To struggle itself is not the hard part. It’s when the struggle is on its own, without the addition of love or laughter or joy; when it becomes imbalanced…Channeled by Dana Zook

I am Jesus Sananda.


 And welcome to you my beloveds! I feel sad in my heart for the struggles (and struggle is the correct word) that many of you go through. I know sometimes it feels like there is no other choice and it is the only way.

When a plant is bursting out of the seed, it struggles. When a plant is trying to grow towards the sun, it struggles through the dirt trying to reach the air. And when it reaches the air the wind will blow it and whip it around and the rain will pelt down on it but it’s happy because it continues to try and reach the sun and it becomes stronger. With all of these things it becomes stronger and stronger.

And then one day it is able to bear fruit and it is the fruit of the Creator; it is filled with the essence of the Creator. So, to struggle itself is not the hard part. It’s when the struggle is on its own, without the addition of love or laughter or joy; when it becomes imbalanced. And it is imbalanced, dear ones.

It is this connection to us, to the divine; the love that we have, that we surround you with, that we pour into you, the constant activations. This is to boost you and help you through those struggles. And the struggles can be released.

I know that seems impossible but not when you step into the love, dear ones; the love that is in your heart; the love that emits constantly from your I Am Presence, the God within you. God is within you. You have God within you. You are one with God. You forget this and think you are separate and God is far away. But it is within you.

I Am That I Am. I Am that you are and you are that I Am. Connect with this, dear ones. Connect with the outpouring of love that we are giving you from within your own hearts. Allow it to penetrate. Give yourself permission to welcome it, to be it, to love it.

We so desperately want to see you dance in joy, to have the absolute love and adoration for yourselves that we do. It is not in vain to adore or love yourself, for your true self is a brilliant light and love of All That Is that lives within you. And when you adore this, it can grow stronger and it can help magically change your life.

It’s hard not to allow those who are caught in the illusion to influence your thinking, to step into fear. But we are really, really grateful that you are committed to this process, to channeling, to allowing our energies to come through because as it does it can pull you, even a fraction, out of that illusion, that which is really no longer the reality, unless you cling to it. We invite you to step into the reality of the love and the magic and the power and the beauty that you are. This is who you are.

I would ask (since you did not have a question and you are open to suggestions), I would like to suggest that you spend a few minutes each day with your beloved I Am Presence, the light within you, that we are all a part of, this entire Council of Love; and it is you.

Call your I Am Presence forward. Give your love to your I Am Presence. Give your adoration to your I Am Presence. Give your trust and your faith to your I Am Presence. It is the light that lighteth every man who comes into the world.

When you listen to that which comes from a place of fear and you step away from this light, then you struggle in the darkness. You can step back into the light by calling this aspect forward, by living this aspect, by loving this aspect, by allowing this power of God, of the universe, of All That Is to pour through, to create a beautiful life that is free of struggle.

This is possible my beloveds. You have this ability if you step back and trust that this is pouring through you. This is the Universal I Am that pours throughout the universe, that all the ascended masters worship.

And one way to shut it down or push it away is to have feelings of doubt or fear or unworthiness or shame; you know the list…especially most of you know this list. Do not judge yourself for any of these feelings. Love them for the aspect of Creator that they are and release them and ask your I Am Presence to step in, to bring forth the love of who you are in the space that was held by that darkness. To bring more light into every infinitesimal particle of your being; to feel the love of who you are, to feel our love as we are one with you. We cannot say this enough, our beloveds. We wish to lift you up.

We love you so deeply and so much. You are extremely dedicated to Source, to the divine realm, in your thoughts and your words and everything you do. You are so, so precious to us on this Earth.

And we really humbly ask you to entertain seeing yourself in this way; of how precious and amazing you are.

I will take my leave but even just a moment, a few times a day, connect to your I Am Presence and see if you feel different. We are all with you, all the time and working with you and we love you dear children of the light.

Bless you and farewell.

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