If you focus on what you love and the love of your beautiful, sacred self, the balance of your masculine and feminine, your angelic, your wingmaker, your galactic, your human self – then you cannot go awry.

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:28 to 12:18]

Mary Magdalene: Greetings, I am Mary Magdalene. I am the Magdalena. Thank you and welcome, welcome to each and every one of you. And it is my honour and pink delight to be here with you this day – here with you this day and here with you always.

I come to you not as angel, not as archangel, not as master, but as sister and friend and ally, one who has walked this beautiful planet Gaia and who knows what it is to be woman and wife and mother and daughter and friend and sister, in both the figurative and the literal sense.

And yes, I do come to bring you the energy, anchoring the energy into these beautiful bodies – the energy of the divine feminine in balance, in conjunction and conjoining with the divine masculine. Never has it been either/or. Why would you simply have one when you can have it all? That is not the way on this side and it is not the way of Nova Being.

Yes, this is a time on your planet when we are working with you, the Mother’s Tsunami of One, anchoring the divine feminine, re-anchoring the divine feminine, re-anchoring the love, but it is not to the exclusion of the divine masculine. Both these qualities, both these energies, both these essences of existence have been lost and ignored for far too long.

But because there has been so much emphasis on the masculine, it is a time where the focus is being brought during this phase primarily to the divine feminine. But let us be very clear – it is not to the exclusion of the divine masculine. [The] masculine upon this planet of love (so much like pink and gold Venus) became so distorted. That is not meant in any way, shape or form as a criticism or a critique of males, individually or collectively.

But the idea, the belief system on both sides – masculine and feminine, but let us begin with the masculine – of what it means to be a ‘real man’ has been ridiculous. And out of those belief systems grew the system of control, of abuse of power, abuse of authority, the belief that somehow that strength meant not feeling, not being gentle and kind and considerate, was lost by and large. And that is not at all what it means to be masculine.

And when I say that, I mean the masculine that sits in both male and female, because there are many, many women who in order to strive, survive, thrive, succeed in the masculine realm of what the planet had become, had adopted these traits as vigorously as any man. And that is not the truth; it is not even close to a reflection of who you really are.

My beloved Yeshua, the love of my life – the love of every lifetime! – was a ‘real man’ in the real sense of the word. And he was kind and gentle and loving and strong – as strong as granite, as strong as wind, as strong as water, as strong as love. He came to teach the messages of love, to remind all of us that that is the only truth from which all else grows.

And the strength of that love allowed him to be strong, to go forth and to teach which was contrary to many people’s ways of thinking, to persist and endure regardless of those who laughed at him, who denied him, who persecuted him and eventually killed him. But the strength of his love and the belief in the knowing of who he is endured and continued.

But that strength, that masculine strength, the ability to stand against a whirlwind of shame and agony, denial – that is the beauty. And what it did was instil in all of us, to help bring to the surface in all of us that strength and kindness and gentleness and laughter, and the ability to create. And it was not defined as “now I am in my masculine self” because it was married in perfect balance with the feminine, with the divine feminine.

As you all know, I had my own training, my own journey that I brought forth, yes, as divine complement and as human complement to Yeshua. But regardless, if the unfoldment and the history had been different, I still would have had and would have continued in my own journey which was one very similar to my beloved: trained, a channel naturally, a bringer of ceremony and ritual, and an outrageous nature, also fearless.

I had lived in a time where there was much push and pull, particularly within Judaic society, because there was a belief and custom that women were the head of the household, and yet more seen than heard and that they belonged in the home. And at the same time, parallel to all of this, there was a strong tradition of the feminine goddesses and the incorporation of that, even in a patriarchal world.

So as I stepped forth, and as we are speaking about bodies and physicality, as I stepped forth in those times and in your times, would be considerable beauty and grace, sensuality, sexuality. I was often brought to task for being so outspoken and so clear in what I knew to be true and the pathways that lie ahead, then and now.

You see, my beloveds, the strength of the divine feminine is but a reflection of the strength of the masculine; the strength of the masculine is nothing but a reflection of the strength of the feminine. And so it goes, bouncing back and forth in unity, in balance, in perfection.

Too often again, in the abomination of what has occurred with the definition and the belief systems associated with masculine and feminine, the feminine has come to be noted as submissive – and in many ways, a sexual object, a place for men to relieve themselves, to plant their seed, to bear children. That is a gift. Yes, intimacy is a gift, the ability to bear children – we are the only ones that can do it! That is a gift, it is a strength, it is a purpose. But it is far, far from the soul purpose, and it is certainly not ever intended to be a way of secondary citizenship or submission.

The masculine, divine masculine and divine feminine, stand, flow, exist, create – conjoined, intertwined, interwoven as One. The definitions and the delineations are for purposes of creation and understanding and going forth similarly in form. Yes, you have chosen your gender, but you are the brilliant anchors of this unified energy of the Mother and the Father. Never can it be an either/or.

Many of you who have chosen at this time particularly – but many of you have done this repeatedly; there tends to be a preference, myself included – but those of you who have incarnated during this time in the feminine have a particular leaning towards the anchoring of the divine feminine.

Sometimes there has need to be an imbalance, a greater attention paid to what has been lacking in order to bring back the balance, and that is why there are more women upon this planet at this time than men. It is to anchor that divine feminine energy.

Now that is not to negate the divine feminine that grows and blossoms in the men, to which we all say, “Hallelujah!” It is about time. It is about what Yeshi and I anchored so long ago, and that is the paradigm not only of partnership but of two individuals, strong, vibrant, alive, vigorous, physical, who stood together as masculine-feminine/feminine-masculine, both in the authority and the love of who they are that allowed that sacred union, that brought to the forefront that sacred union.

If either one of us had been tethered to the old paradigms – that yes, is still being eliminated in your time – then it never would have worked. I for one would have kicked and screamed and cried and begged Yeshua to not make such a public statement of his ministry. If I had been in submission, I would have made his life miserable and he mine.

Instead, we lived in the moment, dearest Suzanne, that you have been talking about of the ‘eternal now’ because that is truly all that exists. You do not live in the future; you do not live in the past. Yes, it is all one time, but truly the only place you are perceiving is your now.

And in your now, welcome, embrace, live in that balance and that harmony of the masculine-feminine divinity – in the true meaning of what that is.

Sweet angel, where do you wish to begin this day?

Suzi: Oh Mary, thank you so much. As always, I will thank you for coming to talk to us. I am always in awe that I get to do this and it’s always a wonderful job.

There’s so many things! The first thing that’s coming to mind is that what we pay attention to grows larger in our lives, and it’s feeling to me that that’s becoming actually more literal every moment that passes. Because if I’m not paying attention to the American election, things are going to carry on anyway, and I’m imagining that my best and most efficient way of helping this whole process along is to not pay that much attention to it and just keep my own frequency and vibe high.

So we have awareness of the situations but we don’t delve into them. But is there going to come a point where that’s not even going to be part of our experience any more?

Mary Magdalene: If you are asking, sweet one, if the American elections will be part of your experience, [laughter] I will give you a mixed answer which is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’!

But let us get to the true heart of what you are talking about. You are in the Mother’s New Time – and let us be clear: you are not the same person, the same composition of molecules, atoms, subatomic material that you were even a month ago; and most certainly not the same person you were a year ago; and most certainly not the same person you were when much of this discussion and the decision to ascend as one in 2012…

So, radical changes have taken place. And so how you operate… that is why I am so pleased to talk about this! How you operate – you would call it your “standard operating procedures” – have so radically changed that the old simply doesn’t work or apply any longer. So those that are using that old manual are pretty much out of luck!

And might I suggest, as an aside, that those who are paying so much attention to war or elections or drama are using that old operating manual, and it will never work!

But in the ‘new’, with this refined energy – yes, what our Mother has called “refined balance” – what you are doing is literally creating instantaneously, and you are beginning to get used to this because it is a new way of existence. So your comment, your aside, which is really the heart of the matter, is what you are bringing your attention to is literally not only where you are placing your energy but what you are creating.

And that is why so much emphasis in this moment – which is eternal – is being placed upon the physical vessel as well. There has been so much misunderstanding about what entails the absorption of the lightbody, the transition to lightbody, what it means to transition from carbon to crystalline – all that doesn’t matter. That is the business of science catching up!

What matters is that the focus has turned into love, has turned into “I’m going to place my focus on what I love, and I’m not going to pay attention to what I either am not in charge of, can’t control, don’t want to control, because what I focus on will have that ripple effect of changing everything anyway – backward and forward and in the now.”

So for example, when Yeshi and I proceeded, let us say with our joint ministry, with our joint mission – because so often “ministry” has a religious overtone and that is the last thing I wish to imply – we did not sit there and worry or fuss or follow the messengers or the scribes who were telling us what was going on in Rome or in the Pharisees’ meetings or what the naysayers were talking about. That would only distract us.

So when we went to meet with people, whether it was by the sea or in a village or sitting on the side of a hill, what we talked about was the world we could create together with those we were chatting with. We didn’t spend time saying, “Have you heard about the latest coup? Have you heard about the latest hanging or crucifixion?” We ignored that because there was no point; it was not related to what we wished to bring forward.

So you are doing stellar work when you say, “Let those who are on that path and whose mission it is to pay attention to those factors, let them take care of it. That is not mine.”

Suzi: Okay, that’s good. So there are people whose job is to pay attention to it. So oil companies build pipelines through indigenous territory, and this Dakota Access pipeline now has 7,000 people gathered. It’s a very big, beautiful, unifying of tribes and of people all over the planet, and I just find it to be an exquisite happening and one of the purposeful things; well, everything is purposeful…

But what I also wonder about is… So we pay attention to the unification of people and the beauty there, and we don’t pay attention to the governor saying, “Let’s get the National Guard in here and let’s get the police in here, and let’s just make some trouble”?

Mary Magdalene: You pay attention to the fulfilment of these ancient Native American prophecies – that they have stepped forward, the browns, the reds, the whites, the yellows, to come together to build a new world, and an ancient world, and a current world that is honouring of Gaia.

Think of it in this way. You see, each sector – and there are many – is doing their job, both individually and collectively. So what is happening is that people are awakening. And if you think in terms of the Native Americans, it is not tribe-specific – it is a unified effort and all are welcome to create situations that protect what is precious, not only to the people but to the kingdoms and to Gaia herself.

Now, if the National Guard is knocking at your door and dragging you away or threatening you with their guns, of course you pay attention. But do you engage in their chaos by focusing on it, by talking about who is right, who is wrong? You already know who is right, who is wrong – nobody! because that is the old duality.

What they are doing, the National Guard or any police force, is bringing this old authoritarian energy and it is bouncing and hammering against the new realm, and the new realm, the realm of unity, of love, is saying “No!”

So you don’t completely ignore, but you don’t engage. So you send the love, you send the transformational energy for them to see what is really going on, and you send the love and support and you participate even when it is in distant observer status – it matters not, the energy is there – and you glean and receive and send the support to the cause, to the unity, undertaking, that is reflective of the new paradigm.

Suzi: Beautiful. So what we feed our energy and our attention into in any given situation… and there’s always something good to look at in anything.

Mary Magdalene: That is correct. And even when it appears as chaos, simply know it is being brought to the surface for revelation – and that is very important. This is a time when all that is not of truth and light is being brought to the surface. And it is being brought to the surface in human realm, and it is being pushed to the surface by our side.

Suzi: Alright. So I have a relationship question. Relationships have brought us quite often to an awareness of hidden issues we carry. I can see the efficiency of such an arrangement, but are we coming into a time when relationships can simply be a joy of mutual recognition and appreciation, and don’t have to trigger us because we’re pretty much good and healed and whole?

Mary Magdalene: Absolutely. And let us say this. We know that you are talking about sacred partnership/romance, but it is also true in terms of the relationships of friendship, of parent-child, of siblings. So, so often you will hear many humans, and particularly aware lightworkers/loveholders say, “I can’t be with my family. They have not brought me love. I can’t talk to my brother or sister because they judge me and it triggers all kinds of things within me, and I become a nasty person or I become super defensive.”

So in the past – and let us make that, let us push it into the distant past! – humans have used human relationships as these triggers, as these catalysts for awakening. Aside from some of your First Nations or First People, much had been forgotten about allowing Gaia and nature and the kingdoms, the birds, the animals to show what needed to be learned. And so, as that faded, what happened was the humans took up the slack.

And so what happened in the process of awakening, of clearing, of becoming, of arriving is that the human relationship, rather than being the fulfilling love that is intended – that’s the only reason there are many of you upon the planet; it is to have a variety of experiences of love and to live in unity.

So the old paradigm of using people and those you can or could love and cherish as simple catalysts is dissipating very, very rapidly, because the divine purpose, the divine will, was for these relationships – now we particularly are talking about the sacred partnerships, but family as well – was to be the conjoining of the masculine-feminine, feminine-masculine, regardless of gender, so that that could be in a place of such unity and co-creation.

There has been a tendency, if you think of divine masculine as one circle and divine feminine as another circle, that those circles have been separate, and that is not the Plan. The Plan is for the meeting in the middle so that there is, yes, divine masculine-divine feminine, but there is the centre of overlap where they meet.

Suzi: Like the Vesica Piscis…

Mary Magdalene: Yes, like the infinity [symbol]… so yes, but more than the infinity, it is the conjoining place for both. And in practicality it is intended that the male-female, male-male, female-female, it matters not, but that that place of conjoining be the physical expression of that union of divine masculine-divine feminine. Partnership is supposed to be exciting ecstasy in every sense of the word – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and far beyond!

When you have that, there is a recognition, even if you have just met the person 10 minutes ago, of the eternal linkage between the two of you. And sweet angel, it is beyond sublime! And yes, each of you and all of you deserve that.

Suzi: Wow! There are many of us, probably all of us, hard-wired for companionship and love, so of course we all want that and can have it. So it’s a wonderful thing.

I would look to a reversal of the twisting and taking control of human sexuality over our history. It’s been pretty grim and it’s a challenge to let go of the ‘how’ of that process. Is that completely up to us with support groups and people who’ve had experience to share? I know we get help but is there anything you could say about that, how we can clear ourselves of that?

Mary Magdalene: Of course, you get help from this side. And yes, sweet angel, I for one know all about how people can twist the sexuality piece into something very grim. For you know that I was much maligned as prostitute and whore because I loved physical reality – my own sensuality, sexuality, and my ability to be not only a goddess but a woman in form.

So it is important that some of this unravelling, untwisting, reprogramming, acceptance, surrender into the fact that sexuality, sensuality… because I want both to be present… physicality is joyous. It is part of the gift.

You have talked about food and how there has been a redefinition of food and nourishing your physical form. Similarly, there is and there will be much reprogramming – and it is through an openness.

There has been so much abuse and so much sexual abuse, so much sexual predation, so much sexual deviation – and I do not mean gender preference – but so much deprivation; deprivation as in “do not do sex; it is dirty, sinful, shameful” that it has need to come out of the closet into the light of day.

So the openness which is growing about the gentle acceptance that sexuality – and I don’t simply mean orgasm; I mean the totality of physicality, of the glee with one’s body – needs to come forth, not in a way… because in your society it has been either/or… so not in a way of narcissistic behaviour, but in a way that this is integral part of who you are. This is the form that you, in conjunction with your guardian angels and the Mother and many of us, have chosen. So then to deny a whole part of it is abomination!

So it is not to be completely focused on one aspect of yourself, but it is to give equal measure, balance, to all parts of yourself.

So yes, the human beings will have a great deal of mutuality and support in the various forms that you have mentioned: support groups, discussion groups, practice groups, tantra… all of this will come to the forefront. And there are those amongst you who that is your piece of your sacred mission, and it hasn’t come to the fullness yet because it has been such a taboo.

Suzi: Alright. In the meditation I believe, the phrase was mentioned “both unified and independent”. If we could have a little bit of a discussion about that because I am certainly feeling the Oneness with all things, while at the same time integrating aspects of myself is an individual process within the unified whole. Could you speak to that a little bit?

Mary Magdalene: So it is the unified… Let us go back to those concentric circles that are overlapping now. In the part that isn’t overlapping is that strong, independent self – divine masculine-divine feminine-divine self. Then think of the place where the concentric circles have joined, not only as the blend with your pieces or with another, but with the All.

When you enter into that conjoining, into that place of unification, you are unifying not only with your sacred self, not only with your sacred twin, not only with your sacred partner, but in that energy the next step is the unification with All.

Suzi: It looks like the Flower of Life to me. That’s what I’m seeing now.

Mary Magdalene: Yes, it is exactly the Flower of Life which is a very ancient symbol. So in that, you bring forth… The goal, the purpose, the gift has never been to eliminate the unique, bright spark that you are – and that is the individual, the uniqueness, the integration of all aspects. And although there is the place of unity, there is also at the same time the beauty and uniqueness of who you are. We don’t wish to destroy that and neither do you!

So often you have thought it is either/or – again to go back to that whipping analogy is that you have felt that you have had to whip your sense of self into submission to the All. And that is not the purpose or the way; that is not the path. It is to maintain, in integrity, all of who you are, and to bring that to the place of sacred union.

Suzi: With the self, beautiful.

Mary Magdalene: With yourself and with All.

Suzi: Yes! Ah, that’s lovely. Would you be able to say anything about the energies this month? It’s pretty intense, and it just feels like a moment in time if I might say “pregnant with possibilities” – how about that?

Mary Magdalene: Yes, the energy is very ‘pregnant’ – I would say “nine months plus pregnant with possibilities and about to pop!” [Laughter] So yes, you are feeling that intensity.

You, sweet one, have been pregnant and so you know what it feels like to reach that time when you know that you are due and you are really ready. And so it is “I am ready to give birth. As much as I love being pregnant, I am ready to let go of this sweet being inside of me and to allow, again, the independence of a new form completely united with me.” Cut the umbilical cord and let the new begin!

So yes, the energies have been remarkably intense because you are in that middle of the transformation. My beloved had called this “an extraordinary year”. So much of what has been “extraordinary” has been in what you would think of as the unseen realms, but the transformation of each of you and of the human race has been nothing short of extraordinary. But yes, you are on the cusp of bringing that into physicality.

Suzi: Exciting.

Mary Magdalene: We are so excited we can’t wait!

Suzi: So we’ll just keep ourselves happy and high frequency and paying attention to what matters to us and what we love, and just be love in every moment – and it’s all going to be awesome!

Mary Magdalene: If you focus on what you love and the love of your beautiful, sacred self, the balance of your masculine and feminine, your angelic, your wingmaker, your galactic, your human self – then you cannot go awry.

Suzi: Beautiful.

Mary Magdalene: Go with my love and go in peace, sweet ones. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.