Another personal channeling with perspective on how to view the current chaos of the US election process in terms of what is best for this beloved planet.

How the US election and candidates need to be thought of in terms of how it best serves Gaia ~

Guide: … this matter of politics. It is a game, is it not, that the humans play and it is filled with excitement and drama. But even that shifts and let us explain. It shifts backwards and it shifts forward. Now, what do we mean by this? You are in the Mother’s New Time. The solidity of what you have thought of as linear time is over, and in the fluidity of the Mother’s time there is the capacity – the choice, for some do not take advantage of it – to be more fluid in the movement and the selection in this pool, in this ocean of what you think of as ‘time’.

What is happening with your electoral process is there has been a push back to the original founding principles of your nation, and that has been under the auspices of St. Germaine. And there has been a push forward under the auspices of the Divine Mother Herself to where Nova Earth, Nova Being, Nova Society, Nova Institutions are supposed to look like – and will look like, that they are equitable, that they are of unity consciousness, that they are of a higher vibratory rate in terms of the Divine Qualities, the Blessings and Virtues and that which is brought to the forefront in the creation of a unified planet.

Now, not much attention – well, not adequate from our perspective – has been given in this local, because that is what the United States is: it is a local electoral process. But there has not been adequate attention given to the question of how this process is playing out in terms of Gaia, and more importantly, in terms of the growth, the shift, the awareness, the heart consciousness of Gaians.

Now, when you look at it as we do, as your star family does from this perspective – not from a special interest drama perspective but from a perspective of what is best for Gaia, what is best for Gaians as they begin to take their place at the table of the Intergalactic Council, well then, dearest heart, your Bernie Sanders is the best choice because he has already expressed devote interest for the collective.

He sees the global view, he addresses climate change; he is not talking about building walls or elevating separation, abandonment, betrayal. And that is not of judgment. That is simply the position that various candidates think makes them popular, but it is of the old paradigm and the old paradigm of the 3rd does not exist.

So what I suggest to you in this whole arena: hold this question – and we ask many of you to do this. Hold the vision: What is best for Gaia and for the collective of humanity, the Gaians? And in this, you surge forward. Go back to original intent of why this nation was founded. Go forward as a lamplighter, as the anchoring of the Cities of Light and Nova Earth upon this area of the planet, and you have your answer. Can you do this?

Guide: Oh, dear heart, you have. But we are suggesting to you, and to many – yes, we would like this portion of your message to be shared: Hold the vision.