As the light holder, love being,  community that you are, stop doubting you, stop feeling that you are not doing enough. You have, you are, you will…heed this call to action.


An Hour With An Angel    October 31, 2017
Linda Dillon,                      Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow,                   Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow:  Good evening and welcome to An Hour with an Angel.  I’m Steve Beckow; editor in chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me today is Linda Dillon, author of ‘The New You’, ‘The Great Awakening’, and ‘The Jesus Book’.  Currently doing a course on Core Issues which probably is very challenging.  Linda, am I correct?

Linda Dillon:   (Laughing). That is putting it mildly. Yeah, and as I was getting ready for today I was thinking about this wonderful group that’s working on the core issues and how it’s sort of a reflection actually of the collective, because this group has been going great guns and really, very early on, breaking through some pretty major, heavy, core issues – things that challenge us and prevent us from being the fullness of who we are.   So, it’s going really well.

SB:  Well I’m a member of it of course.  I mentioned to you earlier that I had a breakthrough, in that I recognized recently that I didn’t have to be my negative thoughts, that I wasn’t my negative thoughts and previously I thought I was.  I was cranky, I was cranky.   And that was it.  But now I can actually stand aside from them, because I know there’s an alternative to observe them and let them pass. Well, for me this is a huge breakthrough, which I thank you for.

LD:  (Laughter)  I think the credit goes to the Council of Love.  But it’s interesting because we just had our most recent class on Saturday, so to hear this report from you is really good news, because one of the themes that we were talking about is that your thoughts and your feelings or your core issues don’t reflect and define who you are as the core.  They are just things floating in and out.

SB:   Well you carry things in your wallet, right?  That’s not you. In a sense you are carrying these negative thoughts. They are not you and oh my gosh it’s liberating to have a cranky thought and not have to be cranky all day!  (Laughter)

LD:  And you know what’s really amazing – and, oh boy are you modeling this for all of us who are listening tonight – is that we are doing this work more than ever, and certainly the core issues group, we are doing it for the collective and we’re creating new patterns of entrainment. So as you are saying this, I don’t do this have to be cranky, because I had a cranky thought.  Think of the millions of people that that message and that energy is going out to….Bravo my Friend.  No more cranky people.

SB: I can smile at people in the street now.  And before because my identity was at times been cranky or whatever, I wouldn’t. You know I would look at the ground … I would say to myself, “I am deep in thought, right?”

LD: As I was sitting here getting ready today, I was having this conversation with Archangel Michael, and he was saying that, on the one hand, humanity, all of us, and I include myself in this, you know waiting for heaven, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, however you conceive of that. We are all waiting for them to do something.  And he is looking at me and he is saying, “And we’re all waiting for You to do something”.   (Laughter)

SB:   (Laughter) Well, why don’t I let you make your transition?    And we’ll be welcoming Archangel Michael who’s going to be helping us with the questions that we have about, “How do we get going and what do we do?”  So welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael:   And welcome to each and every one of you.   I am Michael, I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Truth, bringer of news, brother and friend, ally. Sweet angels of light, sweet angels of love, Inertia is not in your vocabulary, and I say this with the deepest respect and embrace and honoring of each and every one of you. Yes, as the light holder, love being,  community that you are, stop doubting you, stop feeling that you are not doing enough. And this comes from one who has been pleading, begging, urging, encouraging each and every one of you to move into action.

You have, you are, you will…heeding this call to action.  Each in your own beautiful, unique expressions of who you are, and might I say why you are here in form, as angels on earth regardless of your lineage, regardless from where you hail.   You are actually in human form more or less and embodying not just yourself, and we know we repeat this again and again, but you are in embodying the DNA, spiritual and otherwise, of our beloved Divine Mother.  This is beyond remarkable, beyond phenomenal and from the depths of your Soul, from the depths of your design, from the depths of your core, we ask you – I ask you on behalf of the Mother/Father/One and all in existence, not only to recognize that, but to fully embrace it.  Beloved beings, you are powerful.

Now there has been a pattern – as might we say “a necessary adjustment” – of shying away in this community, of shying away from this word that is so loaded, this word “power” because the false grid, paradigms, patterns of where humanity has travelled in the old third, has been such an abuse of power, such an abuse of control, such an abuse of authority and leadership, and that is why we have changed the language to stewardship.

But, in fact, what is power, what is inspiration and even action?  Power, in its truest sense, is the anchoring and the flow – both have need to be present – of your inspiration into action in alignment with Divine heart mind will.    In other words, it is your expression internally and externally of your Divinity, of who you are, of how you allow, cooperate and co-create with the energy of the Divine, of what you think of as unseen, even though there are many examples and experiences of seeing, but there has been such a characterization that you no longer know or feel this.

That is not a criticism; that is simply a fact.   You are the generator.   You are the actors, you are the implementors of Divine inspiration, of creation, of the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream.  Think of this. You have the leading role in this wonderful play – you have this leading role and you are supported by your Star brothers and sisters, by a cast quite literally of billions and zillions of the Company of Heaven, by the Archangelic realm, by the Masters, the Seraphim and everything in between.  And you are stepping forth, so I do not come this night to say, “Get moving”.   What I say to you is that you are doing phenomenal work, you are moving, you are assuming action.   And I do not mean that you are simply sitting back.

So often in the Human realm and yes, even in the lightworker realm, when we talk of action, you translate that in your mind to mean that you must get busy,  that you must be doing.  That is not always necessarily of truth.  There are many expressions and there is an elongated process for what you think of as action.  You do not simply go outside and decide to build a City of Light without a blueprint, without ordering supplies, without making your plan and hiring your crew.  So there are many pieces when we say that you are moving into action … and part of that is, of course, the planning stages, but part of the precursor to that and continuing through the entire process, is the element and the presence of inspiration.

Now, there is a tendency and that is why I have requested to come and to talk about this today with you, my beloveds.  There is a tendency to think of inspiration as some kind of on/off switch, a light bulb that gets turned on, a lightning bolt from the Divine into your heart and mind, you think, “Ah eureka, now I have it”.  Sometimes, occasionally, it is like that, but by and large it is not … it is not limited to that, so that some of you are thinking,  “I am waiting for my inspiration” and, in fact, it is already there.  It is already present, it is already FULLY activated, and that you are moving towards and you think,  “Well, this is a little thought of what I can do” but, in fact it is the cooperation, and you are hearing what you are interpreting, and there is no problem in that, that what you are interpreting as your own thoughts or your own minuscule inspiration.

Now I do not want to suggest that every brilliant thought or move that you make is somehow given to you, but we are in this co-creation, we are in this cooperative phase so it is not necessary for you to say, “Well, this is Michael’s,  this comes from the Mother, this comes from Gabrielle, this part comes from St Germaine.  And then there’s this little piece that I am contributing … it is equal and it is blended.”  So part of your question, dear Steve, has been, “How do those of you who feel that you do not have the full impact of hearing or seeing or knowing, how do you proceed?”

It is interesting, is it not, and perhaps even frustrating at moments, how repetitive we can be because, beloveds, this is a walk of trust.   (Sigh)  Now you say to me, and I hear many of you saying, “Oh Michael, please do not tell us more that we just have to trust!”   But the answer is yes.    The answer has always been yes.  But also what we are asking of thee is not merely to trust the Mother, which is beyond question;  not merely to trust us who guide you, who point the way, and who comfort and urge you on.  This is also, sweet angels, trusting yourself, that your knowing, your random thought, your big inspiration is correct.  And that it isn’t simply an errant thought – and do not confuse random thought with errant thought – because they are very different.   That somehow you are misdirected because it was only your thought – was only you dreaming pie in the sky.

No, it is You and I speak to your heart.  It is you with the fullness of your Divine authority and free will, trusting that you know exactly what to do –  both in the very small daily stuffs, in the intermediate stuffs and everything that follows in the terms of co-creating with us and with our allies, Nova Earth.  And it doesn’t begin with the grand gesture – it begins by you taking steps every moment of every day.  Is that tiring?  Actually, it is not.  It will fuel you.  My sister Gabrielle has been quite literally begging you for ten minutes a day to fill you with joy.  I wish I had thought of that!  (Laughter.)  But if you allow yourself to be filled with the joy of what makes you not only happy but inspired, then each step will unfold in front of you.

Now, dearest friend, where do you wish to begin this step?

SB:   I think where I would like to begin is to discuss how, how listeners who are in action can know even that inspiration is happening. Never mind who is inspiring me. How do I know that this thought that I just had is an inspired thought?

AAM:   Well, we use many human vehicles.  We use many environments and situations to catalyze inspiration. There are many of you who say and, well we will continue on, who say “I do not see, I do not hear, I do not know.”  That is a double-edged sword.  That is putting yourself on the razor’s edge, and that is a massive overstatement and assumption that, in fact, the way that we communicate is through the spoken word that we fully understand, and that is why we communicate this way is to fill out the picture that the communication is spoken.

But, in fact, beloveds about ninety percent – if you want to calibrate it in human terms – about 90% of our conversation is energetic and unspoken through the ages, but most certainly right now.  People have come to accept the voices within their mind, within their heart.  The brilliant idea that suddenly dawns out of supposedly nowhere.   How do you know, and I will bring you back to the Mother’s litmus test, “is it of love?    Is your thought, your minuscule action or your grand plan – does it feel like love?”

Now you say, “Well, you know, Mi-ka-el,  I’m not sure what love feels like.   Sometimes it feels very amorphous and distant, and sometimes it feels too physical and too grounded to truly be Divine love.”   Then I will take you to the next question, and that is, not even joy.   “Does the thought or the energy that is within you and surrounding you – does it feel if some of the obstacles and the wherewithal was removed or present?  Does it make you happy?  Does it make you feel like that is a fabulous, wonderful thing to do?  I would Love to do that.  When can I get started?”

It is not always massive.  Very often what is occurring between our inspiration, the Mother’s inspiration – and we don’t want you to really delineate – and your guides and guardian angel’s inspiration, is given to you in mini steps so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

While we don’t want you to feel powerless, because that is the last thing you have need of or that we have need of you in our co-creative partnership, but we have the ability, particularly in individual situations – yes on the global level too – but particularly in individual situations, to arrange, to move chess pieces, people, circumstance, situations, opportunities so that they are made available to you in ways that feel either like synchronicity or planned events.

Not all inspiration is something that you perceive as out of the ordinary.   And that is what you tend to think is that it is a lightning bolt, but very often, in fact, most regularly, it is the steady progression of the inflow from our side to you of energies that come as starts, or impulses even, or inspiration.   Stop making such rigid delineations and then the outflow from you either as starts or actions or a combination of both.

Where the difficulties in this communication network tend to break down is when you either dismiss or refuse what is being sent to you.  So, for example, you wake up and you have a free day.  It is your day off and, while we strongly urge it to every one of you to take that day off, to relax and play, let us say that on one day you say, “You know, I have always been curious about that homeless shelter at the corner of Fifth and Main, and how they operate and what they’re up to and who they really serve, so I think I am going to take an hour and just go and check it out.”

That is an impulse, a thought, and an inspiration.  We use that as an example that would be in alignment for some with their mission and purpose.  And then all the human, what we would call debris, because it relates back to earth, comes in. “Well, they don’t know me, they don’t know me at that homeless shelter. They’re going to wonder what the heck I’m up to?  Maybe they’re not even going to let me in.  They’re going to think I am some kind of crackpot. Besides which I have to clean my car today.  I have to go and have it vacuumed.   There’s groceries to do, so that’s a stupid idea … I’m not going to do that.   I’m not going to waste my time.”  And you have just canceled out the inspiration.

Now think of it, if you are cooperating and you say, “Well, that’s a wild idea, I never really thought about it or I sort of wondered about this for ages, but I have never really had the time, but as it turns out Archangel Mi-ka-el has made available for me today four hours of free time.”

And I am not suggesting, dear hearts, that you have to give me credit for the free time, because you have co-created that.   And then you follow the inspiration and then we also arrange with you and for you that you arrive, and just the right people are there for you to meet and greet and chat with, and for you to observe the pain and suffering of what it means to be hungry and homeless.

And then you have a thought and you say to the people that you are chatting with, “What do you need?  You know I have a few hours a week.   I have a full-time job and a family, but I have a few hours a week.   Would you like me to just come and sit and chat with people?   No, I am not a trained therapist … no, I am not a cook … I am just an open heart.”

Now You know that what you are doing is that you are volunteering to come and be the transmitter of love, of compassion, of support.  You don’t word it that way.  And then you go.  And it grows.    And your mission for You … of course you are receiving the pay-off as you would think of it, of knowing you are doing good work, of forming new, positive relationships, but you are also beginning to implement your mission and purpose.

All of this, not because you heard my voice, or saw me in a vision, but because you listened and trusted and followed through to what you may have termed a random thought, which was true inspiration and the whispers of your heart. Do you understand what I say?

SB:  Yes, I do Lord.  So really you’re suggesting that you are a GPS and if we just relax and guide ourselves by it, that the desired outcome will – well we can’t, we can’t, we can’t ensure that the desired outcome happens, but it has its best chance of happening.  Is that correct?

AAM:   Mostly.   So let us explain further.  We enjoy this conversation.  Because seldom do you really ask us how we work.  First of all, your GPS is your heart and certainly the seat of your Soul.

But we – can we say that we have input and program capacity?  Power for your GPS.  Some of you have had experiences with your GPS where it has not behaved or given you the perfect directions for where you think you want to go!  And so sometimes you end up wandering through neighborhoods when you could have taken a ninety-degree turn and gone directly there.  And you were thinking “this is ridiculous.”

These meanderings are always perfect.   Now you say to me, Mi-ka-el, that the desired outcome may or may not happen.  I wish to suggest to you, and let me say strongly suggest to you, and you all know what that means … is that the desired outcome always takes place.  Can you imagine, beloved, what I am saying today?  The desired outcome always takes place.  And what do I mean by that?  Because you have followed your heart. You have followed the GPS.  And it may appear at various intervals that they have taken you on a scenic detour.  The win, as it were, is in the following of your heart, because what you are doing is you are expanding your capacity, not just for trust, but for concrete, inspired, co-creative action.

Now sometimes there are intermediate steps and you think to yourself, “Well I must have been wrong.  I must have misunderstood.  That must have been just picking up on somebody else’s energy!”   No, and we do not say no very often.   Sometimes there are several steps, but the direction is always not only adequate, but the payoff, the expansion is massive.

Now there are times when for example you would go to the homeless shelter and you would sit with these gruff souls and then you would discover that one of them is either a veteran with PSTD or a huge empath who has been so jangled by the energy of the collective, that they have not been able to function in what is termed normal society.

Now, you would think, “Well, I don’t know what I am supposed to do with these homeless.” But the intermediary step might be that in fact you are to work with veterans, or you are to work with empaths.  And you are to teach them and show them how to proceed.  So you may think, “Oh, this was a false start,” but in fact if you follow the thread that is woven into the tapestry of your being and your Plan and the Mother’s Plan, it is always correct.   When it is not correct is when ego, which we respect and honor, but when it becomes the driving force, that is how you get off track.   Not because of mis-inspiration, not because of mis-hearing, that because you allowed that part of your Soul that wants to be in control and important, to take over.   Now is that piece clear?

SB:   Yes,  it is Lord.  Excuse me, I just want to mention that I have a question from a reader which I am not sure ties in directly with what you are saying, but it is in the same area.  And I am hoping we can leave five or ten minutes at the end of the program to direct ourselves to that question.

And just for now I would like to return to what you said about trust.  In my family and on the part of my dad, trust was broken so often that I can remember myself just doing more and more beaten down in the area and not really rising to trust any longer after a certain point.  And people in general, I think, kept seeing their governments break trust with them so often –  it’s a bit about almost resembles the same situation. What counsel have you for us who have difficulty trusting?

AAM:   Of course it resembles – the microcosm and the collective are absolute mirrors of one another. And I would be remiss if I did not reinforce and share with you that you have come to this beautiful planet in the time of such enormous upheaval and chaos, that you are seeing and experiencing – this is not to diminish your experience – quite the contrary.  We bow to it.   But that you have experienced such a breach and to use your words, Sweet Angel, a breaking of trust.

Now, let us go back a little further to what we would call prime reason.  Why does it bother you?   Why does it break your heart?   Why does it make you shrivel up and go into that protective cocoon and make you say or feel or live?  “I am not going to trust anybody.   Look around me, who is there to trust?”

If you were not your essence embedded with the Divine quality, the essence of trust and the knowing that that is your GPS, it wouldn’t bother you.  It simply wouldn’t bother you.  You would think, “Well, that is the way that this planet or this universe operates,” and you would continue in that vein. But it rips you to the core because you know this isn’t merely inspiration, this is the depth of Soul knowing.   That this is not the way that you and the collective have been created.   It is not your foundation.   It is not your essence.   And therefore it feels like anathema, it feels like abomination.

It feels so jarring and, Sweet Ones, it is intended to be jarring.   It is intended to be those proverbial fingernails on the chalkboard, it is intended to rip you, because that is telling you, that is informing you, that is catapulting you into a state of being, of knowing this is NOT of love.   So, why proceed?    Because you are trailblazers, because you are laying down the new paradigm, not just in an esoteric or theoretical sense.

I want to speak to each of you who have had your trust and your heart ripped open and apart.   Because you are the ones that are the bravest, filled with valor, who put your heads down and say, “No, this is not the way because I know that this is wrong … that it is not in accordance … it’s not in accordance with my Plan, and it certainly isn’t in accordance with the Mother’s Plan.”   So the resolve and the healing is not to never trust – it is to resurrect the trust, to add, to be, to engage with yourself in trust, and to engage in trusting situations and with trustful people.   So does it require a dual assumption of enormous discernment and of the assumption of your Divine Authority?  Yes, it does, because the pattern, the original pattern and the true pattern of trust is not apparent and obvious.

So you are saying, and this is why we have in other conversations talked about the separations of pathways.   You are saying – and I don’t mean you just to the amorphous collective, I mean you, Sweet Angels of Light – are saying, “No, that is not how I choose to live and yes, the healing is necessary. It is not something that can be scooted around, and it is deep and it is profound, and sometimes it feels like torture, but the healing is necessary.”

And then you say, ”I am not choosing to live that way.   I am choosing to live, to associate with those who are trusting and trustful, trustful, and to create situations and paradigms practically. Then I can survive and thrive and live and BE the fulfillment of the Mother so that you have already, let us give you the kudos where they are deserved.

You have created community   You are the rebel forces that are saying, “No, we won’t continue in the promotion, production either in families or personal relationships or as societies that operates on the assumption of abusive power and breaking of trust.   I won’t live that.”  It does not mean that you were in denial.   It does not mean that you do not send the healing and creation of something new, but it means that you are stepping away from that paradigm, because that will only destroy you.

SB:  Thank you, Lord.   May I ask a question from a reader, please?

AAM:   Of course.

SB:    Thank you.  This question has been on my mind, it has been on others’ minds.   I don’t know how to answer it, so I have to bring it to you.   “How can we prevent prices from rising after the Reval such that they negate the Reval and subject the population to greater poverty and suffering?”

AAM:   Think of what I have said to you, and I mean each of you in terms of this trust and forging, quite literally, trailblazing a new path.  Now, I am not suggesting that you don’t need to have conscious concern where it is discerningly necessary, but why would you begin to even conceive and, therefore, energize what you are thinking of, my friend, as the worst case scenario?

Now let us back up, what you think of and what is often termed the blessing, a blessing, St. Germaine’s Trust, all the names.  First of all, why do you think that St. Germaine’s Trust has been kept secret and certainly at bay, except for a few who have been blessed here and there throughout the centuries?  But, by and large, why has it been kept at bay until such time, regardless of your anxiety and your eagerness, until such time as the capacity to truly effect change, in the very minuscule and the very full sense of the word, is possible.

Now do not think we have not heard your pleas for sure, but also your declarations.  And we are ready, we are ready and then you look at the collective and you think, “No, this climate is not quite there yet.” But I do not wish to digress.

One of the elements of this spiritual re-evaluation has been an element of low profile, of what some have called NDA or secrecy.  Some will abide for that and some will not.  It matters not.  But let us talk to this element of low profile.   That is probably the reason.

As you go forth in abundance of energy, however that is translated, it is not to create greater displacement.   It is not to create obvious chaos in the pool called humanity.   It is to take the energies, the money, whatever you conceive of and begin to spend your energy and your funds in productive, healing ways, under the radar.  That is why there is such a low level.  Now those of you who have completed immersed yourself and really made this somewhat of a drama are so caught up in your drama, that you can’t think of anything but the worst case scenarios.

Sweet angels, you are a minority and you are not controlling prices or expansion or escalation of goods and services.  That is not the way that this Plan is unfolding.  Think of this.  Think of your current state and how many – yes you say, “Oh it is a small number” – how many, the billionaires, the millionaires and the haves, as compared to the have-nots exist?  And are they singularly responsible for the escalation of prices?  No, they are not!

It is the economy and the function of the collective that creates continual price escalation, but concomitant to that there has been a rise in resources and availability.  No, not for all and that has been the problem.   But it is simply not the Plan.  Now when you say, “How do you work and how do you work with us?” this speaks to the very core of that.

Do not think that because you have a dollar in your pocket, that when you go the store, they are going to demand a dollar fifty for a loaf of bread!   When this huge escalation of prices has occurred in various situations, but let us look at post-WWII where wheelbarrows of money were required for food because the currency became useless, valueless.  The theme of that …

SB:   Excuse me a second, Lord.  Do you mean WWI, after WWI, or did it happen after WWII as well?

AAM:   WWI and WWII.

SB:   OK, thank you.

AAM:   And many other wars in other areas, where there is insufficient goods and insufficient currency – currency that has lost its value.   Think of Vietnam, for example.  So, you look at this.   The key to this is not the value of the currency.   The underlying motivator is punishment.  Its retribution is the belief that if you squash and harm the collective consciousness of those people, that somehow they will submit.   That is the key to these escalations.  And that is not what is planned.  Let us be very clear about that.  Is this complete?

SB:    Yes it is Lord. And I think we have run out of time.  Thank you for answering that question. I will, I’ll extend it and give it thought and is there anything you want to say in closing?

AAM:   You know there is always something else I wish to say, whether it is beginning or closing!  So yes, it is, allow yourself, not only to be inspired by we who surround you and by your own precious GPS heart.  Allow yourself to trust the smallest inspiration, the smallest blip on your internal radar system.  Allow this trusting of your awareness, which is magnificent, to grow.   So whether it is to buy oranges or apples, visit a shelter or smile at a stranger, trust your beloved self.   Trust yourself the way that you are trusted.  Can you fathom the enormity of trust that the Mother has placed in each and every one of you?  Mirror that, beloveds, and go forth and go with my love.   Farewell.

SB:   Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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