It is time, dear ones, to awaken into this realization, into your mastery, to know truly who you are.  Channeled by Mary Carbaugh.

Greetings, my beloved ones, this is Yeshua—your dearest brother, Yeshi.  Welcome!

Welcome to this Council, to this gathering of friends, and welcome to this time that has been anxiously awaited by so many for so long…the time of the return of Christ Consciousness.

And I tell you, my dear brothers and sisters, you are that return. You are bringing forth the kingdom in your time. As you walk upon this planet in light and love, this is what you send forth, this is what you bring in.  You, now, like I did so many years ago, walk upon this planet as an example for what is possible and what can be.

Many of you do not yet see yourself as this, but I am here to tell you that you and I are the same.  You have heard me speak these words before.  I have told you then, and I tell you now, that you are capable of all that you witnessed in me and more.  It is time, dear ones, to awaken into this realization, into your mastery, to know truly who you are.

Dear, beloved ones, it is no longer necessary to hold yourselves back.  Allow the light in and allow it to shine forth before you. Be the beacon!

The first step is to believe! To believe it is possible, to know within yourself who you truly are and to open to it, to blossom, to allow those pedals to expand that you may drink in this light of Christ Consciousness and fill yourself with it, that you may expand your essence and beauty for all the world to see. And, like the flower that beckons to all that passes by with its fragrance and beauty, this, too, is what you do as you walk in the journey of your ordinary lives.

So much is occurring as you set this example. Just by being who you are, where you are, you are the light, you are the love, you are this Christ Consciousness.

Take the time to sit in stillness and feel this. Take the time to get to know yourself as this. Open up to your mastery.  Allow the light and the energy in, for it is available to you now. It is being beamed down to you in every moment.

The Christ has returned! And it is available to all. And you are the wayshowers. As you open to this and allow this, you will expand.

Dear ones, I have told you this before: You can do all that I have done.  You can walk on the water. You can transform energy, changing water to wine, and so much more. And you, too, can become your light-body.

Erase your doubts. Use the Law to transmute your fear.  You are afraid of your mastery, but I tell you, dear ones, there is no reason to be afraid. You have waited for this moment. You have learned your lessons, you have grown, and now it is time.

And I know, dear ones, that sometimes this journey can be taxing. Do you think that I did not have days upon this planet when I did not feel like getting out of bed, when I did not feel like moving forward?  But just as you do, just as you get up every day and move forward, that is what I did, too. I did so with the help of others…my dearest Magdalena and my friends, the apostles, who aided and supported me. And, of course, the connection with Source, with the Father and the Mother.

All of this is available to you. You are not alone. You have both earthly and heavenly support. So, reach out when you need to. Know that I am here for you always…we all are. Support each other and love each other. For you are what you have been waiting for. You bring forth the change. You create heaven on Earth. And do not ever doubt that you [are] doing this—step by step and moment by moment.

It is unfolding and it is beautiful and you are beautiful! Your light shines forth. You simply need to open to this, to let the doubt fall away. Go within, sweet ones, and know who you are. See your light shining forth—radiantly.

I love you. I am with you. I am you. Farewell.

By Permission.

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