The qualities of the Divine Masculine and Feminine are unique and in many ways still blended. The Masculine and the Feminine are and always have been in perfect infinite eternal harmony. And, that is what each and every one of you, in the balance of your masculine and feminine, that is what you are bringing to the forefront, and the anchoring of Nova Being, and Nova Earth, and Nova Communities.

The Blending of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
Archangel Michael/Universal Mother Mary
Hour With An Angel June 28, 2016

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Good evening everyone and welcome Linda.

Linda: Good morning, good evening, good afternoon Steve, and everybody else out there listening. You know, just before our show started, Steve and Suzie and I were chatting about a dream I had that this information and teaching is being broadcast outside this little area. I had this clear understanding of what Michael and others have told us before. It’s that when we are having this show, whether the people actually can hear us or not, that the information and energy is sent out all over the planet. So, while I welcome our listeners, I also want to remind everyone that as we do this, we’re sending this information directly from Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven all over the planet. Such a cool idea!

SB: It fits in with what either the Arcturian group or Hilarion were saying this week, that we have no idea the impact of sending love to a person. We think that only a conversation with that person will work if they’re having trouble of some sort. But in fact, just sending them love… And it goes against our ways of thinking, doesn’t it?

LD: It does go against our ways of thinking somehow. But, in other ways, I realize that very often, it’s far more powerful and effective to simply send love; because (and I learned this through our healing teams) that very often the conversation starts with our natural inclination to discuss it, to conquer it, to exchange ideas. But when we start to do that, our personalities, and our delightful egos – and our thoughts about what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s helpful, what’s not – can get in the way. And when we send sheer love, sheer energy, it’s so powerful because it just goes. It’s not attached to anything. It just penetrates the person.

And, you know, Steve, when you think about it, that’s exactly what the new Tsunami of One is doing to all of us. There are no words attached. I think it’s important. You know, what’s sort of jogging in my mind is Universal Mother Mary’s reminder, or request, of each of us to fall in love with everybody and every thing upon the planet. And that’s basically what we’re doing when we’re sending love. And, we can have the conversations because this is what we’re doing right here and with all the guests that we invite but at the same time we’re sending the love. So, I hope everybody who’s listening tonight simply opens their heart, hears the words and also receives the love in between the words.

SB: Thank you. Well, while you’re making your transition, I’ll just mention to the listeners that this show – and we’ve asked Archangel Michael to come help us with this – this show arose out of a conversation between Suzie, Linda and I about leadership and the resurgence of the Divine Feminine. And the question was: When men approach leadership, they approach it with all the ‘masculine appearing’ qualities of persistence, and pushing through, and courage, and strength, and all. And will the Divine Masculine, taking leadership positions as has been requested of us, will they overwhelm or threaten the Divine Feminine and work against the resurgence, the return of the Divine Feminine? How can men participate in leadership without replicating the old order? That’s the question that we had and that’s the reason we asked Archangel Michael to come on the show and help us think about this and feel into it. So, with that I welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you, my beloved brother and friend. And welcome to all of you. I am Michael, also known as Mi-Ka-El, also known as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. So let us emphasize this day, Archangel of Love, because I am all of these things, as are each and every one of you my beloved family, my beloved friends. Whether you are of the legion of blue, of purple or violet, of pink, or of yellow, of lurion or halion, of luminesa – it matters not.

Let us speak of this question, which is essential to your understanding, although there are moments when I will tease you, because I have also reminded you to be playful in your approach to life. The old paradigm of the masculine has been a blend, and I might have said a sorry blend, but I would never say that. But, it has been a blend of your old paradigms of the old third-dimensional earth, which has always been an illusion and is not in existence any longer. And the striving, the anchoring, the becoming, the remembering of the Divine Masculine, has always been within each and every one of you. The qualities (you know but I will remind you) of the Divine Masculine and Feminine are unique and in many ways still blended. But, as I say to you this day, I am Archangel of News. I am Archangel of Peace. I am Archangel of Love. I am Archangel of Truth. I am Archangel of Art. I am Archangel of Music. I do not have the delineation into simply what you would think of as one category.

The Divine Masculine is known through the gentle strength, the valor, the courage, the wisdom, and in what you have thought as protection and provision, as standing at the head of the family, whether it is a family of one, or the family of man. And the Divine Feminine has been known as the nurturer, the creator, the healer in many ways, with the Mother’s Blue Diamond, and the bringing to fruition of what you think of again as the Divine Plan. But many of those qualities are intermingled, combined – for the gentle strength of the Mother, the wisdom of the Mother can never be underestimated or denied, and certainly not ignored. And the Father, in the desire for provision, for protection. In so many ways that is the nurturing, that is the caretaking – yes on another level and a different manner. But there is not such great differentiation on our side, certainly, as there has been on Earth. But the mere fact that you, sweet Steve, Suzanne and Linda, consider this question, speaks to your evolution. And it speaks to the evolution of all who listen, and by transmitting this information this day we contribute to the transition of the human collective.

The fact that you pose the question and have the concern, expresses that you care. Now previously in many, “leadership” as you would think of it or put it (and we would not consider true leadership) but in the paradigm of leadership that has existed very often upon beloved Gaia, what has happened is the element of control, of false authority, of false grids of authority, of greed, and lust, and of not caring have contributed to a stereotypical idea of the masculine that is not even close to the masculine of our Father.

But the fact that you ask the question means that you have already shifted, and you are in the process of anchoring this new paradigm of what does it mean to be male.

Now, let me speak to all the women of the planet, and I give you all, you males, permission to listen in. There is not a woman upon the planet, regardless of gender preference, who does not love, respect, desire a strong, forthright, clear, honest man.

And when I say a strong man, it can be four-nine or six-nine. It is not a matter of size. It is the size of the spirit and the way in which that spirit manifests. The role and the desire for the masculine strength and wisdom and nurturing and caring has always been that seed within the heart, certainly of women and truly of men.

Now, in many times during dark ages, which was until yesterday, this seed within the heart, this knowing of desire which is implanted within you – because it is of truth – was often hidden and held closely and kept secret, because the existing power structure of male rulers – not leaders, rulers – was such that the women and the men kept this desire for the true masculine hidden because it was too dangerous to expose. But that dream and that knowing of what the male in form, as the full blossoming of the Divine Masculine, has never been lost. Just as the dream and the seed of the Divine Feminine, which is within you – you are patterned upon the Mother, seeded by the Father – so that has never been lost.

Now, let me tease you. Do you really think, my beloved friends, that as you allow your Divine Masculine and Feminine to truly emerge and be expressed, that it is going to be in any state of conflict? Do you really think that as you evolve, shift, ascend, emerge, that because of that the true pattern of the Divine Masculine and the Mother’s Feminine is somehow going to change? No. Their pattern is infinite and eternal.

Now, does it shift and change and grow and morph? Yes. But it is always of love. It is always the experience, the expression, and the beingness of love. And I might suggest to you that the Mother and Father, the Masculine and the Feminine, are and always have been in perfect infinite eternal harmony. And, that is what you, each and every one of you, in the balance of your masculine and feminine, that is what you are bringing to the forefront, and the anchoring of Nova Being, and Nova Earth, and Nova Communities.

Now, your question really pertains to “old patterns die hard,” and the fact that in transition – because we are not erasing your memories, we are not interfering or ever will, with your free will, with choice and decision points – so it is in the transition (which is your sensitivity, for which we laud you)…it is in this transition point that this question has great pertinence.

It is not about, never has been, never will be, about ascendency of one being over another or over a group. Repeatedly we have said to thee we do not operate – the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, your star brothers and sisters – we do not operate in a hierarchy.

And you say, yes, but you say there are people and beings that must have a semblance of authority and control. Absolutely. But it is not the same as a hierarchical tyranny. Because that is really, regardless of how it has been couched and the make-up that has been applied, the illusion that has been applied, that is basically what the male power structure upon the planet has been. It has been a hierarchical tyranny.

Now, most of the men that hear us this night and far beyond, have no desire – whether they know they are awake or not, there is no, or certainly little, desire to truly be in a position of power that speaks to the element of control, of lust, of false authority. Because all true authority (including mine, my beloveds) is based on the blessing, the honoring and the alignment with the Mother and the Father. That is where our service, our beings (what you would think of as your hearts and souls), that is where they belong. And so, in this balancing of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, we know, and you will know, when the stepping forth in terms of leading the parade is required; when you are the pathfinder and using your spiritual sword, my spiritual machete to break through the underbrush, is required; and when you are in the middle and you are finding food for those who are spiritually and physically hungry and thirsty; or when you are at the back of the parade, finding that lost lamb.

Now, in the transition, there will be sensitivities. But let us also address this. The men and the women who are being asked, requested, pleaded with to step forward in your framework of what we and you call leadership, are those who have the sensitivity, the awareness, who have been flying often enough through the ascension portal, that that balance of masculine and feminine is present. So that the women who step forth have enough of the masculine that the males will listen, adhere, follow – and I do not mean follow in terms of subservience; I mean participation.

And similarly, the males who step forward will be enough of a balance that they will know not to force, but to engage, to nurture, to mentor, to lead by example. And yes, when valor and courage is required, when the male protection and provision is required, that there is not fear to declare this, to speak the truth, and even more importantly, to do the truth. For the actions, whether it is writing an article or standing in front of the Intergalactic Council, or your United Nations, when you stand there, you do so on behalf of all. And that requires valor and courage. But it also requires the gentle wisdom and the overwhelming candor to speak the truth, to hold the line and to not give an inch when you know if you give an inch, your expression would be that you would take a yard, or a foot, or a mile.

So, it is that balance. Your concern about trying to quash or inadvertently quashing the rise of the Divine Feminine is a wonderful concern because what it speaks to is you will not march through the field and trample the flowers, that you will walk gently and you will see the flowers and you will admire the flowers and you will not walk or trespass. Not because there are signs or warnings, but because you would never wish to destroy that beauty. So does it require – and this is particularly true for the masculines, for the males, but it is also true for the women – it requires a level of vigilance, of not rushing. And that is why we have been emphasizing this sense of human, of community, and of personal balance. If you are in such a rush to anchor Nova Earth that you do not take the time to smell those flowers, then you have missed the point.

And, that would be very, very sad, as in tragic, because what that would indicate is that you are re-engaging with the old third. And none of you wish to do that, and not because we do not wish you to do that, but because in your heart you do not wish to do that. So there is a vigilance that is paired with sensitivity, with a – not a slowness as in slow motion – but with a sense of timing that you do not find yourself pushing the river instead of going with the flow.

Now we do not speak of predestination, what some call fate, or that all is written. Because, as you know, there are billions and billions of flexible variables, zillions, that are adjusted every day within the Plan of the Divine Mother. But also, in that, the plan for the restoration of love upon the planet is about the restoration, the ascendancy of the Divine Feminine, because you are in a creation phase. But as you advance, it is not, and never has been, the ascendancy of the Divine Feminine over the Masculine. It is standing in that perfect balance, both within your sacred self and in action upon the planet.

Now, you say, “But I know I have my Divine Feminine and I am bringing her along. But I lean towards my Masculine.” Well, that is why you have chosen to be in the male form. Now it is not a 50-50 split – although, for some of you, it is. But for the women, it tends to be 60 to 70 percent, say (if you want a mathematical formula), in the Feminine. But your masculine is fully present. And vice versa. For the males, your Divine Masculine is about 60 to 70, but your Feminine and the knowing and the caring and the nurturing is still fully present. So in this transition, what you will find yourself doing is referring to that Divine Feminine, all of you male and female, more and more. And, for the women who have denied their Divine Masculine – and who have looked to the old paradigm of ‘provide for me, protect me, take care of me’ – that is old, old beliefs. So you will find yourself claiming your own ability. Take care of yourself.

That does not mean that you live a singular life. The nature of divine and sacred union is that each being is in that balance. And then you come together in this blessed union and the complementarity: you fill each other out, you conjoin, and you remain independent as well, vigilant. Never to overstep but aware that that lurks within you with reference to the old. Let me stop there. Where do you wish to begin this day, dear Steve?

SB: Well, that was a wonderful discussion of sacred union and the situation with the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Lord. So, thank you very much for that. Where it all goes off the rails – and, I know you know what I am about to say – is in the core issues or vasanas. You recall the circumstance with myself, where there were certain agreements with the Divine Mother, shall we say – they all went out the window when vasanas erupted. So that’s the problem for us. I mean, we may have the best of intentions, but then something gets triggered. I mean, many of us have gone through really trying lifetimes, not even simply this lifetime, but several in a row. Especially women – burned at the stake, beheaded, on and on – the terrible things go to the women who protected the mystical wisdom. And now here we are in this lifetime and we’re clearing all that. So it can go off the rails.

And so, really a very vital part of what I am looking for is how do we operate to preserve this delicate operation that we’re carrying out of rebalancing the divine male and divine female when we are human, i.e., when we are subject to core issues, which we ourselves have created? But, how do we swim through those murky waters or traverse that raging river?

AAM: You, and I mean all of you, are being penetrated to clear those core issues. Now you have just mentioned the huge encouragement, motivator, requirement to clear those core issues. So you are being assisted in clearing them and you, collectively and individually, have decided to clear them. So, when we speak of being vigilant, it is exactly that type of thing that we are speaking of. Because if you do not move slowly enough – in awareness, mental, emotional, but mostly heart consciousness – if you do not move slowly enough, then you are triggered by a vasana, by a core issue, and away you go. And, before you know it, you have destroyed what you have so diligently built up.

I had whispered in the channel’s ear that I wish this day to speak to honesty. And, she said “No, no, no, Michael. We are speaking of the role of leadership and the Divine Masculine this day.”

But, truly what we are speaking of this day is honesty and truth. But let us use the practical term of honesty. When you assume a role – leadership or anything else – first and foremost what you are doing, the question that starts the entire process (and it needs to be asked every single day), is “Am I being honest with myself? Am I being honest with those that I am co-creating, working, playing, living with? Am I being honest in terms of my efforts to create Nova Earth? Am I being honest in so far as I am up for this, that I am capable of this? Am I being honest in my promise to the Mother?” So, it starts with honesty.

You know there isn’t a great deal of talk upon your planet, most certainly not enough talk or discussion or practice, of honesty. Yes, you speak of clarity, you speak of transparency; but the honesty with your sacred self, and of course there will be days when you don’t feel like stepping forward, you don’t feel like being in the middle of the parade, and you certainly don’t feel like looking for the lost lamb. And those are the days you should stay home and rest, or go out and play or eat ice cream. There is nothing wrong with that. But, I am not going to digress.

In this honesty, this is the foundation. Yes we know it is of love, but let us be practical. And you have talked about this, all three of you, and many of you who listen to me this night. You have to be honest. Yes, you have to be honest with each other. That does not mean ascendency. That does not mean that your honest opinion transcends or has authority over someone else’s opinion or experience. You do not “honestly” get to translate what someone else is experiencing and going through, be it a core issue or a broken heart. But, what it does mean is a community and a community of Gaians that does not live in fear or false illusions of what is polite or politically correct.

To honestly say, “I am observing this. I feel this,” you are not declaring that the person has to alter their behaviors. But what you are saying is given your frame of reference, whether you have been beheaded in every single lifetime, you are creating a new community where it is safe to express how you feel, what you observe. And there is no charge about whether it is accurate, correct or incorrect. It is permission that you are freely, joyously, granting one another so that you stay on track and that everyone stays on track.

Dear Steve, this should delight you because it goes back to your roots of the “growth movement.”

SB: Definitely! Definitely! What you’re saying absolutely tickles me, it does. I wanted to add that if one did this, what you’re talking about, if one spoke truthfully after a vasana goes off. You know, “I am triggered, I am angry, I don’t know why I am angry, it probably has nothing to do with you, you know, but something’s gone off.” You know, that is the answer, isn’t it? You know, the truth will set us free. Even if we haven’t the whole truth at the moment, you know, but we’re getting there, and we’re getting there, and we’re getting there and experiencing more and more release.

AAM: You are getting there.

SB: Thank you. (Laughter)

AAM: No, this is intended to be the conversation.

SB: Oh, excellent!

AAM: You are getting there. The truth is perhaps bigger (and I am not even talking about our frame of reference) than even in the human realm. The truth is also bigger than any of you initially suspects. But when you have permission – and it is a tacit and an active permission – to express one’s self, then that truth, when you honestly are truthful and honest with yourself and each other, the truth emerges, the core issue dissolves. And the joy and the love re-emerges.

SB: Right. And we don’t do that right now. Instead what we do is we try to look good and say things that might have this effect on the listener. It’s got nothing to do with the truth; it’s all a manipulation.

AAM: It is manipulation, but it is also learning. Now, this is where you bring in, in balance, the gentle wisdom of the Father, because the Father allows his children to speak, express. And the nurturing and the caretaking and the support, infinitely, of the Mother, who says, “Child, tell me what is troubling you.” And holds you close, because, as the innocent child, you have felt victimized, ignored, overlooked. And so, as the result of that, what you do is you adopt behaviors or undertake actions that you think are either self-protective or self-defensive, or sometimes offensive, when you think that is what is required – when it is not at all what is in your heart.

So if you are not having success with pulling up the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine, what is wrong with asking for help? What is wrong with turning to us, to the Mother or Father or each other, and asking for help, for a dose of that insight and wisdom, that caring and nurturing? You did not come to this planet to be entirely self-sufficient. And let me, in the same breath, tell you that you are entirely self-sufficient.

You have everything within you and it is being expanded, it is growing at the speed of love. But if you wished, if the Mother’s Plan was to proceed alone, then you would be alone. But you have chosen to come to a planet – because it has always been a choice even when it has been extraordinarily difficult – you have chosen to come to a very overpopulated planet. Why? So that you would communicate, that you would share the experience of love, that you would learn and set the paradigm that you can be honest with yourself; that those fears, those bogey men have no place either within you or upon this planet any longer.

Now, does that take paying attention as if you are flying a jumbo jet (because you are)? The answer is yes. Because think of it: if you are the pilot of one of those massive airplanes, all those lives are entrusted to you. And all those people got on the plane believing that you could do the job.

So when you say to them, “There’s a bit of rough weather ahead, and could you pray? Could you send love? Could you hold the space that I guide this ship well?” Why would you not say that? You’re not declaring yourself inept. You’re declaring that you are all in the same ship, even an airship, together. And that you all proceed together. So while you may be at the wheel, the person in the passenger seat who is a mother of five and entrusting you to bring her to safety, will assist you in every way she knows how, because she cares about you but she also cares about her children. And the CEO who sits in first class who has 5,000 employees will help you because he knows his leadership or her leadership depends upon you steering the ship.

You are in community. You have always been in community. But now what you are doing is you are redefining and waking up to what that really means. And, my beloved friends, it is powerful, it is delightful. Does it have its pitfalls? Yes.

But if you are asking each other honestly for help and saying, “You know, sometimes I have a tendency to be a little overbearing.” Or you say, “Sometimes I have a tendency when I should speak my mind, I step back and I let everybody have their say when I know what’s right.”

You have to be appropriate to the moment. And, my beloved ones, you have to not be afraid, not only in speaking your mind, your heart, your truth, you have to not be afraid of making a mistake because it is not just through the correct action. What you deem as mistakes, we don’t. You are learning and growing and proceeding, but it starts with communication and it starts with honesty.

SB: Thank you, Lord. We have just short of ten minutes. I wonder if I could introduce, and it’s a different topic, but it follows on something you said today and have said on other occasions. I wonder, and I know that the answer to this question is different on different dimensions (shall we put it that way) and past the dimensions. But if you can tell us in relationship to anything we can understand, let’s put it that way, how are we patterned on the Mother?

AAM: This is a delightful question. I will step aside.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

Universal Mother Mary: I am the Mother.

SB: Greetings, Mother.

MM: And welcome to you, my beloved children. Now why do you think I call you my children? And why do I call those who live and exist on other planets, other galaxies, other systems my children? Why do I call all?

You are of my pattern. And I have reinforced that particularly during this sojourn of both Gaia and humanity and all upon Gaia. I have reinforced this time and time and time again. I think it is finally taking effect.

I have birthed, I have created all. Yes, and what you think of as in concert, conjoining with the Father. But the bringing forth comes from Me.

Now is it conceivable, possible, that I would create something that did not carry my Pattern? Yes, it is. But that has not been my desire. Particularly, let us speak of each of you human beings, Gaians, angels in form, starseed, star beings, it matters not, all of you upon this Earth plane. I wanted to create a human physical reality that carried the essence, the Pattern of my Being. And you experience this in your bodies, in your chakras, in your very breath; the in, the out. You inhale, you exhale. You bring in my energy, because it is in the air, the water, the food; everything you are. I am in and of all. And so the form, in the smallest fiber of energy that you can conceive; even before it is a fetus, my Pattern is instilled.

Now, what does this mean? It means that you have the ability to know us, to love us as we love you, to create as I create, to bring forth this place of love – because that is also the pattern of the universe that I have created, the omniverse. It is a place of love. It is a place of union. It is a place of ecstasy, and it is beyond any form of place or time or reality that you know of, because it is of One. Your pattern, your expression. When you are true to yourself what you find within is Me.

And why did I pattern it this way? So you can still know and find Me. That you remember: this is but a glimpse, a blink; yes, to play in form, to love in form, to experience sacred union in form, to replicate the truth of community, the joy of community.

You say, “How?” You tend to think – that is think – that first you have an idea, and then you plan and then you create and then you materialize. Even before an idea is born, the knowing and the fulfillment is present. Otherwise, you do not have the idea. So I am inviting you, my beloved ones, to go back. Ideation and existence is your first and second dimensions. Go back before that, beyond, and then go outside your twelve and know Me because you know your own pattern, your unique and sacred expression of Myself.

You do not need to give Me a face or a form. You do not need to understand. All you need to do is to know. And in that knowing is the rebirth and the re-ignition of the Pattern. And it is already well ignited, but there will always be, long after this is completed, there will be more. Does this answer your beloved questions?

SB: Well, it certainly does, Mother. And I didn’t want to interrupt but to allow you every word on the subject. Am I correct then, in thinking, and I’m abstracting, and partly abstracting from what you said, but partly abstracting from my own research, that one of the intentions behind patterning us on various levels, on You and the Father and your relationship with the Father, is to assist us to realize You and the Father, as if it’s a trail back?

MM: Yes. It has always been a return trip, sweet one. And it has always been a journey that sometimes you have created and believed to be spectacular, and other times difficult. But that is simply illusion as well. You see, you have spoken of the Divine Feminine this day and how it is difficult for so many women who have experienced beheadings, betrayals, bereavement. But so often in those moments – because they would not yield – they knew Me more fully than ever. And that is what they are bringing to My planet at this time. It is the unyielding connection that they may die, or choose to die, rather than deny Me. These ones are blessed deeply and have need to be your teachers and valued, because they know. Now this is not the time of creating martyrdom. But, even martyrdom and sacrifice leads you back to Me.

SB: Mother, is the …can you talk to us a little bit more about how to see the Patterning of You, or your Patterning, in nature?

MM: I have mentioned to you that the most clear way, easy way, is inhale, exhale. There is not anything on your planet or beyond, by the way, that is not on this Pattern. You say, “Well, what about the rocks or the mountains?”

You see the mountains grow, and wear down. Do you think they are just wearing down because a few thousand sets of feet have walked upon them? No. It is the inhale and the exhale. It is the shifting. Everything is in constant change and everything is eternally permanent. So, when you think of it this way, inhale, exhale, every plant, every animal. and that they change.

Now, do not think of change as what you have adopted as decline, destruction, death, disease. Change: you grow, you shift, you blossom, every phase is beautiful, but it is of your making. I do not look at my creations and say, “Oh, that planet died, and so I’d better make another one.” That energy is eternal and so it is brought into a different form. But it is the inhale, exhale – even rocks, even a grain of sand, different rhythm, same process.

SB: Now the inhale, exhale is a metaphor that we can get readily because we do this. At another level, it would be, more generically, a process of creation and then a process of transformation. Is that correct?

MM: That is the correct. You bring in the energy and you exhale it to create.

SB: Oh, okay, so inhalation is not creation.

MM: The inhalation is the gathering of the energy. The exhale is the creation. The inhale is the gathering of the energy. The exhale is the creation.

SB: Okay. Can you give us an illustration from trees or plants of how, if we look closely enough, we can see secrets about You? And, this is my last question, Mother.

MM: When you touch a tree or a plant, especially in the spring, for example, after a long inhale as what you can think of as winter, you feel the rebirth of energy. If you score the tree, you will see the sap. It is the lifeblood, the same as you have plasma and blood. And as you remain on planet, you ground yourself and you have roots. You have what you think of as identification of yourself. Your roots are your community, your ideas, your beliefs, your experiences with family. And so the roots of the tree have experience with the earth, with the ants, with the spiders. Sometimes it hits concrete and it feels stymied. And sometimes it is free to grow and flower.

You do not give your fellow inhabitants of Gaia nearly enough attention, love. You do not associate with them enough. So sit with them, talk to them. Honestly. Look for the Pattern. It is different and it is the same.

SB: Thank you, Mother. I’m afraid we’ve run out of time, which is not something I wish to say to you. We’ll have to have you back and talk about this at more length, Mother, I think.

MM: Yes. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon