gemsMany have been experiencing being put on sabbatical by the Divine Mother during this time of radical change in frequency. This process of reconstitution can be hard on the physical body as well as “challenging” on every other level. Thank you once again Maree for sharing these insights – it helps us all! xxxx

Greetings, I AM Michael.

Welcome beloved friend, sweet angel of blue, angel of light, angel of love, angel of the Mother. I come to you as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, but I also come to you as brother, as ally, as friend. Sweet angel, the reconstitution has completed and now what you are doing is the anchoring and the bringing forth into the form the building of strength. And I do not simply mean strength of ankle, foot, leg, arm, big toe. I mean the strength of who you are in all forms, in all realities, in all dimensions.

What you think of as repair work is pretty much attended to. And what you are doing… yes, there is still some healing underway. So I tell you, beloved angel, servant of the Mother, daughter of the Mother, in this gaining of strength you also gain more clearly, more fully, the fullness of who you are.

Yes, we have talked and the Mother has spoken with thee about the merger, but understand, beloved angel, this is not, nor is it ever intended to be, about the losing of our beloved Maree. Quite the contrary. It is about the expansion, the fulfilment and the bringing to fruition the joy, the fullness, the truth, the love of who you are.

Never is it the intention of the Mother to eliminate but rather to expand. The only thing she is eliminating from your being is pain, is suffering, is lack and limitation, and what you have felt has barred you from the full integration and the joy of living this life, and living this life in the fullness, sweetness, the laughter of who you are.

You have had a sense of sabbatical, of being on hiatus, and that was necessary and might we say fruitful for your physicality as well as all your bodies. You have gained a different perspective. It is unfortunate that that has been achieved through demise and pain, and we will never minimise the suffering and pain that you have endured.

But it has also prepared you, for there are many upon the planet who suffer and who have come in many ways to identify who they are, their mission and their purpose, in terms of their suffering and their denial. And that is not the truth of who they are.

Now there are those, few and far between, who have come to experience disease or hardship because they are teaching humility or compassion or using themselves in that way to teach a variety of lessons, including healing. But far too many upon this planet have come to define themselves as their dis-ease, as their hardship, as their shortcoming – and you see this every day as therapist, as healer – and that is not even close to the magnificence of their being.

So, having gone through these challenges your beloved self, you are able to relate to this situation because you do not identify yourself as this, or never have or never will. You see the expansion and, yes, the process for what it is and what it has been, but you have also, with me, declared that it is not necessary. It is not part of being the Creator Race to go through such difficulty and hardship.

It is not necessary to identify oneself with the old paradigms in this way. If that type of identification with belief systems, with structures, with paradigms is to really be enforced, then what we are suggesting all of humanity, all Gaians do is to identify themselves in the truth as Creator Race, as the ability to bring forth, to birth, to build, to participate as participant-observer, Nova Earth and Nova Being.

You are strengthening all parts of yourself including, beloved, your Divine Qualities including patience and endurance and fortitude and humility. Because there is nothing more humbling than being at someone else’s mercy, and you have been at times and that has been an experience that you and we are not eager to have you repeat.

July 5, 2016