You are so busy transmuting all of this darkness and terror, let it go and have some fun! Channeled by Mary Carbaugh


Greetings, beloveds!  This is St. Germaine. I have come to lighten things up a bit, to let you know you are taking things a little too seriously. It is time to relax and enjoy.


The Mother has spoken to you of how you are creators.  What do you wish to create? What do you wish to manifest?  You are so busy transmuting all of this darkness and terror, let it go and have some fun!


As I have told you before, you can transmute with laughter and joy!  That vibration carries far greater energy than you could ever imagine.  If you simply spent your time having fun and laughing, the whole world would change around you. Dance in the sun.  Sing a song.  Laugh.  Joke.  Do not take yourselves so seriously.  You are on this planet, you have this incarnation in order to be creators, in order to have fun and be playful.


The Mother has told this as well, many times over. And yet you still create these stories that make life difficult. And I tell you now, it does not need to be this way. It is not that there is not important work to do, but that the work is hard is a story you have created. And you can let that story go.


Sweet ones, I tell you this again, bring joy and laughter in. Beloved Gabrielle has told you this as well and this message comes back over and over again to you because we are trying to assist you, aid you, and guide you into letting go.


These core issues—these are just moments you are holding on to.  When you stub your toe, do you continue to think about it for weeks on end?   You move on.  Let things go.  Relax and enjoy.  Everything is unfolding.


When you can stay in the love and stay in the joy, the rest will happen automatically.  So, raise your glasses and kick up your heels because it is time to have some fun!


We love you and you work so hard, but we don’t like to see you in such drudgery when you don’t have to.  Let it go.  Let go of your stories.  Simply be the joy and be the love.


Farewell.  I love you.  Be the alchemists that you are!


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