get worse. But in fact, beloveds, things can always get worse – much worse.

Now am I saying that is the direction that you are moving in? No. But there are some very dark actions, behaviors, belief systems that are interfering with the anchoring of global peace, which is breaking out everywhere, and global peace within your heart, universal peace within your heart and thereby the alignment with your words, with your actions. It is truly a time to be practicing Perro and in this neutrality there is not a sparking of emotional issues.

The people of Yemen are in a desperate way with death and disease, starvation, lack of resources. The fallout of war, the fallout of chaos, the fallout of recalcitrants. And if you say to us, “Give me a sign,” then look at this sign of what is occurring in Yemen. Yemen is on the brink of disappearing – one of the most ancient, revered, respected cultures.

Oh, of course, there have been up and downs the same way there has been in most of the countries of the world. But Yemen is in a position where it is being used as a pawn and being positioned to be taken over by another power with selfish interests. And you say to me, “well Mi-ka-el, what can we do?” Hold the vision of massive, massive, relief and resources, which is nothing more than an expression of caretaking, of nurturing of love. See this pouring into Yemen.

Because it is an expression of peace. All of you who listen this night. All of you who listen the day after. All of you who listen a week, or a month or a year from now – you are powerful transmitters. You have been granted; you’ve been pleaded with to assume your Divine Authority, as humans, as Gaians, as implementers of Nova Earth. Can we even say Nova Love? Use that Divine Authority and transmit, send, beam, however you convey. Convey your love.

And we’re using Yemen as an example, but convey your love to the ground, but mostly to the people of Yemen. Of the women and children. And send fortification, perseverance, patience, stamina, fortitude, compassion, not only to those that are suffering but those that are in attending. So, to the midwives, to the doctors, to the nurses, to the aides, to the person in the street that is picking up children and carrying them so that they can survive.

Often there is a belief system that we as Archangels do not experience emotion, do not have that capacity of emotion. And that is incorrect. Do we experience emotion differently than each of you? Yes. When I say to you that I come to you with the power and the might and the authority of an Archangel, do not think to all of us that the situation in the Middle East, which is highly inflamed, is a source of great distress.

So often we see, we witness your bright light as lightworkers and loveholders, lovebearers, and that brings us incredible joy. I have said to you, we have all said to you, this is a time of action.

And sometimes, sweet angels, the action is speaking out, speaking up. There is so much distraction and I include in this many what you think of as new sources that are attempting to sway you. And I do not simply mean what you think of as new sources of the establishment. I mean many of these sources that lightworkers tend to go to. There are many sources of misinformation, misdirection, distraction. Be very discerning in what you read and what you ingest and what you choose to engage in.

But I do not wish to stray too far from the Middle East situation because the murders that have been perpetrated upon the Palestinians is also atrocious, egregious, criminal. It is a crime against love.

The political situation in this region has been fraught, some would say, with the seeking of justice and freedom and balance. There has been far too much political ping-pong with people’s lives. And now you have Israeli soldiers, which is a curious term, shooting unarmed children, young adults who are carrying nothing but slingshots of rocks? This is a David and Goliath situation. And you all know the story – and it is historically accurate by the way – of David and Goliath.

And the point is, not that the Palestinians will out and win. It is about the imbalance. The Palestinians are crying from their hearts. Yes, you can say, “Oh, this is a mess.” Break down the barriers of what you think of as categorization – that is not of love. You are judging. These are people that are yearning to be free – to keep a piece of ground, a piece of Terra Gaia where they want to live. And, most of them are living in squalor and slums.

The leaderships of all of these countries are very comfortable. They’re not starving or injured or being shot to death, or dying of malaria or smallpox. This needs to be looked at, the selfish abuse of authority. And again, you say, “What can we do?” You are transmitters supreme. Your fields have been engaged and embraced and expanded beyond measure. What are you doing on a daily basis? For this deserves your attention, the fiasco with Iran. The continued war with Iraq and Syria. You have this expression – it is a hot mess.

Now what I say to you as well – I go back, I am circling back – it is always darkest before the dawn because the benefit of this situation, not merely with the lightworker community, but with the Gaian community, is you are all saying, “We are tired.” In some ways and in some factors, exhaustion is a really positive thing. Because in this exhaustion what you are saying is, “Enough and no more.”

And that cessation of abuse, of war, frees you up to go to the next step, collectively – which in truth is the anchoring of peace. The cessation of abuse – that is only the preliminary. The people are calling for a renewal, not only of justice but of peace. And that is exactly what is necessary for Gaians, as one community, to go forward.

Now, where do you wish to begin, my friend?

SB: Well, Lord, I noticed that you did not say, “Take it to the UN, take it to the Security Council.” You said that many of the mass media are distracting us or worse but you haven’t mentioned the normal political channels. Are they non-functioning?

AAM: No, that is not so. They are functioning. My question would be to you – are they functioning as well as they might? Now, understand, your League of Nations, your United Nations.

SB: Oh.

AAM: No, I am giving you an historical perspective.

SB: Oh, okay.

AAM: Your League of Nations and your United Nations are and were fashioned on the Intergalactic Council. Now, in that council, decisions and then action is taken in accordance for what you would think of as the collective common good with forward thrust. Yes, there are times and there have certainly been times immediately after the intergalactic wars when Perro was even invented, where there was a very tenuous grasp on peace. And I would suggest that that’s about where your United Nations is at.

Now also within the United Nations, and yes, let us talk about this. In the United Nations, it is a good body. Notice that I do not say excellent, or stellar. It is a good body. But the interest of nations is often, generally, manipulated by what you think of as that Security Council. So, let us put it very bluntly. In your United Nations there are a bunch of bullies. Now, is there room for all the nations to unite, as they have been around Palestine, by the way – this atrocity? Is there room for them to join and declare what is humanitarian, what is Gaian? There absolutely is.

So, is that a pathway? Yes, there are many pathways. But, dearest heart, might I suggest whether it is from a nature preserve in Port St. Lucie, Florida, or Vancouver, British Columbia, you two aren’t about to go to the United Nations. And most of the listeners are not about to go to the United Nations. So, this is the practical advice when I say, “Transmit and change the energy, beam – transmit to the United Nations. Give them strength and power and courage. In fact, let us up that courage factor to valor. Let them have the valor to truly declare what is fair, what is caring, what is loving. What is the pathway to Peace?”

And in that I also say to you – you are not about to march on Ottawa or Washington. And, even if you were, you were not about to sit in the prime minister or the president’s office. Although both of you have done that etherically. But you can beam. This channel walks through the halls of the White House on a regular basis with me.

So yes, it is possible in very subtle ways to effect great change. And call upon those in leadership positions that you know who are true to also exercise, not the power, but the authority – their Divine Authority – to speak on behalf of the people, to speak upon matters of peace and for those who have lost their voice.

SB: What you’re suggesting, of course, is very different from how we ordinarily think and act. Because what we would ordinarily do is read the newspapers. We just simply read a selection of newspapers that we thought were giving us the honest news and go out and march and appeal to the United Nations. So, you’re saying no, no, no.

You’re giving us an altogether different path, which is to come together in collective expression of desire etherically for peace born into hostilities, for an end to the United Nations that serves probably financial interests and national interests. It’s altogether different than what we normally do.

AAM: My peace strategy is not that different and it has not varied in a very long time. I’m not suggesting to you not to read the newspaper. And you all have your favorites or your news media or your online sites. But be very discerning, because what many of you are doing as an aside is saying, “This is a reliable source, this is a credible source.”

No, I’m not going to list because frankly, it would be far too many. What I am asking you to do in your discernment is look at the facts. It is a fact that over eighty percent of Yemen is in distress one way or another. It is a fact that people are being shot and slaughtered throughout the Middle East. It is a fact that various quadrants, what you think of as political groupings – whether they are tagged as terrorists or the ruler of the day – they are all usurping power.

So, you read what they are up to with great discernment. And then, you take your actions. You apply the Universal Laws. Why do you think we have given you this information? So, it is you doing absolutely everything you can because, sweet angels of light, we’re doing everything we, in our Divine Authority, in the honoring of your free will choices, can do.

SB: Lord, can we talk about, for a minute, the way the collective consciousness fits into everything you’ve just said? We are inputting to the collective consciousness if we collectively express a desire for peace. That’s correct, right?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: And if we are, what happens after that? How does that action of ours result in change or transition or transformation in the outer world?

AAM: So, in our previous conversation I have, well I haven’t suggested, I have declared, joyously declared – and that joy has not gone away. But, I am bringing it to the matter at hand. But I have declared that peace is breaking out everywhere. Now, where do you think, beloved one, or where do you feel, more importantly – peace is the breaking out in the very first instance? It is in your own life, in your own heart, in your own belief system.

Now previously speaking of the collective consciousness, there has been the old paradigm, which many are trying to resurrect and sustain. There has been a collective consciousness belief that true peace in the physical realm was not possible. That has shifted significantly. Think about it in this way. Think even in the ways people have talked, “Well, he seems at peace with the situation. Well, he is dying. He is at peace with that. He seems at peace with the world.” So, it has been an individualized situation. There’s that true sensation of peace.

Now what is transpiring is that there is a growing collective consciousness belief system that peace, not only absentia of war and devastation, but truly that peace – which means the unity consciousness in another form – is possible. So, the more you are holding this heartset, this mindset throughout your various bodies, it is affecting – and dramatically affecting – the collective consciousness. Because think of it this way. When you send out a yearning and a sensation of peace, it is conjoining with all the others who are also holding that energy and sending that energy, transmitting that energy.

That is one of the reasons why collective meditations are so important. And I would remind you that I still continue to host the Sunday night meditation for peace – but that is an aside. So, your collective consciousness is shifting dramatically.

So, let us put it in percentages. If you were to look at this say at the end of the Vietnam War, the belief in the potential for peace was about thirty percent. Then with the fiasco of 9/11, the Afghan, Iraqi, Syrian wars, that belief has diminished to about nine percent. What is happening now is that there is a rapid, rapid rise in your consciousness because you are operating from a new paradigm. So right now that has risen already to about forty-two-point nine percent. And what I would suggest to you is that somewhere between sixty and seventy percent there is the tipping point.

Well, now you say to me, “Well, Lord, is this not part of the shift and ascension?” Yes, it is. But I say that these are your actions as your ascending selves.

SB: Could I ask us to stay with the mechanism of collective consciousness for just a few more minutes? And can you help me understand how, after I have sent an idea into the collective consciousness, so to speak, how it turns into action in the outside world over in some country halfway around the world from me? Because I don’t understand that do you follow? You surely do, yes.

AAM: Yes, I do understand. And we pause for a moment. A single idea is like a tiny eyedropper of water into a very large lake. And you would say to me, “Well then, Lord, it is almost insignificant.” And what I am saying to you is that it is very significant because there is not one thought – now think of what I am saying. It is not you throughout the day saying, “I am going to put this into the collective consciousness.” Or “I’m going to put that into the collective consciousness.”

The soup, that lake of the collective consciousness, includes and contains not merely your thoughts, but your feelings, and your belief systems about how things work. So, it is enormous because it is an enormous population. But every eyedropper that you put in there literally changes the composition of that lake. Think of what acid rain has done to the lakes. It is a very similar process.

Now, you have situations and many of you are familiar with this and have witnessed this where there are enormous inventions, where an inventor or scientist in Switzerland and an inventor in America come up with exactly the same idea, or close enough, or a concept or a new invention literally in physical reality at about the same time. That is an example of what is in the collective consciousness being picked up, literally by two or more or ten individuals.

So, think of it in this way. You are dropping the idea of peace into the lake. It changes the composition of the lake and then it is picked up because you cannot divorce yourself from the unity grid. You are putting in, but at the same time you are taking out.

SB: And that’s the only way that my input into the collective consciousness has a result? That people are picking it out? Are there any other ways to the collective consciousness, influences, actions in the outside world?

AAM: But the collective consciousness continually affects the outside world. It is not, “There is the collective consciousness, and there is the outside world.” These are not separate entities. This is the collective. So, for example, the collective used to believe in lack, limitation, war, selfishness, greed. That was the paradigm. These have been eliminated not only because we have sent you energies and the Mother’s Plan is for the awakening, and that also becomes part of the collective.

Think of it as a very interactive reference system. So now that belief system has in fact been taken out of the reference library but there are still memories of it for some. And they are saying, “No, no, no – we want that back in the collective consciousness system because we like that. That allowed me to be abusive.” And that belief system, which is absorbed, your intake is your emotions, your thoughts, that translate into your actions.

Of course, it affects the outside world. They cannot be divorced from one another. That has been part of the old paradigm is that you think that there are various segments – that this is one area and then there are other areas, and that is not so. It is all one pattern. It is all one unified grid.

SB: Well, I think of how I did not understand peace until I had an experience of peace. When I had an experience of it, it was crystal clear. And I wonder if that is the same thing here. I have no sense of the collective consciousness; I have no sense of the unified grid. So, I don’t really have the sense of how my meditating for peace, except my materialistic sense that people hear about it.

I don’t bring in the collective consciousness, but people hear about it and it persuades them or whatever. But I don’t really have a sense of how my meditating for peace affects the world halfway around the globe. Do you know what I’m saying? I’m struggling with how I can best work for peace.

AAM: Then let us get even more practical. What you are doing, beloved, and yes, I am using you as an example – is you are segregating, you are fractionalizing, “This is my meditation activity, this is my mental activity, this is my emotional activity, this is my thought process.” Where do you think, and I’m asking you to think, where do you think you get your ideas from?

SB: I would have thought from memory and from your guidance and my other guides, higher self. That’s what I would think.

AAM: And, then why would there be a commonality of similarity of common themes, common experiences that are shared by many all over the world?

SB: Well, because they read what I write.

AAM: And what if they have never read what you write?

SB: I’m lost. So there, I don’t know. I don’t know what they did or whatever worked that had them arrive at those ideas. I don’t know, Lord.

AAM: Because they – I am teasing you, my friend. Because they are all, including yourself, dipping into that collective reservoir of collective consciousness.

SB: Okay, what do you mean by dipping into, though? What does that mean? How do I dip into the collective consciousness?

AAM: Well, you may dive in head first.

SB: (laughter) Run in, or jump in.

AAM: Or run in or jump in. Or you may take that eyedropper that you have used to put in an idea, to extract an idea because there are collective themes. The collective theme, think of this – the way that you as a human being, and this is true of many beings of many universes – all beings are constructed with a yearning for love. The yearning for peace. That is part of the collective consciousness.

So, it comes from your heart, it comes from your higher self, it comes from me, it comes directly from the Mother. But, it also comes from the collective feelings, thoughts, emotions, desire. It is reinforced, reinforced, reinforced, reinforced until you can’t think or even consider anything else.

SB: Okay, so…

AM: So, what I suggest is that you take the time and this will be new to many of you, is to literally, in meditation, because the quiet, reflective place is the best place to access anything. And so, you go to the quiet, reflective, meditative place and in your declaration of what you are doing in this meditation, you basically say, “Today I would like to explore the collective consciousness. This is something I haven’t really been thinking of before.” And let yourself, dearest hearts, experience it.

SB: Would you care to give us a preview of what we would experience? We wouldn’t, for instance, experience emotional overwhelm because we’d be hit by all the tragedy in the world and find ourselves flat on our backs on the floor?

AAM: We would suggest that you, in your writing of the script, what you choose to experience and I will help you in this. I will help all of you in this as will Archangel Uriel and as will Archangel Raphael. So, we will act as your guardians for this. Because if you get caught in the quagmire of what has been and what is. For example, if you find yourself in the experience of Yemen today, that will not help you doing the eyedropper of peace into the water. So, proscribe in the collective consciousness what you wish to experience. So, it can be anything.

You can say, “Today I wish to explore the collective consciousness and the ideas, belief systems and emotionality of peace – peace in the most positive, productive, forward-thinking way possible.” If you can say, “I would like to experience peace the way that my star family, my star brothers and sisters experience peace.” Now that would be something for you to experience.

SB: Really, I’m sure. Again, I just underline the fact that before we have an experience of these things it’s very hard for an everyday consciousness to imagine what it’s like. But, one experience of it and everything changes.

AAM: And there is a sensation, just before we leave this – there is a sensation and a human pattern that we are breaking today talking about this of truly cherishing yourself as unique, as beautiful, individuated souls, which you are. But, you are also part of the unified grid, the DNA, the pattern, literally of the Mother. So, there is a part of you that is resistant to literally diving into the collective consciousness because you say, “No, these are my ideas and my experiences and my perceptions.” And they are. It does not diminish you joining in the collective. In fact, expands you.

SB: Could we have an update on the progress of our gradual heart opening, Lord?

AAM: This is part of your heart opening and, yes, we would love to give an update because people from Somalia to the fjords of Norway are experiencing this heart opening. And it is good that you mention it because sometimes the arrhythmia, the sweating, the nausea – people are truly convinced that they are having a heart attack or that they have a terrible case of the flu, or they have caught a bug or they are having a tachycardia or arrhythmia. So, it is important because, in so many ways, this heart opening is also physical as is your ascension in physicality.

So, it is often these physical indicators are the precursors to them feeling. Then you think, “Oh my gosh, I must be dying because all I can feel is bliss. This must be what it feels like to go to heaven.” And there is a sense of presence of your guides and guardians and many angelic realms and the Mother and us all around you. And you feel completely flooded and, yes, in many senses overwhelmed by the love. This is happening all over the planet. Not merely in the lightworker or loveholder community. It is progressing phenomenally.

And let us say to you it is progressing far more rapidly than you think. You are actually as a collective and individually – and yes, I speak to you my beloved lovebearers – you are on the cusp. You are on the cusp of everything. Is that not interesting? And that is why we are saying, you are so capable – your unique individuated self. Because that is also what occurs in the heart opening. There is this knowing of your beautiful, magnificent self. And in the same moment there is a knowing of your connection to everything else and how beautiful, how mighty that is.

SB: What would be the effect of that on the world situation as you just described it earlier in the show?

AAM: It changes, it changes your mindset and your heartset. It changes how you act in a day-to-day reality.

SB: Yes, but you don’t want us to sit back on our laurels here and say, “I’ll just wait for the heart opening.”

AAM: There are so many ways that each of you can hurry along and activate that heart opening. And taking action that is of love and is of heart, it declares “I’m ready; bring it on.” And that is what you are doing. It is you waving a flag. And it is not a flag of surrender – it is a flag of action.

Now let us take it a step further. Many of you declare your anticipation, your excitement, your desire to create many, many projects that benefit humanity and that bring forth intangibility – Nova Earth and Nova Being. We are fully aware of that.

Now think of it this way. Think of it as we observe you. As the Mother observes you. This is your outer declaration. But, if you are not willing to meditate, to hold the vision, to think about, to transmit only love and Nova Earth and Nova Being grid and demonstration of behavior, then there would be a piece missing. Would there not?

SB: Yes.

AAM: So, it is not an either/or. All of these things are you stepping forward in the quiet reflective moments, in the spaciousness of the void, in the reality of your planet – beautiful Gaia – and in the everyday actions and saying “Peace matters. And I’m doing absolutely everything that I possibly can.” And, you can declare your uncertainty. We do not have a problem with uncertainty. We want you in certitude; we encourage you to go to certitude. But let us say, if you are uncertain “Well, I’ll meditate for peace, I’ll pray for peace, I’ll do the joint meditations and I’ll send a letter to my congressman or my representative saying, we want peace. And stop fooling around.”

When you do all of that you can be uncertain which piece works. It doesn’t matter that it is piece and peace. Is it not interesting that they are interchangeable?

SB: Well, you’ve given us our marching orders. (laughter)

AAM: And do not think, beloveds that you march alone because you march with each other and you most certainly march with us. You are entraining the collective. You are contributing to the collective consciousness of potential and possibility and actions. You see, the potential is in the collective consciousness, and the actions, as you think of it, are in the outside world. Now, chew on that statement.

SB: You said entraining not in training.

AAM: Entraining.

SB: We are entraining the collective consciousness.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: What does that mean, Lord, you are entraining? Because I’ve never thought of interacting with the collective consciousness.

AAM: Yes, and that is the invitation that we have suggested to you today.

SB: Surely, that’s the IT Department. (laughter) I’m kidding. But, how do I entrain the collective consciousness, Lord?

AAM: You are discovering the power of your mind, of your heart ,of your emotions. And, what you are saying to the collective consciousness – think of it – to seven billion people, you are saying, “Let’s go over here and experiment and see what real peace feels like.”That is what you are doing. And you have been placed, sweet one, at the head of the school of fish, the school of dolphins, the flock of geese. It matters not. You’ve been positioned. So, you are positioned to entrain. That is the position of the lightworker community.

You are saying, “Hey – how about peace? How about over here? How about trying something different?”

SB: Right, “follow me.”

AAM: Follow me and you will be amazed at how many are interested in going in this new direction because it connects, it reflects their own heart’s desires. They just didn’t know the pathway.

SB: Very interesting. Lord, I’m afraid we’ve run out of time. Is there anything you want to add?

AAM: Well I would suggest that we never run out of time. But let us join together. Let us join to end the brutality of human upon human. And, let us go forward in the true anchoring of peace. Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon