I give you my Silver Flame to guide you no matter how far you travel down that road of darkness, because the light is where you will all return. Channeled by Mary Carbaugh.

Greetings, beloved ones, I am Uriel. And I come to you this evening on a very special occasion as many of you on this planet celebrate the Festival of Lights, the triumph over darkness, on this very special occasion of Diwali [October 18, 2017]. Many on your planet have this celebration, this joyous celebration of light in every tradition.

This is no accident, dear ones, this is a reminder to you, always, of what this universe is at its core. It is a universe of love and light. And the light, no matter how far you travel down that road of darkness, the light is where you will all return. So, I come to you this evening to give to you my light, my Silver Flame, to guide your way so you can see through any dimness, any shadows or darkness, and see your way through, and to bring hope.

Yes, it is true that you are in a time when, if you look out onto the world you may see and perceive things that look like darkness, with the chaos, with the natural disasters, with the political unrest, and dis-ease all over the planet. I come to you today as the bringer of the future, to assure you that this is not to be feared. All is in alignment, and all is how it should be. Rest assured, dear ones, this is the darkness before the dawn, and it is part of the process and it is nothing for you to be concerned about. Do not trouble yourselves with it. Do not wade into those waters. Keep your attention on the light always.

And, the light comes from within your heart and shines forth. It is always found within you. So, we remind you always, whenever you feel yourselves becoming too attached to the darkness or the chaos, take that moment to move within, go within to your heart and find the light there, find the love and find the joy, and be that. Let that light shine forth. That flame within your heart will allow you to rise above the darkness, to see through it and to show the way for others.

This is your job. This is your purpose. This is what you have come to do at this time. So, celebrate, dear ones, for it is a joyful time, indeed, a time to share that light and to share that joy with all of those around you. It is a choice, and you know how to do this.

If ever the way becomes too murky, you have my Silver Flame. It will show you the way. It will reveal to you what needs to be cleared, transmuted, and eliminated so that you can act as that lighthouse. You can clear and polish the glass so there is nothing that dims your light, and you can shine forth.

Dear ones, do not doubt, for I tell you now what the future holds. It is the promise you have been given. It is the promise and the truth that this very festival celebrates—that the light always triumphs over the darkness. Know this in your hearts to be true. Allow it to comfort you. Let the light within you shine. That is all that needs to be done. It is that simple. And in every moment, bring this awareness. Know this truth. It is from this point that you can create the future you wish [to] see. The first step is simply to be that love and be that light and from there, all things are possible. Call upon me, and I will help you create the future you wish to see.

All the answers lie within you. Connect and go within, allow divine inspiration to flow into you through your crown chakra and fill up your heart. Take all of those particles and create what it is you wish to see in the world within your heart and then send it forth, into the world, into the universe. It is truly something to celebrate.

I am with you dear ones. Go forth in the light, knowing that victory and triumph are yours, and that you are the creators and manifestors of the future.


By Permission.

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