World Leaf Water DropI had a reading with Archangel Michael on July 22, 2016. A disagreement had arisen and I sought Michael’s counsel. He used the occasion to speak to all lightworkers on the need to end divisiveness and unite in heart.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 22, 2016. My thanks to Dana for our transcript. Used with permission.

Archangel Michael: Yes, you are stepping forward, quietly, unobtrusively but in the clarity of One, into your warrior self. And it is a time for this clarity of the warrior to be very present, not only in you, my beloved brother, but in many.

Yes, you and the channel have discussed how this is looking and feeling at the moment. The Mother’s penetration of her legions continues. There is no room for that which is not of honour, truth, kindness and consideration.

This separation in what has been called the lightworker/ loveholder community needs to cease. You are too few. Yes, you are mighty. Yes, you bring forth clarity.

And you have claimed the freedom to step forward, sometimes as participants, sometimes as creators, and sometimes as observers. And of course all three roles are exactly the same. And then while we’re at it let’s throw in stewardship and leadership and wayshowers.

You have toiled. You have been persistent. You have been patient. You have been forthright.

You have studied each other upon this path of righteousness, of discovery, of adventure, of doing upon this planet of Gaia what has never been done before.

While you are mighty, while you are committed, this separation between pathways needs to be healed. I am not talking about individual situations necessarily.

While there is always room, and it is part of the glory of freedom, for different perspectives, opinions, understandings, pathways, adventures, expressions, there is only one truth. Many expressions, many ways of reaching homeward but there is only one truth.

The fiber, the substance, the essence of that truth, is the Mother. Now you know that and what it is, in its very essence, is love. It is from love, this energy, that all is created.

So when there are these separations between lightworkers that are not of love and not the expression or experience of love, then what you are doing is practising self-defeating behaviours and actions that only diminish you being in clear partnership, not only with us, but with each other.

You are our partners, our boots on the ground. You are the fulfilment of the Mother’s dream and the Mother’s promise. That can never be achieved by backbiting or naysaying or trying in any way to diminish the work of one another.

So yes, dear Steve, I am using you and this time to speak out and to call out to all lightworkers to unite in heart. Each of you has a very unique pathway, a very unique mission and purpose.

So for example, there are many communicators; each of you has a different expression and way of getting at it. There are many healers; each of you has a different way of going about it.

The point is, is at the start, the middle, and the finish, the way in which your mission is conducted must be of integrity and love. It must be that quest and that anchoring of peace and truth. That is Nova Being and Nova Earth.

There is room for variation within but that is the foundation and the roof. How you decorate the house is up to you. But it must be decorated in beauty, in wonder, in awe, in humility and in kindness.

So I call to all of you, to unite in purpose not only to passively receive the energies of the Mother and her legions are sending you, but as one force (and I do not mean violence), one mighty wave declaring and living, passively and actively, this truth of love.

You are the wayshowers. You are the pathfinders. You are the pillars and the portals and everything in between. When you stand in that role, when you sit or fly in that role, you are doing your mission and purpose.

You are fulfilling your plan within the Mother’s plan. But then you deviate from this, and I exclude from this the clearing of core issues, which can lead you down some rabbit holes.

Let us be clear, you all proceed together as one family of Gaia, as one circle. Repeatedly we have said there is no hierarchy.

You, like we, like us, are all servants of the One. There is no pecking order. It is in equality and unity of heart and love that we proceed together.

So I ask you, I beg you, to remember this. Examine where you are standing, sitting, lying and if you have veered, if you have detoured, come back to your heart where the truth reigns.

It does not need, in any way shape or form, to be public pronouncements but within your heart, course correct and begin again.