We are conjoined and united, and I do everything – and that is a lot! – that I can to assist you.

Belle’Anna, Elle’s Guardian Angel, wishes that all might enjoy her message on the ‘Role of Guardian Angel’ which is not as yet fully understood. Elle shares this Channelled Gem from her reading with Linda Dillon.

Belle’Anna: The Role of Guardian Angel

Greetings, I am Belle’Anna.

There are many of us who have wished to speak this day [laughing], but I always want to reach out and touch you quite literally. You know in the depth of your being of my ever-presence and the ever-presence of many of us. But this is my mission, this is our mission, and this is our purpose.

Think of what I say. In the beginning, as you know, we have emanated as One from the Heart of One, and then there has been fission and individuation and the birth of uniqueness. But in that uniqueness – as in human DNA – the energy, the pattern, the genetic code of the Mother/Father/One is not only omnipresent, it is undeniable. The human beings are finally catching up [laughing] with some of this understanding!

But in that individuation, in the forward thrust of our missions and purpose, has been my promise to the Mother and my promise to you – and your promise to me and to the Mother – that you would grant me, that She would grant me, the honour and the mission of guiding you – and yes, at moments, at different times, and certainly ‘danger times’ as human beings tend to think of it – of overlighting you, of sweeping you out of the path of danger.

The role of Guardian Angel is not fully, even now, understood. And really, it does not need to be. It is an organic, evolutionary understanding of these various forms, at which you are certainly engaged in, of partnership. But we have been – and are – and will continue to be in this sacred, conjoined mission together. I do not have an overriding mission other than “Elle” – or the many names by which you are/have been known because all beings upon your planet, and elsewhere for that matter, have been known by a dictionary of names! [Laughing]

I am by your side in all kinds of ways, both within what you think of as the human, interdimensional, 12-dimensional reality, or outside of that. We are conjoined and united, and I do everything – and that is a lot! [chuckles] – that I can to assist you. Now there have been times – and you know fully what I am speaking of – when you have felt that I have not been by your side, or I have not rescued you, or I have not had your best interests at heart, or I have not responded in the way that you have deemed desirable. But I also do not answer to the ‘personality’ or the ‘lower vibratory rate’ that you have experienced from time to time!

And I do have two bosses – and the big boss is the Mother [laughter] and I always follow Her guidance!

We are in the dance and the dream of the Mother, and we are in harmony now. And we are in the magnificence of this unfoldment that you are peeking at and embracing with Gabrielle’s joy and with Mi-ka-el’s peace. You are fully engaged! Now that does not mean, from time to time, you are not distracted by affairs of the human – and we are glad that you do not engage actually in many of those affairs of humanity because they are a distraction.

What you have done in terms of blessing, healing, assisting the full departure of these beloved souls slayed, murdered, victimised, martyred in Las Vegas is you have laid the pathway, the golden pathway to Heaven. You have not spent your time lowering the vibratory rate and thinking “Oh, this is terrible, this is so discouraging, this is awful, this is the cabal, this is violence…” No. You have raised it, you have healed it and you have unfolded with gratitude, thanks and healing, the next chapter.

And that is what humanity is being begged, pleaded with to do: to look at it and say, “No! This cannot continue. Let us take the practical/etheric/spiritual/human next steps because this does not serve – and these deaths cannot be in vain.” Yes, it is a soul contract and a fulfilment of that soul contract, for which we bless them and welcome them home heartily. But the purpose of that sacrifice is the unfoldment of the New – not to engage in the old of “who’s to blame or who’s at fault”.

So you are doing the Mother’s work – and I am assisting you.