What your ascension is about is the full awakening to your purity, the acceptance that you are co-creators with Me, and from that place of tremendous strength you create…


“The Essence of Your Soul Design is Purity”

Universal Mother Mary
Saturday Conference Call
Linda Dillon                 Channel for the Council of Love


So,  let’s begin today, with this meditation on purity, first by relaxing, by letting go of your ‘to do’ list for the weekend, letting go of your ‘to do’ list for what you feel you may not have accomplished during the week…just by letting go.

So, relax your hips, your knees, your ankles, your shoulders, your jaw, and feel yourself sink into the chair, the floor, the bed, wherever you are…the car seat. Open your crown chakra and feel that beautiful crown, that golden crown with violet flames coming out of it. And in the center of that chakra, the soft spot on the baby’s head, the fontanel, feel it open like the aperture of a camera.

And let’s start by breathing white, not the dim white light and not the blinding white light, but that purity of that beautiful, tolerable white light. And we’re going to fill it with a gazillion sparkles, yes, like diamonds, radiant sparkles of gold and of purity.

And feel this as if our Mother is pouring into your crown this sparkling white light of purity. Feel it. And feel it as it comes into you, going into your pituitary, your pineal, and literally filling your cavity of your head, your brain, of your circuitry, with this sparkling white light. And as She continues to pour feel it coming down, filling your Mouth of God, between your occipitals, down into your central channel, your entire spinal cord, right down to your tail bone. And let’s not forget the front of us, filling your mouth, shining your teeth, filling your throat…make room for it…down into your clavicle, and your high heart, your heart, your Halion bridge, your rib cage, your lungs…let’s sparkly up those lungs…and take a deep breath of that sparkling white light…let’s fill those lungs. Take a deep enough breath that you feel it conjoining with your spinal column that is already filled with the purity of light.

Bring it in to the golden yellow of your solar plexus and your sweet belly button, your kidneys, your liver, your gall bladder, your pancreas. Let’s fill them up…and breathe. Fill up your entire tummy…that sweet little tummy. Fill up your intestines, your colon…this is the best kind of cleanse we could ever do. Let’s polish up our hip bones…into your sexual, reproductive, productive area, to your root. Add that sparkling white light to your cherry red and see it continuing down your red cord as you send this sparkling, beautiful white light to Gaia, through the floor and the soft dirt, the hard dirt, the rock, the gaseous layers, through the water, right to the heart of Gaia.

Now fill your legs, your thighs and your knees, every ligament, every bone, your calves, your muscles, your ankles, and your sweet feet. Paint your toes with the sparkling white light of purity. Don’t forget the soles of your feet, so as you walk on Gaia you’re sharing and declaring your choice to carry purity, this sacred sense of being. And breathe.

Now, come back up into your heart…deeper…into your beautiful tri-flame with your Pink Diamond, and our Mother’s Blue Diamond, and the Father’s Gold Diamond. And feel this mist, this sparkling white cloud settle on your tri-flame, adding the sparkling white light. And feel yourself expanding way past the sides of your chest. Keep going…and breathe. And breathe the sparkling white light of purity. And carry this with you wherever you go and thank the Mother for this beautiful gift.



Greetings, I am Mary. I am Mare’, Universal Mother. Mother of hope, Mother of change, Mother of love, Mother of you, and Mother, bringer, creator of purity. It is the essence, and yes, I wish to speak to your hearts and your minds this day about this gift that I give you so tenderly, so gently, so softly, that you realize this gift of My renewed Tsunami of Love that penetrates you, expands you, clears you, allows you to be the fullness, the wonder, and the might of who you are.

When I have said to thee that the primary gifts of My Tsunami are purity and clarity and grace, I have begun with purity. And yet for so many of you this is something you acknowledge or say, “Thanks Mom”, but you jump over it and you do so because you do not understand purity. You do not understand the operational factor of this state of being. And yet, in so many ways, it is an essential element to creating Nova Being, New You, and Nova Earth and it is part of your essential, natural self, yes, as the channel has commented.

So often you think of purity in terms of absence, and you say, “I’m going to purify, I’m going to cleanse.” This is a misunderstanding of what I am talking about; it is not about cleansing yourself of what you have judged as an addiction, whether it is an addiction to a substance, or a person, or a situation, or a circumstance. That is cleansing and yes, that is also what My Tsunami is helping and doing, even for those that are the most recalcitrant and resistant, those that are on the fence and indifferent.

We all know, above and below, in the human reality, that there is a great deal of cleansing going on, very necessary cleansing…and Gaia is participating fully. This is part of My Plan, and beloveds, your plan. But cleansing is not purity. And you say, “Yes, but Mother, I think it is a prerequisite, it is a step before purity.” That is a mental, emotional construct that you have to earn purity and that it is somehow not an essence of who you are.

When you embrace Me, you are activating purity. When I embrace you, I am activating purity. It is an infinite loop that we have been in since the beginning of My infinite, eternal ocean of time. It is not something that you need to awaken…perhaps re-embrace, or for many of you, embrace for the first time. When you embrace the fullness of your soul design, your true soul design, you are embracing purity. When we have birthed you, whether it was twenty million years ago or yesterday, that brilliant soul design was not tarnished, was not sullied, did not include impurities or imbalance. Your design is divine perfection!

Many of you have difficulty accepting that and so in the mental, emotional, egoic self, in the construction of many false illusions, false grids, false paradigms, you have overlaid your belief system with negating your essential purity. My essence is pure, hence dear child, your essence is purity. It is your DNA – spiritual and otherwise.

Now, have you been magnificent creators doing add-ons? Oh, yes! That does not change. One of the reasons that we have created a Seal of Solomon around you was so that we would maintain the essence, not only of your soul design but of your being. Now, many of you have had rips and tears in that cellophane shield and you have embraced what you have termed ‘darkness’ or ‘dark thoughts or actions’ – to which I say, “So what?” This does not change your essential self, which is brilliant and sparkling and it matters not, beloved, whether you are magenta or blue or bright red. That essential white sparkling purity is present in My design. It is not a factor, a state of being, an element that can be eliminated.

I have not dreamt of a race of beings that are impure, that are ‘less than.’ Truly in many ways, what your ascension and My Plan of ascension is about is the full awakening to your purity, your clarity, your grace, the acceptance that you are co-creators with Me, with My legions.

And that is why I speak to you this day about this essence of purity, because you don’t create the new, you don’t complete the original plan by not accepting, activating, utilizing this element of purity, this Virtue, this Blessing, but primarily a state of being in purity so that your creations, that you are on the cusp of and that you have done every single day of existence, are of the purest nature possible.

Now, in the decline of this species, have there been creations of great impurity? Yes, a terrible scenic detour. But, what has that done? It has awakened, not only collectively but in the depths of your heart and what you think of as soul, the desire, the need for the return to purity. You often will talk about the loss of innocence, the return to innocence, and very often innocence is frowned upon, when, in fact, it is the sister, the brother, the guardian of purity.

When you are creating a beautiful meal for your family, for those you love, you choose the purest ingredients, the finest ingredients. And with those ingredients, what makes the meal so special and delicious? It is not just the pure ingredients, it is with the purity of these ingredients and the love of your heart that you bring forth the spectacular that everybody wants and raves about. And then you are in a position of praise; but it is also the internal recognition that you are worthy of praise, that you are fully competent and capable of creating, in the purest sense of the word, with the essence of purity.

And it matters not, sweet one, whether you are creating a chocolate cake or a City of Light. The starting point is the embrace, not merely the recognition, but the unleashing of your purity because in that everything that is abomination, everything that is abhorrent, everything that is not of purity becomes, not only unacceptable but unwanted.

In purity there is no dissolution, there is no ‘well I guess it is necessary’. The acceptance of the abhorrence is not possible. So, while you often feel that purity is very amorphous, in fact, it translates in tremendous strength, in fueling your divine authority, your practical and esoteric and spiritual and emotional and mental beingness. And from that place you create.

In purity there is no anger, there is no ‘less than’, there is no fear. It is the acceptance of the brilliance of your soul design, of your unique journey, and all the tasks, all the delights, all the surprises, all the victories that that entails.

So, I am infusing you, bright angels, with My purity, and I am awakening your purity because you are worthy, because you are Mine, because it is time, but because I love you. So, take that love, take my love and allow the purity to blossom.


Channeled by Linda Dillon