You are called to be the healers of humanity. You are forging that different pathway and with that comes great responsibility. But it is important that the responsibility be the actions both subtly, energetically, spiritually and physically of your heart. What does your heart desire to do? Follow your hearts!

 Heavenly Blessings Radio Show

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 4:50 to15:00]

St. Francis on Community and Stewardship:

Greetings, I am Francis.

Suzi: Welcome.

St. Francis: And welcome, welcome, welcome to you, bright angels.

You know, I would often do this very exercise, only for me it was to simply lay back in a grassy meadow and sometimes in a bale of hay, occasionally – and I do mean occasionally – on a straw mattress. And then I would allow myself to raise up, leaving my body at perfect rest and float on those infamous, puffy clouds. But I couldn’t do this until I surrendered. With the surrender came the release.

You know, in so many ways I was a wild young man – and a warrior, yes – and I fought and maimed and killed others, and I thought it was for the glory of king and country, and most certainly for monetary gain on behalf of those who claimed power.

It was not that I enjoyed the violence in any way – in fact, it was very abhorrent – but I loved the camaraderie, that sense of unity, of shared purpose and undertaking. And although we were well taken care of, there were also times of meagre meals and exhaustion and quiet conversation around a campfire. Oh yes, and boisterous nights in taverns!

Now why do I speak of this? Because in that camaraderie, in the shared understanding of purpose – even though it was, in truth, misaligned – it deeply awoke within me that desire for bigger purpose and that desire for true community of shared vision and purpose – and at times meagre circumstances, let me put it that way – and I carried that forth.

My family was well positioned in society, my father of a merchant class who, in his own pathway, thought he was on-track and attending to the needs of his family – and might I suggest, the needs of his own ego. Often my father would rage. We had differences of opinions, and certainly when I would take the money from the sales of material in the square and give it away, he would rage at me.

He would say, “Giovanni, you don’t understand the meaning of money, of what it gives you and the position that you hold, and the importance of maintaining that position in society.” And increasingly I would answer him, respectfully and sometimes with great insolence – oh yes, the ego of a young man who knows everything – and I would say and I would feel and I would think that it was not that I did not understand money. “The fact of the matter is that I do understand money and finance and position in society, father, and I see what it does.”

And so, I would join the beggars because I needed to understand their life and position as well, of such pain and uncertainty and hunger beyond meagre circumstances most certainly. And I also came to understand two things in the beggars’ life: one was the anxiety of uncertainty, of literal survival. But underneath that, I also came to understand that the peaceful soul, the detached soul, brought certitude and that the anxiety would disappear, would simply fade away. And in many ways, you became like a bird or a squirrel in the forest, trusting that you would be fed and that you would find a safe place to sleep.

And it created within me this deeper desire to remove myself from society, to not participate and to seek that inner peace. Now that was not entirely correct either. It was my path and it was my chosen path, and it was in many ways my shamanic journey – the effort to purify myself so that I would be worthy, that I would be worthy of the love, and most particularly the love of Jesus, of Gesù.

But as I departed from society and began my humble mission really of repairing churches – yes, again with ill-gotten gains from my father initially – I realised that that desire for community was still deep within me, for that sense of unity and sacred purpose. So I began to more clearly form my community with the animals, the squirrels, the rabbits, the fox, the birds, and we had tremendous insight and sharing.

And this is an element that is often missing and is being restored. The value is known in your societies all over the world. So whether you seek the peace of the jungle or the wonder of the elephants, or the silence of the lakes or oceans or streams or the redwood forests, that yearning is present. And it is present even in the homeless and the beggars who populate your streets, whether it is Shanghai or New York City. That yearning for the peace of nature is within you; it is embedded within you.

And that is why, in these concrete jungles, you have people tending to the trees and the plants because life would be very grey without it. It is a basic human need. Sterility on this beautiful planet of such diversity is really not acceptable. And I do not just mean sterility in terms of nature; I mean sterility in terms of your life.

It is humorous. Often I hear many of you saying, “Oh, I have to simplify. I’m cleaning out my closets, I’m getting rid of things I’m not using,” to which I say, “Good!” But do you also [chuckles] hear the chuckle that I have that you have such riches to dispose of, that you have food in a larder or a fridge or a pantry that you can go to a store and actually purchase?

Now this is not true for everyone on the planet. These are gifts, luxuries, but you have often forgotten that they are such. So think of your abundant life, yes, and your abundant lifestyle and the riches that you do have, whether it is from the birds or from the smiles of strangers.

Let’s go to that “smiles of strangers”. After my learning to be quiet enough, surrender deeply enough, to have the conversations with the birds and the flowers and the trees – there’s a song in there! – I realised that still my heart yearned for that sense of Unity, of Community, and the commonality of shared vision; the commonality, the shared sense of purpose, of “why are you here?”

Now I knew I wasn’t upon this beautiful planet simply to sell material, wage war, or be a flagrant playboy. And I also came to recognise that there were so many who had that yearning heart, that truly wished not necessarily for a simpler life – because truly the journey of all beings is very simple and very complex – but I yearned for people with like-vision that I could talk to, laugh with, share a meal with, and I knew that they were out there.

And so, I sent the heart message out upon these infamous waves that we always talk about as energy. And my fellow journeyers found me and I found them, sometimes in the most curious of circumstances, and sometimes they would just simply show up in the area.

And this was so important because it not only fed my spiritual and emotional and physical body; it also fortified my soul and my sense that I had need to live in harmony with all beings, and particularly those that shared this form called a ‘human body’ – not in lustful or controlling ways, but in ways that were truly harmonious and co-creative. And we all saw that when we brought our efforts and the truth of who we are and our skills and abilities together, we could create so much.

Now why am I talking about this? Beloved angels, you are in the same process as I and my family, my soul family and circle [who] created a different pathway. That is exactly what you are doing at this juncture.

Now, in truth, in many ways you are really ahead of me or ahead of where I was because you do not necessarily have to decry and divorce yourself from your societies. But for me that was a necessary path of self-discovery. But what you have and are divorcing yourself from is that which is not of love, that which is not of truth, that which is not sacred.

So you are forging this beautiful pathway – and we all see it, and I think you do too! – and you are saying, “There is another way to live in truth and harmony,” not decrying or in any way judging those who choose the alternate path, the path of the old 3D, but you are creating this alternative way of being.

And you are gathering your lightworker/loveholder community, and you are coming over here and you are saying, “Look at this. This is fine, this is beautiful.” And you are calling them and they are finding you, and that is how you are building your community and all are welcome. All are welcome!

Now sometimes – and we experienced this – sometimes those who would join us still had some, hmm… your term would be “issues” and attachments to the old ways. And they would say to me, “Francis, why? Why can we not simply go to town, and with the money that we have brought with us buy some new material and new clothes, and buy a pig and roast it on the fire?”

And it was never that that was forbidden. We did not ‘forbid’ anything because we learned that the forbidden is always very lucrative and attractive. So there were sometimes little ‘jangles’, upsets, as people let go of their attachments and came to a place of detachment and re-attachment to what they truly desired. And we were patient and we were kind and we were inclusive – and especially me because I knew the lure of that lifestyle. So while to an outsider our life may have appeared meagre or very simple, in fact it was very rich.

But as time went on – and yes, I am telling my story – as time went on, I became increasingly aware once again of the outside world. Not that I wished to re-join it; I did not in any way, shape or form. I was living in bliss. Why would I want to do that? And yet, in the name of love, in the name of the Christ, I saw the violence that the wars were creating; I saw the tensions, the brutality, the cruelty and the misplaced priorities that war was bringing.

And again, you in your world, this beautiful planet Gaia, are seeing the main tensions that I witnessed, albeit in a slightly different form, but not all that different from what we thought of as Europeans being the primary holder of culture – which was ridiculous – against those we did not understand in the East and what you would think of as the Middle East today. It is still going on!

And so I approached the sultan and I approached the pope. [Sighs] It did not cease the brutality. This is the difficulty when everybody thinks – thinks! – and believes they are right. But I share with you, my beloved friends and family, even if it did not resolve immediately these hostilities, it did not remove my sense of responsibility to speak and to hold the truth, and to seek and to hold, as we all did in our communities (all three), the vision of peace, and not simply peace for Italy or France or Southern Europe – peace for everybody.

And from this came the prayer, “Lord, make me your instrument…”. It is a declaration of your heart and soul to truly do, to align and be, in your physical life, the purity of divine intention, Divine Authority. For each of you it is slightly different. But you are and have been positioned in places, in communities, in families, financially and spiritually, where you have the ability to affect massive change.

Let me repeat: I did not misunderstand money; I fully understood money. And that the currency, whatever it is – and I include your spiritual currency; they cannot be divorced – that you have the ability to act with the creation of community, with the healings of all societies and all peoples – including the healing, might I suggest, yes, of the mineral kingdom, of all of the natural kingdom, but also the animal kingdom.

Many of you are aware that the animal kingdom has assumed many of your issues, many of your vasanas, many of your shortcomings, shall we say, and they process continually for you – and we mean that from the minnow to the rhino. They give themselves and are fully participants in this shift, in many ways far ahead of the human race. And yet, still there is such aberration, such abuse of the animal kingdoms, domestic and otherwise.

So as you are shifting, and in deep acknowledgement and adoration and gratitude of what this kingdom has and does for you, take care of them. This beautiful planet and the Mother’s Plan was intended to be love, yes, but of a unity between all kingdoms.

As you often hear us say on this side, there is no hierarchy – and there is no hierarchy in form either. Just as the animal kingdom has attended to each of you, fed you, physically, emotionally, spiritually, so it is your responsibility as humans to do the same for them… and the flowers and the trees and the mountains and the stones – and each other.

You are given many, many gifts, but be the instrument and build your communities. And yes, Suzanne, they are there waiting for you.

Now where do you wish to begin? I know I have gone on!

Suzi: It’s really good to hear personal shares from one who has experienced human form on Gaia, one who has ascended without the body… am I correct in assuming that? You have ascended without your body?

St. Francis: Yes.

Suzi: Alright. As such, would you have anything to say about undoing the soul damage of witnessing cruelty and murder, or committing those things?

St. Francis: Now you understand that I chose the path of withdrawal, and I chose the path of withdrawal before I discovered surrender. I am not recommending withdrawal because you are the warriors of peace, you are the implementers and the fulfilment of the Mother’s dream. But does that heal, in action, this what you have called “damage”? Because, think of it, it truly is “sandpaper to the soul” to use the channel’s expression when you witness such horror.

Now let me pose a question to you. If you are not aware, if you do not witness at various levels and various times these abhorrences, then the desire to heal, to unify, to remedy those situations will not be awake and activated and alive in your life. The healing that comes from addressing, either in a very minute way or in a very large way – and you are all going to do both, by the way – that is also the healing of the damage.

Suzi: It’s like the question triggers the answer…

St. Francis: Yes. If you remove yourself… and I am not saying to engage with the nightly circus of drama on your news stations… but if you are not aware, then you don’t act.

It is the sense, might I even say, of ‘balanced outrage’ that is important, because what it does on an individual level and in your community of lightworkers – there is this desperate [feeling?]… and I mean that in a positive sense… of being spurred to action, that we must do something. So in the awareness is not the feeling of denial, or even ignorance or unawareness. So what you are doing in the awareness is taking the concerted action that is to heal.

Now let me say this. I became aware of certain atrocities in my lifetime ‘way back when’ and I did what I could. Now you, you have travelled so far, all of you, and you have this awareness not only of a small geographic area but of the entire planet. Now, at times, must this feel overwhelming? I am certain it does. I see your crying, I see your pleas, and I see your pleas for relief.

And also, there are sometimes atrocities in the home or in your community. All of these, do not categorise them as lesser or more important, because each of you have a unique role – but that role in its grandest sense, with the alignment with our Mother, is to be the love. So, for some of you, it literally means healing homelessness or spousal abuse or child abuse in the community you live. It doesn’t necessarily mean going to the Sudan, but for some of you it does.

That is the meaning of having resources and of being highly creative – and I know whereof I speak – highly creative with the resources you do have. Now, I didn’t like being a beggar. I learned a great deal, but it also taught me that that’s a terrible life. So I am not suggesting, as former pathways would, to shed all your worldly riches, all your responsibilities, and go and live in a box under a bridge. No!

You are called to be the healers of humanity. You are forging that different pathway and with that comes great responsibility. But it is important that the responsibility be the actions both subtly, energetically, spiritually and physically of your heart.

What does your heart desire to do? If it scratches on your soul like nails on a chalkboard to see a child who comes to school with a black eye, then that is where you belong. And if it makes you sick to your stomach to see the violence being perpetrated on the elephants, then that is where you belong. Follow your hearts!

And do not… yes, I know, I am being rather dictatorial, aren’t I! Do not abhor those who have perpetrated those actions. Embrace them and show them your alternative pathway.

Suzi: Well, exactly. Stewardship is our birthright and our responsibility. So what if our work is to raise the frequency of those who are perpetrators of ‘evil deeds’ because, frankly, that’s an aberration so they need it more than anyone else. And how else can we change this world unless we help change that?

St. Francis: That is exactly right. Now you have that expression “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”

Now let me tell you and reassure each and every one of you, my beloveds, that as you are holding the higher frequency, as you are holding and being washed by the Mother’s Tsunami but also holding the vibration of love, you are sending those energy waves out to those who are in aberration. And that is setting the stage for you to actually move into literal, physical action – and actions that will be accepted as remedies.

But first comes the setting of the stage and that is what you are doing magnificently!

Suzi: Fabulous! Good to know! Well, we are almost at the end of our show here. Is there anything you have to say in closing? We thank you so much for joining us today.

St. Francis: Oh, you are so welcome. I am pleased to be allowed to speak to my friends.

Do not underestimate how you are doing and what you are doing in a single smile, in a subtle blessing. And keep going on your alternative pathway. I am there waiting for you, eager to conjoin with you, eager to help.

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.