Our beloved Jesus Sananda says, “This is where you need to reside, dear one. It is yearning for your conscious presence within it…”  Channeled by Dana Zook

I am Jesus Sananda. Your heart is yearning for the love that I am, that you are, and which you have forgotten. There is no greater tragedy in the human condition than forgetting; forgetting the love, the light and the joy that is within you, that you are, that is your core essence.

The other things that seem so real are but illusion. We say this over and over and you know this intellectually but we keep repeating it because your hearts still have not truly blossomed open to take in this truth, to know and be this truth.

And yes dear one, you are still trying to figure things out intellectually and it is your heart space that is calling out to you. It is yearning for your conscious presence within it. This is where you need to reside, dear one. The rest will take care of itself. As you take each step you will know without any negotiating or back and forth or wondering; you will know.

There is sadness in your heart that you do not know why is there. If you enter into your heart space, that sadness will not be there. When you try and think about things intellectually then you are not in your heart.

The most important is to stay in the love, to stay in the now, to stay in this moment and as you do so the joy will swell up from within you and when you stay in that space everything magically unfolds. It is all just training for the soul and yet you are also here to feel the joy.

There has been a great deal of sacrifice but remember dear one, you came here to take on this role; to be a guardian of the light. This is your mission. This is your ascension training. This is your service to the One.

I strongly suggest that you be aware when you are projecting into the future…likes or dislikes or fears or how you think things might go or how you do not want them to go…because you become lost, away from the present, the present that we give you of love and of light.

And you are not forgotten or overlooked or invisible. You shine brightly as a pillar of light which is why it is important to clear out all energies that are not in service to the light. We are embracing you dear ones, to uplift you, to penetrate you.

I am going to step back. We surround you with our love. We embrace you that you go in peace with ease and grace, each step that you take, all my beloved friends of my heart.

And so it is. Farewell.

By Permission.


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