All beings upon the planet are calling their aspects home to be the full embodiment of who they are. You are the host and the official welcoming committee!

Archangel Michael: Now, this question of “aspects” is something that is not fully, as yet, comprehended upon your planet because a part of it is just emerging now because much of human experience in the old paradigm was based on ego. And there also has been much misinformation, misconception, misalignment with individuals thinking, saying, declaring that they are this or that individual.

It is not that these declarations have been maligned, and hence we generally do not tend to interfere in those declarations. Because, if someone wants to believe they are me, I simply take this as a compliment! I do not take it as an invasion of my territory or my turf. I simply smile and think, “Is that not sweet that this person loves me so much that they want to be me!” So I do not think or revert to, “How dare they, their ego has gone awry!” I simply smile and then I hold them a little closer so that they can have the comfort, the energy that I am more than willing to share.

But, having said that, let us also say – I want to clear this up for you, and for many by the way, so perhaps you will share this and perhaps you will not!

If everyone says that they are an aspect of this or that ascended being, archangel, Divine Mother, on and on and on, then the result is that there are about 13 of us throughout the entire universe, that we are just infinite mirrors of ourselves! That is not so. Now, are there mirrors of me? Yes. Do we share rays and aspects? Yes.

Now why am I talking about this? Because it is important that human beings – and in particular lightholders/loveholders – understand that they are whole and complete in and of themselves. The beings that have come to this time, this place, this planet… this phase of ascension, this magnificent unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, have not simply been entrusted to those that are mirror images or expressions or partial reflections, partial aspects of various beings.

You have come initially, many of you, as masters-in-the-making, but even that has shifted and you are claiming and embodying and anchoring your mastery. That is part and parcel of ascension. And that is what you are feeling, “I am feeling the totality of myself,” sweet E, and to this we say Hallelujah!

So you are bringing in – and yes, if you wish to think of it in this way: you are the host, you are bringing in the aspects. Now that does not mean that you will not send them back out, but for the moment you are calling – all beings upon the planet – are calling their aspects home to be the full embodiment of who they are.

Lineage is a different matter and perhaps next time we will discuss this.

So the aspects you are calling in – not killing, although some of them do die, as Michael (your other Michael!). So when you bring home an aspect, it is for that communion. So what you are doing is you are bringing in the love, the talent, the capacity, the communion, the partnership, the sacred partnership that you have had with your aspects.

Your aspects didn’t go out and go to work because they were expelled or not wanted. They were so much an integral part of you, so loved and cherished and trusted, that you could send them out so that the work could be done in a variety of ways. It doesn’t make them ‘less-than’ or ‘more-than’, but it does mean that you have a process, right now, that is already in play where you are pulling back many of your aspects.

Now when you do that, what occurs is – the term that you would use is, because you have reclaimed a part of you, is that you are… just as you have reclaimed by the way in Y you have reclaimed Z – so you have pulled back to yourself and you are free to channel that part of yourself because they are back home.

So it is not reaching out; it is more like reaching in and allowing that energy to come forth. So don’t be surprised, sweet angel, if you find yourself singing more and more and becoming… and you are, that is correct… and the reason is because he is part of you.

Someone else may not have the same depth of connection or love because he is not part of them. Admired, honoured, loved in a generic sense, yes – but as you have just said, you have your Michael, so what you will find is that is coming forth more and more and more. And that is exactly the way it has need to be.

So do not worry or even concern yourself so much about these aspects. Simply know you are welcoming them home. You are the official welcoming committee! And you are surrounded by those, yes, such as A, such as B, such as C, who are assisting in this undertaking.

So this sense of expansiveness is Divine Perfection!

Archangel Michael channelled by Linda Dillon in a personal reading on May 11, 2016.