gemsAnother gift of a channeled gem with Archangel Michael. Earth Bound Star Soul has had another reading with Linda, and again it began…


Archangel Michael         Greetings I am Michael

EBSS               Greetings Michael


AAM         and greetings to you dear friend – Halion, and of course my blue, and it is the blue of truth, it is the blue of love, it is the blue of peace. It is the blue of our Mother; it is the blue of so many – of your Star Family, and of course of (1). I step forward this day simply to say “hello” – that you will know that I am with you and to also to declare one of my favorite things is to work in the garden, (2) it is an act of art and artistry to allow the flowers, the beauty, the green, the air, the sprites, the nymphs, the devas – even the fairies and leprechauns to emerge clearly, for they cohabitate with you, as you well know. So it is my delight that I share with you that we can once again enjoy the gardens – the woods (3), the nature of this beautiful planet. And as you travel (4), I travel with you and as you speak to strangers, who are no longer strangers, I speak with you and thru you, (5) and as you observe, and allow the unfoldment – I am with you my friend.

Much is transpiring – some of it – shall I say not pretty – but it is important to understand that your world, your planet, the collective is in a state of flux. This flux that is necessary, in order to break through to a new realm. Humanity is in so many ways being bombarded upon – intruded upon, in what they think is the sanctity of their illusory security – and this is happening because there is a breakdown not only of integrity, but of some of the most basic tenants of kindness, consideration, honesty, truth, and for the desire for peace.

It is more important than ever my beloved brother – that you stay in this place of balance. Be the observer, send the love, send the HUMOR, (6) for laughter shifts the energy more rapidly than anything. Allow it to do so. And simply know – ALL IS IN DEVINE ORDER!

Even as some humans are acting out dramas that appear contrary to what we can say is the collective good, making (poor) choices. It is important that they realize the ramifications of those choices. No, not to the point of destruction, because that simply not be permitted.

When people choose hatred – regardless of the words – they get hatred. When they choose dishonesty, they get dishonesty. When they choose violence, they get violence. You cannot operate in what is a dishonest way, pretending it is something different, and anticipate a different outcome. That is not the way creation works. You are being reminded in many ways of the worst of the old 3rd dimension. It is important that it be drawn to your attention so that you can collectively say “goodbye” to a reality that doesn’t even exist – let alone have form.

Be strong my brother; hold the center, be the balance, be the love. Do not sway, anchor deeply in the Heart of Gaia (7) and be true.

  1. Michael spoke the names of my two Pleiadian friends who I have been in contact with since July of 2011.
  2. The morning of my reading with Linda, while I was doing my usual morning task of attending my flower beds, cutting deadheads, trimming dead leaves, watering the flowers, etc., the thought of Michael was constantly on my mind. I wondered to myself if He would come forward again shortly when the reading began. As it turns out, He was here while I was attending to my flowers!
  3. There are several acres of woods near my house in which there are communities of “little people” as well as fairies, etc. The woods will be shortly declared as a nature preserve so that no houses are built there.
  4. In the last 9 years, I have traveled over 300,000 miles thru 47 of the 50 states, many of them several times. I was made aware back in 2011 that as things unfolded, that I would be having a very public role. And a major purpose of all my travels was to meet other Star Souls, not only from the USA, but also from many other countries around Earth, so that they would recognize and remember me as I would be doing interviews with my two Pleiadian friends.
  5. I have been aware for about 3 decades, that at times there has been a “higher up” who would speak thru me, usually with words of wisdom that I probably would not have spoken with that person or group of people.
  6. For many years, I have loved hearing and retelling a good joke. And since my accident 2 years, in which I should have been killed had it not been for my two Pleiadian friends and Michael, I have been telling jokes to almost everyone who I encounter every day. It has been a big part of my healing.
  7. Early on, in the recuperation from my accident, while meditating, I started hearing a rapid rhythmic beating sound. At first, I thought it was my heart racing, but I could feel that my own heart was beating at a normal pace. I continued listening to the sound, and thought it sounds like a heart beating, but not like a human heart. A few weeks later, while having another of my “Long Distance Interplanetary” phone calls, as I like to refer to my conversations with my “friends’ upstairs” it was explained to me that it was the heartbeat of Gaia, and that she had started visiting me to assist with my healing and recovery.