How does that aggression, that rage, that anger, that belief that one is entitled to aggrieve another, how does that shift to self-awareness both in the individual and falling out of that to the collective? Beloveds, if you have genuinely fully erased, eradicated these traits, this aggression, then what I am asking of you is monumental so I do not say this in a casual way: “I am asking you to send the love to embrace and heal that aggression in the collective.”

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 8:00 to 15:20]

El Morya ~ Healing Aggression in the Collective

Greetings, I am El Morya.

Suzi: Welcome.

El Morya: And welcome to each of you, my brothers, my sisters, my allies, my students. And yes, I come as teacher, as initiator, as guardian, as activator because you are the Agents of Change.

And the changing of the energy, the atmosphere, the behaviour, the level of awareness – yes, both within you but upon this planet – is very critical at this time, for you are at that tipping point and, might I say, you are actively in the tipping point. So it is not that you are approaching it. It is not that you are on the very edge of it. You are in the middle of it and, of course, that is also why you are experiencing externally such chaos.

Now, it is important, my beloved friends, not to internalise, not to materialise in yourself or in your life or in your environment any of this certainly misplaced, chaotic behaviour. And that is why I have asked to come and speak with thee this day. I am not asking you, nor even in the slightest way – nor is St. Germaine or Kuthumi – suggesting that you retreat with us to the mountains of Tibet. Your place is exactly where you are!

But that does not mean that we have retreated to Tibet, or that we are in isolation from your experience. In every sense of the word, I operate with each and every one of you – and I operate on behalf, yes, of the Great White Brotherhood, of the Council of Love – to assist in this shifting of human expression and behaviour, and to bring greater awareness not only to your understanding but to your embodiment of your spiritual awakening.

Let me preface what I say. This is the time of the unfoldment and activation – full activation – of our beloved Divine Mother’s Plan. And in form, energetically and literally, it has also been the time of the anchoring and the blossoming of the Divine Feminine energy, embodied and resurrected upon this beautiful planet, Gi’Anna.

The element of the Divine Feminine has been repressed and suppressed for a very, very long time, and you are experiencing this in your own being, in your own heart, in your own lives. And by the way, you are doing a spectacular job incorporating all the blues! This has been evidenced also by your acceptance and your embrace of all the waves of our Mother’s Tsunami of Love.

So this is well underway. And in your being, you are feeling the love and the nurturing and the creative juices of how this feels, looks, and experiences within your sacred self and in your daily actions, your moment-to-moment existence upon this planet. And that is not only desirable and good but necessary for the rebalancing.

But I also want to speak to you about the Divine Masculine as well because there is this belief system, can I say, that is born of incomplete and misunderstood energy of Divine Masculine because what you have experienced heretofore upon the planet, with all this aggression, is not the Divine Father Masculine/brother/grandfather energy. It is an aberration that has been constructed of ego and false grids and false paradigms, which we have talked at great length to you about.

But it would be completely false and incorrect to say that what has existed for thousands and thousands of years upon this planet is a reflection of the Divine Masculine. It is not. The true energy of the Divine Masculine, of the wisdom and the action and the ability to insert creative inspiration and thought, has been very absent.

Yes, like our beloved Suzanne has said, the flashes of inspiration and knowing from the Mother/Father/One and your sacred self – this Divine Trinity of you/Mother/Father – have certainly occurred. But the constructs, the formulation, the structure of your society’s religions/politics/institutions have not been reflective of that infinite balance, that ebb and flow, that infinite infinity sign of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. It is not there.

Additionally, because of this aggression that has reached new heights all over the planet, there is a great tendency to shy away not only from what you know are the aberrant behaviours and belief systems of the masculine but from your Divine Masculine.

Now has this – and is this, because it is fluid at the moment, but I don’t want you to miss a key ingredient for baking your sacred self! – has there been greater attention to the full anchoring of the Divine Feminine within thee? Yes. And that has been a very important part of this process – but so is the anchoring of the balanced, measured Divine Masculine.

When you declare your Divine Authority, or your alignment with the heart, mind and will of One, it is the balance and the full integration – not separation – but the fluidity, the ebb and flow, as not only necessary but as desirable in every particle of your being. Whether it is a cell, a dance, an action, or the building of a City of Light, this balance is necessary.

Now, my speciality [chuckling], if you would call it that on your planet – which I love! – is to assist beings to move from aggression, from truly a denial of their genuine self, into the fullness of awareness of who you really are. And in that is the acceptance – the next step is the acceptance of your spiritual, full-body, in-form spiritual awakening. And you are in that process right now. It is not some distant goal mark. It is what you are doing right now.

How – and this is why I address you as well – how does that aggression, that rage, that anger, that belief that one is entitled to aggrieve another, how does that shift to self-awareness, both in the individual and falling out of that to the collective?

Many of you, yes, you have most certainly done your work – and I’m not trying in any way to diminish what you have done – but that process of moving from what we call “aggression” to self-awareness is the love and embrace and the making of peace with that energy. Attempting to ignore it, succumb to it, suppress it, or repress it will never work.

You say to me, “But Lord, I have worked with my anger and my fear and I have let that go.” Well, beloved ones, I would suggest, for many of you, that is not quite true, that there has certainly been a repression because it is so ugly – it is so not who you are – that you have said, “No, I will not look at this. I will certainly go over to the Light side. I will go over to the Divine Mother’s side and I will ignore that historical, well-entrenched aggression, and I will ignore that part of me.”

So, for some of you, for many of you and for most of the human race, there is still that need to embrace – not to activate; that is not what I am suggesting; you don’t want to bring it into full force – but there needs to be an acknowledgement and embrace and, yes, that infamous word “healing” of these old traits of humanity.

And beloveds, if you have genuinely fully erased, eradicated these traits, this aggression, then what I am asking of you is monumental, so I do not say this in a casual way: “I am asking you to send the love to embrace and to heal that aggression in the collective.”

And you say, “Lord, I do not even want to look at it. This is something that I don’t want to do. I do not want to bring my attention to this terrible situation.” But when you love it, what you do is you sap it. It is like pinpricking a balloon or poking a hole in a plastic container of water, a jug of water. It simply trickles out and is returned either to Gaia – and she is a master transmuter, as you know – or to the air, the Light, the Mother, or to me.

Part of your self-awareness, part of your journey as master transmuters/transformers – beings of such might and power in the balance of the Masculine/Feminine Divine – is that you are capable of doing this.

Those who are in the throes of that negative aggression, that is where they are. They may have moments of insight, sadness, or feeling that they wish to make retribution, but, by and large, they are in the throes of their illusion. So it is not sufficient to simply say that we will simply let them be part of the separation. When we speak to you about inviting and asking humanity to join you on the loveholders/lovebeamers/lightholders’ pathway, you are being inclusive.

Now you are not saying, “Oh, and by the way, come over to this side and walk with us, walk with Yeshua, walk with all of us and bring your aggression, bring your disdain, bring your ugly, false illusions with you, this pack of lies that you’ve been telling for thousands of years.” That’s not what you’re saying.

You are saying, “Set down that burden. It is only weighing you down and putting blinkers and blinders over your heart and your eyes. Come over here with us.” And they are saying back to you, and so I speak on behalf of the aggressors, they are saying to you, “I would love to; I am so tired; I am so frustrated; I am haunted in the darkness of the night and I don’t know how to break free. How do I do it?”

And so you are showing them that it is done by the Love of the Mother that you carry, and the Will of the Father that you carry, and the Love of the Father that you carry, and the Will of the Mother to birth this new planet. It has been called the “Dream of the Mother” but it is truly the conjoined, not just dream but actual fulfilment of the Mother/Father/You.

You say, “I do not know if I have the strength or the will to venture there,” and I am suggesting that you do.

Now I know that these are strong words. So where do you wish to begin, dear Suzi?

Suzi: Okay, so there are lots of things that I would like to ask about. One, really quickly: Gi’Anna? Would you please discuss the name for Gaia that we’re unfamiliar with?

El Morya: It is simply her archangelic name: Gi’Anna. But just as you have a human name, she has many names! Many of you have simply called her Earth, Mother Earth. Is that not beautiful? And Gaia and Gia and Gi’Anna – she will answer no matter what you call her!

Suzi: Yes, that’s beautiful. So those in aggression are in the throes of their illusion and we’re at the time of the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan. So, clearly, we’re not going to be waiting lots more years for people to be snapping out of it, shaking it off, whatever. Is there anything that you can speak to about how this looks, or do we just have to wait and see because it is a very big mystery how that’s going to happen?

El Morya: How it is happening is the awakening of purpose. It is not just a matter of shaking off what we are terming “aggression” for purposes of this discussion because that is abuse, that is control, it is pride, it is lust, it is many things. So we put it in one basket, do we not?

But you see, it is not just a matter of shaking that off because what would happen as people would shake it off, as you have put it – and there has to be a willingness to shake it off, and I will return to that point – but if they were to shake it off and there is nothing to replace it, then what they do, and what you have seen repeatedly in this and many lifetimes, is they revert to what they know, they revert to what is familiar, they revert to what they think has been working.

So before they are shaking it off or as they are shaking it off, what you are also doing is filling them and replacing them with that self-awareness, that awakening energy, so that there is something to replace what we have termed the “aggression basket”.

Now, before that, before the shaking off occurs, what there is – and I am happy to say it is mostly in place – is the will, individually and collectively. That is also why I am emphasising how it is so important to also, very up close and personal, embrace your masculine self, your Divine Masculine self, because that is truly an energy of will – that strong assumption of Divine Authority that needs to be present.

So right now, what you are seeing is a growth of will, individually and collectively. And sometimes individually – and collectively, but let us look at the individual – you say, “I can’t wait. I am impatient to see how this is shaking out,” which is a good thing because it is an activation of will and, of course, will translate into productive, loving action.

Where the collective is at – and they are not stuck in the cement as they were years ago, let me be clear about that – but where they are at is there is an awakening of the will, but not the full awakening of: “I want to translate this from “things have to change” to “this is the change I want.” Do you understand how I am making the separation?

Suzi: Well, it’s a creative process, right?

El Morya: Yes, it is. But you are helping that awakening collective to move from “I know I want change” to “this is the change I want”.

Suzi: Right, so you have something to replace the old with.

El Morya: Exactly. We are not talking years.

Suzi: Well, thank God!

El Morya: The time is now! But it includes the full activation into the action of this lightworker community. And when I term this – as you know, I have travelled in the West, I have travelled in the East – it is a coming together of awareness not defined by religion or secular pathways but by the energy of love.

Suzi: So you’re saying collective will is ready?

El Morya: Yes.

Suzi: That is fabulous. Clearly, there are some that are not on board, and we just are going to be in trust mode and know that the Mother has it all under control.

El Morya: Most of them are in this back-and-forth mode, and what is happening with the tipping point is that they are losing. Think of it as coming sliding downhill or sliding down a seesaw. When it is balanced and they can jiggle up and down, they can go: “I want change, I’m sticking with what I’ve got. I want change, I’m sticking with what I’ve got. I’m sticking with the aggression because that’s the game of Earth.” And they truly believe that.

Now what is happening is the seesaw is turning into a slide, so they are sliding down and they are having greater and greater difficulty trying to get back to that place of: “I want to keep the status quo because that is what is familiar.” But they don’t know, so they’re saying, “We do need change. I think I want change. I’m not sure but I think change is the way to go.” But they’re not clear on what that change is.

So you are at the other end of the seesaw, catching them and showing them and beaming to them the whole time, demonstrating what the change is and what it looks like. And at the same time, you are saying, “And if there is any remnant of that anger/fear/abuse/control within me, let it be gone as well. Let it slide down my personal slide!”

Suzi: Right, right, right. So lightworkers, step it up! That’s the deal, right? [Laughing]

El Morya: That’s the deal!

Suzi: You spoke about “next is the acceptance of your spiritual body in full form”. Would you say more about that because that’s very exciting?

El Morya: It is the acceptance. It is the embrace. You have grown in your understanding that this “ascension” – what you have termed ascension, what Mi-ka-el terms ascension, what the Mother and Yeshua and all my cohorts term ascension – I would call “full spiritual awareness”.

It is the fullness of who you are. And it is the expansion. I have talked about letting the air out of the balloon, but the growth of spiritual awareness is the input of the air into the balloon – not to the point [that it bursts]… and that is why I say that we don’t bring it on in a moment of full force so the balloon explodes.

Suzi: Hmm, okay, I get it.

El Morya: So it is that expansion, expansion, expansion in the balloon, which is your body and all your fields, into the full awareness of your creator self.

You know, I have walked this planet – well, for a very long time! – and I have anchored this process of spiritual awakening, of translating aggression into the embrace of love, of spiritual knowingness in body, in form, in community. That is why, so often, I have positioned myself either as king, as chela, or as Raj – I bring that so that there is evidence in form not only in body but in the community.

And that is what you, my beloved friends, my sacred students, are doing now because it is not about leaving – and you fully understand that now. But it is not even about you as an individual, unique expression of Mother/Father/One being in the fullness of your spiritual awareness.

It is the bringing forth in form of the fullness of your spirit, of the truth, the design, the expression of who you are into the external reality, which is Nova Earth and Nova Being.

It is joyful communities, it is families that are kind and loving and supportive, and sacred partnerships that are creative and supportive. And it is communities that choose not to abandon or abuse, not even to heal.

I am talking about the movement past the healing – oh, healing will occur here and there; there is a tendency sometimes to hurt one another, either physically because you fall down and bruise your knees, or emotionally because you feel that someone looked at you the wrong way – but by and large “past the healing”.

And this is where it tends to fall down, and what you are saying is, “What will it look like?” because you don’t have the experience of it. You have the vision, but you don’t have the experience.

You have some warm and fuzzy, tender feelings of those moments or occasions when you have felt that sense of Unity and Community. And that is why we have often encouraged you – and certainly, the Council of Love has encouraged you – to meet and to gather because it gave you that sense of what lies ahead, of what it looks like, and what you are creating.

That is what you are doing, only you are doing it in ways that are often unseen. And what I mean by that is, for example, you are creating community on your worldwide web. Now, you can’t really see it because it is all these electronic exchanges, but you know that you have friends in every country of the world.

That is why we do these radio shows with you, not because you see your listeners but because you are sharing – and we are sharing – this energy of what community truly feels like and the kinds of conversations that you can really have.

Suzi: That’s beautiful. I love that aspect of it, really. We can live our quiet little lives and still have access to the entire world. It’s beautiful.

El Morya: And – you can live your not-so-quiet lives and still have the quiet within thee.

Suzi: This is true. That’s hard to practice though.

El Morya: Yes, it is. And that is what I am asking when I am saying to you: “Please embrace the aggression and the abuse.” Because those who are acting it out, or simply holding it in their heart because many of these abusers are silent, they haven’t reached the point of acting out. It doesn’t mean they aren’t holding it.

They don’t know how to do it. They don’t know how to dig through the sense of: “I want to be in charge, I want to be in control, I hate half the human race.” They don’t know how to break through that to the place: “Well, how can that be? How can I love God, love myself, love my wife, love my children, love my church – and hate everybody else?” They’re stuck!

Suzi: Yes. I have this vision of layers of perception, and the more clear your perception is, the easier things become because you realise it’s so much easier to just trust in the Plan and see everything more clearly as an experience instead of getting bogged down in survival.

El Morya: In fact, the unfoldment is effortless. And I know there are some of you that I talk to tonight that feel you don’t want to love this or that political leader, or this or that rapist. And yet, what I am asking you – knowing full well that you have the spiritual awareness to do so – is to embrace so that you start to melt your “effortless”.

It does not need to be a huge push. It is simply the flow. It is going down the slide laughing and giggling like a three-year-old! And it doesn’t matter if there’s a mud puddle at the bottom of the slide. [Chuckling] In fact, you enjoy it even more! And that’s the way to look at it. It does not need to be arduous or heavy.

If you came upon someone at the grocery store who was disabled or feeble, having trouble carrying their bag, you would say, “Let me help you,” and you would carry their bag. You wouldn’t steal their groceries. You would simply carry their bag, and then put it in the trunk of their car, giving it back to them.

But what you have given them in the meantime is love, consideration, kindness, gentleness, and changed their entire outlook for the day. Well, we’re talking about changing their entire outlook forever!

Suzi: And of course, that gets passed on to the next person they encounter.

El Morya: Exactly! Everybody’s on the slide. Some are a little nervous, some aren’t sure they can climb the steps. But have you ever seen children at the park where they are nudging up the person behind saying, “Go, go, go! It’s my turn, hurry up!” That’s what you are doing! [Laughing together] And it is filled with glee and joy – and it is effortless!

As the young person at the playground, you don’t say, “Oh no, I have to push this friend of mine up the slide stairs again.” No. You’re filled with excitement because you know how much fun you’re going to have!

Suzi: Yeah, absolutely!

El Morya: That’s how we change it. That’s how we encourage those who are still in disarray, those who are still picking up the aggression basket, to shift and come over to the love. And you, my beloved friends, have the spiritual awareness. You have gone far enough down this path that you can do this.

Suzi: Yes. That’s what we’re here for.

El Morya: That is exactly what you are here for.

Suzi: Yes. Happy to be doing it. And – I have a prayer that everyone really takes this information in and is able to slip into trust mode and acknowledgement of our own divine beingness and sovereignty. It’s so much easier.

And there are people that write into the Inbox [at GAoG] that just seem addicted to worrying about things and doubting things and filling themselves with the “what if’s”. And I understand that if they let those things go, there’s nothing to replace it with. But of course, there is, because there are so many good things happening to replace it with. It’s a choice.

El Morya: It is a choice and it is a question – a choice of where you choose to put your attention. Do you choose to worry, knowing that there is so much going on that you can gladly worry about? Or do you choose to know the power and the might not only of who you are but who you are as a collective community of loveholders?

Do not deny your power. Do not deny your right to change the world. It is your right!

Suzi: Yes. It’s our mission and purpose.

El Morya: It all comes back to that. You came to be the love – and you want everyone to play!

Suzi: Yes, yes, yes! Well, it’s really been a wonderful experience having you on the show and I appreciate it very much. Is there anything else that you would like to say in closing?

El Morya: Do not hesitate, first of all, to call me. Yes, I am on call! And do not hesitate to look into the depths of your own being and see if there are any whispers of that aggression within thee so that you may joyfully, effortlessly, with the fullness of the Mother/Father/One and you, release it.

Thank you. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.