During this channeling Archangel Raphael answers questions regarding how to get rid of negative energies and core issues…Channeled by Karen C.


I am  Raphael. Today I bring you the green energies of the Laurel branch of peace, of the light and of truth.

Each one of you holds the energy of divinity and we commend you for holding the space and the light for yourself, for your family, for others, so that the light may shine and cover this earthly plane and universe. We share this energy of love and peace and light at these turbulent times and for those who cannot see this energy, this knowingness. We know this can often be a hard and arduous path. But we know that you are chosen to do this work as you can hold and allow the energy to spread to your community and to others so that this light is shared by all.

You are not alone; you are never alone. We are with you, the Council of Love, the archangels, the spirit animals, All That Is – as above so below. We share this time to simply remind you of your great purpose, which is love. And it is love in any form that you choose. As it was said earlier through the other channel, “Your heart knows where the truth is”. Honor that. Reside in that, Be that.

Archangel Raphael, would you please share what we need to know right now to heal core issues around self-worth?

 Yes. I am showing the grid of energy of the home and environment as it is with everyone’s; that we can create sacred space whereever we are, with whoever we may be with. A sacred space is a place where you can connect with us so that these core issues are removed from your original grid work and original blueprints.

We offer this information and this healing and clearing so that all of you, and those who you touch, can return to your original true self and your higher self.

You will connect and release the core issues that are blocking you from your true divinity by bringing in your original information. It will help to connect with true purpose so that all that is negative, all that is not your truth, will simply fall away.

On the physical plane, this energy also changes the electric circuitry within the body system and so it is just as important to clear the home and the environments of unwanted electrical surges, to ground the electricity; to bring in the positive charges.

You may cleanse your homes in the same way that you choose in order to bring this energy to the forefront.

Do you have suggestions how to clear that energy?

 Yes, there are two pathways; you may use one or both.

The first one is through this time we have together and in your meditation space. I am charging you with a green, an emerald green pyramid. And St. Germain, on my left, is charging you with a Violet pyramid. Bring these into your heart chakra in your meditation space. And we shall do it here as an installation.

As that is installing, the second pathway is to use sage or incense to smudge your environment,  remembering to open windows to allow for flow and release.

If you have not done so already, remove all unnecessary electrical appliances or shut them down so the energy is quieter. In your sleeping room, try to use as little electricity as possible.

Electricity is not a bad thing. You just have to ground the energy because there is so much new energy that is coming through. It can feel like your aura is “overcharging”, in the way that a cat’s whiskers are super sensitive to feelings, movement, and environment. It’s always good to continually ground the energy through your body and through all your systems so that your own good energy is flowing.

Another archangel is reminding me to tell you to update your Akashic files and speak to your Wing Maker, your future self, because you have already done this before.

How do you update an Akashic record?

 You may ask one of your archangels or your spirit guides to connect to your hand chakras in your meditation space and have them do it for you. Simply have them speak to your Akashic file keeper, who is a guide that has been with you since the very beginning.

You can do this easily in meditation space or on the astral. It is simply a request that you can make at any time.

With this, I send my love and light to bless you, to honor you, to know that you are loved, always.