We are overjoyed because we are already seeing the transformative effect of this further infusion into your field! Now, this is in the very air you breathe, much like the Mother’s Tsunami. It is not of a nature that interferes with your Divine Authority and your free will. The nature of Porlana C – which, in its simplest form, you may think of as our spirit life force – in fact, fortifies your free will.

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show ~ October 26, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Hello and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love, author of many books and leader of many webinars and courses, all created to assist our evolutionary process, and I’m your host, Suzanne Maresca.

We’re very excited to be welcoming our lovely friend, Galea, to the show today. Our guest serves as Communications Officer aboard the Neptune which happens to be Commander Ashira’s ship. Given that she has an entirely different perspective than we do around all that’s happening here on Gaia, Galea will be offering an update and, I imagine, some much needed encouragement.

Greetings, Linda!

Linda: Greetings, Suzi! Here we are and I’m certainly glad to be with you, and really happy to be bringing Galea back to have this conversation because there’s so much happening upon Gaia, upon the planet. On the one hand, there’s the obvious which we were just talking about – the breaking down of the chaos and the illusions – and then there’s also this energetic upgrade/upliftment/higher attunement that we’re all feeling.

So it’s like as you put it, Suzi – we’re at the starting gate and everything’s wide open!

Suzi: Yes! And it’s incredibly important what we pay attention to – what we choose to pay attention to – because we have any number of things that we can do so. And as we were saying before the show, over time our negative thoughts can become a habitual thing to the point that it becomes an entity unto itself, which is a really interesting idea.

So that just puts forth that we are these amazing creator beings. So, if we do the same sort of thing over time in a positive way, that will also create an entity. What an idea, huh?

Linda: I don’t think most people, myself included by the way – and I think of myself as a pretty powerful creator – but I don’t think we fully acknowledge or realise the power we actually have as creators and co-creators for Nova Earth.

We’ve seen how, if we can call it ‘the lesser or the lower or even the negative vibrations’, have taken form and gained their own independence, as it were, in form both etherically /spiritually/mentally/emotionally/physically over time – so much so that they appear to be insurmountable, tangible realities. But those are things that we as the human race have created.

As I mentioned, we are doing the Core Issues class at the moment and really for the first time I’m actually seeing this energy of Core Issues, which is of course being brought forward by the process, as independent entities.

And as I said to you, what I’m looking at in terms of the shame/blame/guilt/fault/lack/limitation – the list is endless – is that those energies in and of themselves are really exhausted and don’t look to me like robust, fulfilling, joyous, filled energies. They look like scraps of burnt paper that are simply floating up in the currents of air saying, “Oh, thank God we can go home!”

Suzi: Yes, such an interesting idea.

Linda: And we tend to demonise a lot of things. So we think of this as becoming an independent entity and then say, “I’ve been attacked’ or “there’s a demon after me”. But so often these demons are things that we, in our incredible power as human beings, have created.

Suzi: Yes. So in order to have wholeness, would that mean an integration and acceptance of that creation, a transmutation of that creation back into our own magnificent light?

Linda: A transmutation or an elimination, or using the Universal Law of Change to just bring it back to wholeness. And if you don’t feel capable or strong enough – because we all know what it feels like when “I’m on the ground screaming for help, so don’t tell me to start working with the energy!” – you can just invoke it and send it back to the light. Give it to Michael, give it to the Mother, give it to your Guardian Angel – but give it away!

Suzi: Oof, yeah, what an interesting discussion.

Linda: It is really interesting. I’m wondering if Galea – so I’m putting in my request which is a very schizophrenic thing to do, right! [laughter] – but it would be interesting to hear again how our Star family deals with what we would call that ‘negative’ energy, because I know that they have reached the point of evolution or beingness that that’s not part of their community, not part of their consciousness.

But, for example, when we as a powerful creator race are sending up these vibes, how is that dealt with? What do they do with it because it doesn’t penetrate them? There’s an observation factor, just like with the masters and the archangels; they see it, they certainly can identify it, but it doesn’t penetrate them. So maybe there’s some deeper insight here to be had.

Suzi: Yes. Like we can be the masters that they are and observe, we could observe ourselves even.

Linda: Absolutely. You know, the Council years ago used to call us “M&M’s”, which I thought was the cutest name, but what they said was that it was an abbreviation for “Masters in the Making”. Then about two years ago they absolutely dropped that term, saying, “Okay, you’re there, you’re here, we’re here, and now we’re in this partnership of sacred union partnership of co-creation.”

It’s almost as if we’ve started that process, but now the invitation is: “Let’s really go!” We’ve been in training, we’ve been bringing stuff forward, we’ve been holding the space, we’ve each been doing what our mission and purpose is – and it’s unique and different for each one of us – but now it’s like: “Let’s really go!”

Suzi: Yeah. And “Let’s really go!” involves a deep level of trust and faith, because if you are all caught up in the “what if’s” and the wonderings of whatever issues, you really can’t go that deep.

Linda: You can’t go that deep! We had a really interesting discussion on the Council of Love Conference Call (which we have on the first and third Saturday of the month) – and I guess that is a plug! But more importantly was that Gabrielle came forth and was talking to us about the difference between “resignation” and “surrender” and how those two often get confused. I think when we’re in resignation, we’re feeling that overwhelm and “the world’s a mess and it’s all BS and I can’t do anything about it”.

Suzi: It’s a constricted state…

Linda: And that’s not a creative state! So it will be interesting to see what they have to share today.

[Meditation from 10:45 to 19:30]


Galea of Neptune: Greetings, I AM Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you, bright angel, and all of you who are bright angels and starseeds and earthkeepers. We welcome you all! And yes, yet again we broadcast this energy, this gift, this union and reunion far and wide – yes, of course, to every single Gaian heart, to every single Gaian being and far beyond.

When we listen to these exchanges, what happens – and what you are also fully capable of – is not only to hear my voice, to receive the information, love and energy that we share, but we also listen to the input, to the response, to the reactions, to the conjoining of this conversation with all whom it reaches – yes, upon Gaia and far beyond.

You know, there are times when we will have conversations – yes, certainly within one ship, but even between ships or various ‘clusters’ of us, shall I put it that way, where we say, “Well, did you see that reaction? And how do you think that went? And what was the response? And what can we adjust?”

Because, of course, when we are having these conversations, it is a meeting of our frequencies. So to us – and I know to you – that coming together on the same frequency, on the same vibratory rate, and the adjustments that have need – are desirable – to take place are very important to us.

So not only does that take place during our conversation, there is always continued conversation amongst us about: “How do you think that goes? How do you think that went?” as the energy continues to penetrate you – and as the channel has asked, that it does penetrate us.

We have spoken to you previously about language and how we will use different forms of language – and that is not simply oral or verbal communication; that is various methodologies of adjusting to frequency. So, in terms of, for example, when we witness what you might term a negative energy or a negative frequency/action/vibratory situation upon your planet and it is either sent to us or shared with us, we do not take it within ourselves, not individually or collectively.

And this is what has happened in previous times upon the planet that that energy of ‘lesser than’ has been incorporated into the belief systems and the structures of your planet – and then even acted upon as if it had some realm of solidity, which of course it does not.

When we observe or see floating towards us a negative energy, again either specifically or generally, what we do is simply send it the energy of transmutation. And that is why we have infused today’s meditation with a great deal of Uriel’s Clarity of the silver and the grayelsha. We infuse it with that and so it is transmuted.

Our use and our application, our incorporation of the divine energies – yes, of what you would think of as the Flames, for example, or of Universal Law – it is second nature. It is not that we have to have individually a meeting with our selves and our Higher Selves or our Universal Self, or that we have to go to a conference room and discuss how to deal with this. It is second nature.

So when we see something that is of a vibratory nature that we don’t welcome or need or does not add to our beingness, our joy factor, our purity, our peacefulness, it is immediately transmuted. And it is transmuted not only for us, but if we can say, for everyone who is participating who might be a recipient of that energy.

Now, it would be a severe understatement to say that, given that task alone, all of us in the many fleets are working overtime. And successfully – because that is a measure that you tend to look to – successfully transmuting much of the chaos and the morass of hatred/abuse/control that has permeated the behaviour patterns of Gaia and human beings for a very long time.

Now, we do not come like thieves in the night to steal what you are clinging to. This is important for each of you, beloveds, to understand. We do not come and take from you that which you have not, by act of free will – yes, and some determination and courage and valour and fortitude and laughter and glee – that you have not decided to give up, because that would be an interference and against the Mother’s Plan. For none of us interfere with your sacred divine will because it is that sacred, free divine will that is the embodiment, that is the trigger of the shift, the ascension upon your planet.

So we cannot and will not interfere with that. But we do transmute and transcend, by the way, everything else that you so freely are relinquishing, each of you in a very unique positive way. So the more that you are relinquishing, yes, the busier we are becoming. We are happy to do this!

Now in that, I also come this day because of the nature of the increase in your frequency, the frequency of Gaia, of the capacity of each of you to hold more light quotient. We suggest, and we tell you actually, that we have significantly increased the flow to each and every one of you – not simply your outer bodies but your inner body, your physical body, your cells, your bones, your structures, your psyche – of the Porlana C. This has been magnified about a thousandfold and that has begun earlier, what you would think of as over your weekend.

So we are overjoyed because we are already seeing the transformative effect of this further infusion into your field!

Now, this is in the very air you breathe, much like the Mother’s Tsunami. It is not of a nature that interferes with your Divine Authority and your free will. The nature of Porlana C – which, in its simplest form, you may think of as our spirit life force – in fact, fortifies your free will.

Now, why has the Mother granted and, in fact, guided us to increase this frequency? And why, on Heaven and on Earth and throughout the multitude of galaxies, is this desirable to reinforce free will, which in hindsight, shall we say, has gotten you into so much trouble?

Because your free-will essence and self, in the simplest explanation, your deepest truest desire is to align with divine will – not just to align with us because we are only part of that chain. And yes, in what we think of as our egoic moments, individually and collectively, we like to think that we are an important part of the chain because we love you and we love being part of that chain.

But the alignment of your free will with divine will – and the free choice in every breath you are taking to choose love, to choose peace, to choose joy, to choose transformation and co-creation – is essential.

Some of you – and now I address what I think of as my soul family upon Gaia: the lightworker/loveholder community – there are times in the purity of your being, in the sweetness of your core, which we love, you have attempted to exempt yourself from free will – and for all the right reasons. So do not take this as a critique; it is far from that.

But you have witnessed the melee that free will has chosen and created, yes, as you have both talked about earlier, as the construct that has assumed the form of either an institution or an entity – but solidity, form. You think, “Well, lightworkers do not wish to contribute to that chaos form,” and so you have said, “I will only do what the Mother wants and that is my choice.” And that is the greater alignment of your free will with divine will.

But in that, sometimes you are not exercising – and it is like a muscle; it must be exercised or it will become flaccid and non-functional – you do not exercise your innate power of free will because you don’t want to contribute to the lower vibratory choices that have been made over time, over many thousands of years by the human collective.

But beloveds, we wish to reinforce you and that is why the intensification of the Porlana C, of your power to truly choose differently. Now you have already to some extent done that in choosing the light path, in choosing the love path, but we are wishing to fortify that. And in the choices with every breath that you are taking to choose a different reality, a different planet, co-creating it with all of us – and I include the entire Company of Heaven in this – choosing to create a different reality in which to occupy.

So it is not participating in the old and it most certainly is not condemning the old. But it is putting your free-will choices on that which truly serves not only some etheric, amorphous Divine Plan, but the Divine Plan, the Mother’s Plan, your plan, in tangible form, in tangible reality.

And you say, “Well, what about the existing mess?” You stay the observer and your participant-observer, your participation, is sending your free-will choice to send the brightest light and the Divine Qualities into that situation while not feeding it, while not giving it any other energy in any way, shape, choice or form. So you are not feeding it.

When you beam the love into a situation shall we say like Mosul, shall we say like American government, shall we say like the terrorism that is so rampant in Africa or the poverty of Venezuela – when you beam into that, you are really using, as second nature, the love transmutation, the love change, the love balance of give and receive, above and below, within and without. You are utilising Universal Law to transform but not to fortify.

So think of it as your personal laser gun, your spiritual light laser gun – that you are dissolving what has not been of truth, what has not been of love. And as those particles are dissolving the illusion, those who are caught in the illusion can see you more clearly.

And that is why you say, “Come over here! Make the choice to come over here and join us. I will extend my hand and my heart and my energy. No, I will not override your free-will choices, but come over here! You are already seeing through the illusion and you don’t need to try and reconstruct that illusion. Come over here. It is a far happier place to be.”

That is why we are amplifying your free will.

Now I know I have gone on, dearest Suzi. Where do you wish to begin?

S: Oh well, it’s all right. It’s always wonderful to hear you speak and say things that we need to hear. Really what you’re saying is what we pay attention to is what grows larger and more noticeable in our lives.

So it’s very interesting the idea that with all this chaos happening – fires and storms and shootings and other horrible things – we know what’s going on and can send our transmuting love and Universal Law invocations to those situations – and just not pay attention to it. Just pay attention to love and light and the wonderment and beauty that comes out of crisis and people helping each other. This is the message?

G: That is correct. Think of it in this way. Because in many of the places currently upon the planet, it is autumn – a beautiful time of year – and there is a richness, particularly where you choose to live at the moment, dearest Suzanne. There’s a richness in the earth, in the colour of the leaves and the trees.

But think of it in this way. Many of the fields that have been so luxurious and bountiful during the summer months have been furrowed and ploughed under. If you go to your garden after the first or second or third frost, you will see that the plants are beginning to wither and that it is a process – and it is a process of what you think of as the cycles of life.

Now the plant is not screaming at you saying, “But I want to live.” And yes, let us introduce this concept and then we will continue: Do not ever assume that all the kingdoms, including the plant kingdom, do not have free will. That is incorrect and that will be a topic for another discussion. But let us continue.

The plant is not screaming, “I want to live.” There is a choice and a recognition that this is a cycle of life. You do not yell and scream at the plant and say, “Give me more, another twig, or a piece of lettuce, or another Brussels sprout!” You give thanks! That is why you have this occasion called Thanksgiving. You give thanks and you assist and you prepare the garden for winter so that the next season it will regenerate.

So it is the same in this cycle which is the end of a very, very long cycle of human existence. You are at the end of the cycle where you are seeing what you think of as the morass of chaos dying. It is withering on the vine. And that is why so many of you are looking at it and saying, “How can it still be alive?” But it is withering on the vine and it is coming to conclusion.

When you give that your free-will creation choice of: “We will help you, we will prepare the soil; if necessary, we will save the seeds” – not the seeds of destruction, but the seeds of beautiful flowers and vegetables for the next season – that is what you are doing when you are beaming and making the choice to beam into what we have called the chaos, the melee.

You are not attempting – be very clear on this, beloved ones – do not attempt to fix it. This is a human obsession and you do it individually, you do it with interpersonal relationships, with the bigger picture. You think: “Oh, we are going to fix this.” Sometimes the biggest fix comes from allowing the cycle to come to completion, from allowing that plant to die so that it may live again in the bright beauty of the springtime.

So your choice is: “We are helping you along, we are sending you the light and the love – not to strengthen you; yes, to strengthen your free choice to come over to our side, as it were, to the light and see how wonderful it is.” But also the recognition that some of that denser energy may need a cycle of rest.

So, for example, when you put a child down because they are throwing a tantrum and you finally get them to sleep, you don’t five minutes later go and wake them up. That is foolhardy. So you are sending the love, but it is the soft, gentle laser beam of dissolution but not of restoration.

Is that clear?

S: Yes. Yes, it is. I’ve been wondering – you mentioned of course that your spirit and life force is in Porlana C and that it has been very accelerated and amplified over the last week or so. Does it have anything to do with the sun activity? Are they in conjunction?

G: They are in tandem, yes.

S: Okay. Lots of things happening here!

G: There is so much that is taking place geophysically and physically upon your planet. Gaia is extraordinarily busy! We are very busy, the masters are very busy, the archangelic and the seraphim and everything in between is very busy. So some of it you can… especially with your expanded consciousness and awareness which you already have – you are accessing it and you are saying, “Oh, okay, that’s what that means. That’s what’s really going on.”

You have said repeatedly, both on and off air, sweet one: “Pay attention!” because there is so much information in the air around you.

S: Absolutely! I found it very interesting when you talked about others listening to the shows – others as in off-planet – and it makes me wonder about the vibration that a voice carries and how far that goes?

G: Often, in every tradition… and you have so many delightful traditions upon the planet; there is such richness upon this beautiful planet. That is why we have patiently been in attendance for so long – not because, in your understanding, we need you to survive or we need you for the completion of our mission. Is part of our mission assisting you? Yes. But there is such a richness, even in observing and working with you for thousands of years in many unseen ways. We have stuck with it because it is so beautiful.

Now think of this. You say to us and you constantly say to the Mother, “How can and how does my purest vibration of my soul, of my Universal Self, express?” Well, sweet angels of light, one of the ways in which it expresses is in the sound of your voice.

So often we have said, and the Council of Love has said, that “inside the sound is the light and inside the light is the sound.” It is the beginning, and if you can even think that there is ever an end point – because there isn’t, but think of it in practicality – the beginning and the end point is the light and the sound.

So when the vibration, the frequency of our voices, including yours, goes out, the impact is literally felt throughout the multiverse.

S: I love that because we’re really wondering how we can best help with this shift. We want to be helpful with the show.

G: Yes. And you are being enormously helpful!

S: Well, that’s so good to know.

G: And think of this, beloved community. When you chant, when you sing your soul song, when you hum, when you laugh, when you speak the words of love, that is your essence, that is your light, not just travelling to the next room or to the front door – it is travelling out throughout the multiverse.

You are coming to have a greater understanding of the frequency of what we think of as waves – both sound waves, light waves, etc. So when you speak the words of love, that expresses, that is your laser beam, and it is beautiful.

Now, we are not telling you to never speak what you think of as your cries for help. We are not saying, “Keep your mouth shut,” because also when you express the sounds of disappointment, disillusionment, despair, anguish, grief, pain, that comes out. Now, do we absorb it, as have begun this conversation? No. We do not absorb it, but we instantaneously transmute it. So you have given us that gift of helping you heal.

So, by all means, let out the anguish. But – and yes, even we have “but’s” – and you have, as the loveholder community, the understanding of the power of words and spoken words. You say to each other, “Be careful with your words – as careful with your words as you are with your thoughts.”

So when you say to someone, “They’re an idiot,” that goes out, that disrespect, that disapproval; that doesn’t go out as a clarion light. Think of it. It goes out as a jangled, erratic, horrid message. You have all seen Emoto’s work on the vibratory power of sounds and emotions. So when you say things that are derogatory, that energy in your voice is carried.

So shift some of your patterning – by free choice and free will – in terms of how you are describing current situations. So when you look at a situation of chaos, it does not harm to identify it as a situation of chaos, but keep out the shame/blame/fault/anger/fear. Send it the light.

So you are discerning: “Yes, this seems like a very apparent chaotic situation and in that, I am not giving you my hatred, my anger, my desire to control your situation. I am giving you the brilliance of my clarion call. I am imitating Archangel Gabrielle!”

S: [Laughter] You mentioned the energy of transmutation before, saying, “Infuse it with the grayelsha”. Would you say more about that please?

G: Grayelsha – your chakra and the essential energy of grayelsha – is one of what you can think of as universal communication. Of course, it is associated with the blue of communication as well, but it is universal communication. And this is an energy that brings about clarity, truth, illumination in tangible form.

So when you bring and marry the grayelsha to your words, to every form of communication, what you are doing is you are implementing Saedor [language of love].

S: Fabulous!

G: It is!

S: Okay, so we’re kind of at the end here but I just would like to say, since this is going out into the everywhere: “On behalf of myself and our listeners and all of humanity, I am in such gratitude for all that you’ve done on our behalf and that you continue to do. Thank you so much.”

G: Now that is music to our ears, to all of our collective ears, from the smallest ship to the biggest fleet! We hear you and we respond by saying, “Thank you for listening. Thank you for hearing us. Thank you for giving us a platform in which to vibrate throughout your planet.”

S: Hurrah!

G: We love you, sweet one. We love all of you! Farewell.

S: Lovely! Farewell.