This world is moving one step at a time towards what you call Nova Earth. It is waiting for your vibrations to rise up so that you can see it.  Channeled by Dana Zook.

It is I, Divine Mother. I am here my beloved children of love and light, to once again embrace you with the love of the entire Council.

And as this one [the channel] is hearing her children call, she has a yearning to go get them, to soothe them, to make them feel better. And this is exactly how I feel, my beloved children, when I hear you in pain or calling. I want to pick you up and soothe you and make it better for you. And sometimes you can feel me do this and sometimes you can’t. But I have always had a mother’s love for you.

There are so many archetypes on this planet, of women and mothers. And no matter what damage has been done there is always this deep, deep yearning in every soul on this planet, to feel their mother’s love, unconditional love. And this I do hold for absolutely every one of my children.

And Mother’s Day is approaching; a day when mothers are honoured as the gift of life that keeps flowing. I would ask you, dear ones, to also honor beloved Mother Earth. Without her you would not exist in your physical form. She has given you this gift and experience. I know this experience sometimes has been wrought with sadness, with grief, with despair, with loneliness, with feeling deceived and betrayed. But I ask you to look at the beautiful precious moments of love, of smiles, of kindness, of joy, of children playing, babies cooing and even of all the beautiful animals playing, and the wind that frolics throughout the leaves and tosses the hair. It all has consciousness, it lovs you immensely.

There is so much to behold on this planet in love, my dear ones. I know sometimes it is hard to see and we ask that you hand us, hand to me, all that you wish to have removed from every level, body, and dimension of your being. I will transform this for you back into the love…for it was not meant for you to carry these energies.

They are slowly being released and this world is moving one step at a time towards what you call Nova Earth, which in fact, is already present. It is waiting for your vibrations to rise up so that you can see it. As your vibrations increase, literally your surroundings will change; things will look different. It will truly be how you bring about a new world, dear ones. It is through you changing your vibrations and not waiting for the world to change so that you can step into it.

This is why we love you and we are so grateful to you for these channeling moments and these times where we are able to surround you and you are aware of us and our consciousness can connect because this is helping to bring Heaven on Earth, bring Nova Earth; a world where everyone is filled with love and joy and peace.

And this one [the channel] listened to several hours of a talk from a being who is from Inner Earth and listened to how the society works and how incredible the love and harmony is, how self-esteem is built, how there is no fear, how dissonance is handled quickly.

And how even the animals have no aggression and the lions do lay down with the lambs because they are all vegetarian and all society cooperates and helps one another. And by hearing these details she began to truly see that it is possible for the surface of Mother Earth to also hold this energy and this kind of a society.

I would ask, dear ones, that you continue to hold this vision of love, of harmony, for it is the Golden Age that has been spoken of for millennia. It is the manifestation of My Dream and My Plan and I thank you dear ones for your part in fulfilling this.

These sessions are far more important than you realize, in helping to manifest My Dream by allowing us to come into you and raise the vibrations, and the entire Council comes to every one of these gatherings. You must know this.

Even if only one of us is speaking, we are all present, all loving you and pouring our energy in waves upon waves through your being, through every body, level and dimension of your being… And it is one step closer to Heaven on Earth.

I would ask my dear beloved daughters of the light, to continue to hold visions of the most ideal, beautiful world that you can imagine, for your imagination is helping to bring in this manifestation.

And it has been hard for all of you to be on this earthly plane sometimes but as you do this, and as this world changes, you will literally be living in a different world. You will be living in Heaven on Earth.

It is a world where you will be walking beside the masters, the archangels. You will see them. It will be as if they are physical. You will be walking among your star family; brothers and sisters from all over the galaxies and beyond.

You will be embracing many new technologies and transforming the pollution and the pain that has been caused to Mother Earth. It will be transformed easily with your star brothers and sisters help. You will be returning her to her original pure condition. This is My Dream, children. And, it is also a reality, for it does exist.

I could say in the time that you are in right now, it does not exist. But I will say that in the consciousness you are in right now, it does not exist. Raise your consciousness children. Believe these things, think these things, and breathe these things.

Every time this one [the channel] gases up, she looks forward to the day where there is free energy and no need to rob Mother Earth anymore. And she looks to the sky to greet her star family who are always aware of her and watching her.

It is little moments like these, dear ones, where it truly lights up that pillar of light that you are. And by having these kinds of thoughts, even at a gas station, it literally affects all the people that are around in the vicinity, without saying a word. For you truly are all one.

And this is how it will all go, my beloved children. It’s called a Tsunami of Love but it truly is like a wave washing over this planet, washing through the hearts of all. It is truly a sight to behold on this side.

Do not underestimate the work that you are doing, the power that you have, the love that you are.

With that, I will step back and bid you farewell. With all the love in our hearts go in peace and go in love. Farewell.

By Permission.