Love was the original thought, the original form, the first expansion.  Love is the frequency and vibration upon which everything else is built. Channeled by Mary Carbaugh.

Greetings, my beloved ones.  This is the Mother. And it is this form that I decide upon, or you decide upon, or we decide upon—because it is becoming more and more difficult for you to distinguish from the whole as your understanding expands, as your realization expands, and you understand that we are one.  It becomes harder to individuate the aspects, to separate yourself out when you feel in this way to the energy of Source. But it does not matter how you look at it, whether you see us as one, or whether you choose to distinguish among the aspects and the personalities of Mother/Father/One/Source because there is only one thing in this universe and that is love.

Dear ones, please remember, that while we value and appreciate all that you do and all this work that you are doing, we beg of thee, please remember that there is nothing that you need to do except be. Take a deep breath. Do you realize what is in that breath?  Everything is in that breath.  It is whole, perfect, and complete.  You have been given free will to create, and you have done a magnificent job with creation.  You have created so much that you have entangled yourself in your creation.  Dear ones, you can untangle.  When you feel that you are tied up in knots, the way that you get out of it, is to let go.  You are holding so tightly; you are trying so hard; you are doing so much.  But it is not necessary.  It is not that we do not appreciate your efforts.  We see your striving. We know that your intentions are pure and good, but you are making it harder than it needs to be.  The only thing you need to do is be.  And in the being, lies the perfection. Relax. You will accomplish more simply by standing still and breathing than any running, doing, thinking, or projecting could ever accomplish.

Whenever you find the mind creating a story, no matter what that story is, simply recognize it as that. It is a story that you have created and you can release it and let it go.  Move into the heart at any time when you feel any discomfort or disease, whenever you feel overwhelmed or caught up.  In that very moment, stop, and take a breath.  The entire universe—all of us—are in that breath.  Everything is within you.  Everything is you.  When you truly realize this, everything else will drop away–all the core issues, all the darkness you feel you need to battle, will simply cease to be; it will no longer be part of you because you will understand what you are.

This universe was created from love and is love.  It was the original thought, the original form, the first expansion.  It is the frequency and vibration upon which everything else is built. And as that frequency and vibration and geometry expanded, everything else was created from that, including you, sweet ones, and everything has free will to create more and more. And so, know that you created all of it, we created all of it, for we are one.  The darkness and the light, the sorrow and the joy, every single story, every single thing.  And everything is part of us. Everything that is outside of you is within you, and that is a powerful thing because if everything is you, you can decide to let it drop away and to let it go, returning home to love.

That return home to love is available to you at any time, at any moment, and you can stay in that love, that space, for as long as you want to. And know that if you do not stay there, it is because you decide not to.  You are the creator.  You are the creator of your world and everything in it.  Know this and embrace it because you have the power to create whatever you want.

So, if you do not like what you see, begin by taking that breath, stepping back.  Return to the stillness, return to the void, return to love.  And stay there until you can balance your frequencies and decide consciously what you want to create.

It is time to do this.  This is what this moment is about. This moment of ascension is about moving into your expansion and awareness and understanding that you are the master creators. You are love.  So, dear ones, please, relax, breath, and simply be.

To say that I am with you is redundant, for we are one.  Know this. And feel this.  When you step into your heart, there is no question.  The separation disappears.


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