Be sure to listen to the meditation! The Buddha wishes to give each and every person who listens to this show the gift of discernment, wisdom, awe and compassion, and for this gift to be part of our very being to use every single day and to call upon throughout eternity.

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 13:57 to 21:50]


Buddha: Greetings, I AM the Buddha.

Suzi: Welcome.

Buddha: And welcome to you, beloved sisters, beloved angels, beloved listeners, beloved family, beloved Gaians.

Do you know how long I have waited to speak to all of you as Gaians, as a unified whole, as simply One? For this is truly a day of celebration, of magnificence, and that is why I have brought my gifts to you, to sit with you, to kneel with you, to walk with you, and yes, to speak of this issue – because it is an issue – of judgment and discernment.

Judgment is part of the false illusions that have grown up in this race called humanity, and it is among, if not the most destructive element of the human race ever. It is judgment that has caused war and poverty and death and disease, isolation and separation.

Judgment is not simply thinking that someone is wearing a funny hat or an outrageous outfit, or behaving in a manner that is distasteful. Judgment is finding another lacking, that somehow you in your arrogance believe you have the right to bring your wisdom – false wisdom – to the situation and deem a person worthy or unworthy, likeable or unlikeable, lovable or unlovable, worthy or unworthy not only of your love but of the right to be upon the planet.

You see, judgment is very much the cancer of humanity. Yes, a virus, and it may start out as a slight sniffle or a hiccup, but the end result as the virus grows both within you and externally – because what is within is always without; that is the Law – and so what happens is that it causes devastation; it causes the eradication of worth, of connection, and certainly the elimination of any sense of community.

There are those who practice judgment and believe falsely that they are part of this or that community. And in that misinformation, this misunderstanding, this judgment, they exclude. Now, how could that ever be a replica or a mirror or a practice of the Divine? Well, you all know that it most certainly cannot be. Judgment is of spiritual, mental, emotional arrogance, and that arrogance is simply a mask for feeling less than, for insufficiency and for the lack of self-worth.

All of our messages, all of the times that we have spoken to you, that I have spoken to you, for thousands and thousands and thousands of years – we talk about the unifying factors that you find yourself and love yourself so that you may see and recognise others. And when I say “others”, I do not simply mean human beings; I mean all beings, whether it is a cow or a mountain or a stream or a river.

Judgment is based in cruelty; it is based in the feeling or the desire to make one feel either elevated or less-than or even excluded, and that denies the basic recognition that all beings come from One and are part of One, and always will be and always have been.

Judgment is a very bad habit. No, I do not say that in judgment. It is much the way as destructive patterns or habits have harmed the human race. How do you break this pattern, this addiction? Now, I am not saying, my friends, that you do not discern. You have a brilliant mind, a discerning wit, clear vision, preferences, and yes, of course, the reality of your perceptions.

So let me use an example. Let us come sit next to me under the bodhi tree. Let us take this tiny speck of time and elongate it into many days. And as we sit there, there will be times of peaceful silence and no dust, and we will smell the fragrance of the flowers and even the hum of the flies will sound sweet.

And then there will be times when someone drives by us either in an ox cart or even a motorcycle or a car, and they speed by paying no attention to us trying to gather the love from sheer air.

Do we curse those beings? Do we send them into the shadows? And do we say that they have no place upon this dusty trail? We do not know whether they are hurrying to the market because they finally have money for food for their family, or they are rushing to aid another or going to the hospital, or whether they are simply out for a ‘joyride’ – such a funny term!

All you know is that the person that is passing by is the same as you. And either in this or other lives or other situations you have behaved in this way, sometimes intentionally, sometimes simply unconsciously, not even realising that you are spewing dust and dirt and mayhem all over us sitting under the bodhi tree.

So we cannot judge, in the same way as when one comes along and offers us a basket of fruit, and we eat this delicious, nurturing substance and we think, “What a fine fellow,” and that is the truth. But we do not know whether this one is attempting to make recompense, or simply practicing generosity, or that the food was about to go rotten and he thought, “Give it to the beggars sitting under the bodhi tree.”

We do not know and we do not need to know because it is truly Source that has delivered that fruit to us in our hour of hunger. And so always, we bless. We cannot always discern. You discern the blessing and you leave the motivation out of the equation. Your expression of gratitude, our expression of gratitude, our enjoyment of the fruit – it is a gift.

The gifts come in many, many forms. But when you are judging, my friends, rather than discerning, observing – and participating, because eating the fruit is participation; thanking them is participation – but you remain in that neutral position, and in that way you are able to see the divinity in the gifter, in the fruit, in the basket and even in the dust.

If we rise up and walk, as I have asked you to do many times with me, and we travel from village to village, through your own preferences and the perceptions that you have there will be some villages you love and connect to, and then there will be others that you feel disconnected or indifferent to. It does not mean that you condemn the difference or the indifference. It is simply that it is not your first choice.

But you do not say to everyone who lives in the village that you are indifferent to, to move out, that it is evil, that it is lacking, because you do not know the joys that are felt within each and every hearth, the reasons that people live there, the choices they have made. No, your only choice is to honour that. You may not choose to reside there, but you do not judge it.

Judging is always cruel, and what it does is it robs you of the truth. We speak of compassion, of awe and of wisdom, but what discernment also is is a seeking and an acceptance of the truth; that you put yourself in the quietude, the certitude of your being, of your heart, of your mind, and you not only seek but you find and you allow and you become that truth.

And when you see the truth, it is not differentiated from wisdom or compassion. It allows you to see the pattern. And if there is something in the wisdom and the truth that you see in the existing pattern, whether it is in a person or a situation or a collective or an environment, and you truly see that there is an element missing, then with the greatest of compassion you send that missing link.

That is the reason why we leave the bodhi tree and travel with nothing but our eyes and our hearts, so that we may really do the work that is necessary. No, my friend, it is not about being a saint; it is about being human. It is about recognising your divinity and the divinity in everything.

Long ago, I have asked you in discernment to attach in these situations or in your creations to the highest vision, the truth, and then radically to detach. In many ways, discernment is about detachment. So you attach to what you wish in the purest sense of the word, to the truth, and then you step back, detached, and you observe what is, just watching.

And then you attach in the realm that you occupy, in ways that are of compassion and wisdom and truth, to the pathway that leads to the highest vision. That is how any being proceeds, because it is not of hatred or of false delight – of which I have known much. It is simply the truth.

Does it take practice? Previously I would have said yes, many, many lifetimes of practice. But my beloved friends and family, you’ve done that practice. I am not speaking of something of which you are not fully aware. You know your perceptions; your ability to perceive is elevated more than ever. So you are ready for this shift.

Now, dearest Suzanne, what questions do you have for me this day?

Suzi: Oh, thank you Buddha for joining with us today. It’s been a delight to hear what you have to say.

If a thing catches our attention and brings with it negative feeling, we can allow ourselves the feelings and take action to distance ourselves. At the same time, what catches our attention is quite often what brings new information. It’s a matter of perspective, so that’s where discernment comes in to help us know how to proceed.

Perhaps one prolonged exposure say, would bring either judgment that couldn’t be overcome or some kind of transformation that shifts all that energy into compassion and love. That’s the kind of nudge that we could look to you for, correct?

Buddha: That is exactly correct. And let us tell you that shift is always possible. That is why I have said, speaking of judgment is simply as an addiction or a habit, a bad habit, one… when I use that word, I mean a habit that does not contribute to your happiness, to your joy.

So yes, when your attention is garnered to a situation or a purpose or a person, and you say, “This feels… it is raising rancour or disgust or hatred,” then what is the issue? You can choose in that very moment to call me and touch where you have stored your gift, or you can choose to simply stay in the rancour or anger or fear or disgust or hatred.

Now, that would be a very strange choice, would it not? And that choice, that decision to stay in what is not serving you is simply a habit; it is simply that you are used to those feelings of disdain. But if you say to yourself, “I don’t like let alone enjoy feeling this way. Let me take the giant step backwards into observation and let me see what is really wrong here.”

Suzi: Yes, the bottom line is we just can’t know what someone else’s experience is or their mission or their agreements or anything. A part of not judging is taking responsibility for our own journey and allowing other people to do the same. Would it be accurate to say that arrogance is always in hand with judgment?

Buddha: Yes, they go hand in hand, just the same way… there are many pairings you know, such as hatred and greed and control. They are a delightful pair, are they not!

Suzi: Well, I have this kind of a strange question. When you spoke about when we leave the bodhi tree and go travelling and we only have two things, there was a 3rd thing that came to me, “and travelling with keys”. Does that mean anything? Have you got anything to say about that?

Buddha: Your keys to heaven and your keys to heart, so yes – love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance. When you carry these keys, you can use them on yourself and on others. So you carry the keys, the codes with you.

So although I always pack… as you have seen many pictures of me, I always pack a small sack and put it not on my back, not on a stick – I leave it underneath the bodhi tree. And something that you can do, dearest heart, is bring those keys with you and carry them for both of us!

Suzi: [Laughter] Okay, deal! This is really very interesting. So the difficulty at this particular point is we seem to be in a really chaotic place. I’ve never felt better or more connected spiritually and all that sort of thing, but we always do have the outside world as our experience here and many of us are tired.

And so it’s an interesting balance here to stay out of judgment about not being able to do more, go faster, shake it off, get through with this ‘cos we’re tired. How do we not have judgment about that?

Buddha: Well, if you are tired, go and rest under the bodhi tree! It sounds simplistic but what you are doing – and this is a very important question that you raise: you are judging the tiredness, the exhaustion rather than standing back and saying, “This is simply a phase of the journey.”

And so you are discerning there is an ebb and flow: the sun, the moon, the tides, the seasons, and so what you are doing is you are judging this ebb and flow rather than saying, “This is the time of silence; this is the time of resting; this is the time of winter. This is the time of gathering our energy and our dreams and dreaming the dream, sleeping under the bodhi tree, so that when spring arrives, “I am ready!”

Suzi: I’m feeling pretty ready! [Laughter]

Buddha: But that is like the bear awakening from hibernation. So you are ready, but now you then begin to forage and wake up and realise you have 3 cubs accompanying you and that you’d better find food quickly. So it is that ebb and flow.

When you see that there is a lull, shall we put it that way, a lull in the energy – and from our perspective there is no lull at all, because we are using what you are thinking of as quiet down-time to download and fill you and raise you up to a frequency that you have never had before. So how are you supposed to be running around from village to village and still be in Olympic training?

Suzi: Yes, I have to say I’ve felt pretty flattened over the last few days, but my energy is used up elsewhere and I don’t have a lot of juice for life. Is this part of the transformation?

Buddha: You are within yet another attunement, an increase in vibratory rates that you haven’t felt well. And it is not that the Mother’s Tsunami stopped, but that you haven’t felt the intensity of it since the Tsunami began. And it is an attunement to raise you to be more in alignment with your Divine Patterning.

So, what does that mean? It means in accordance with the sun, the moon, the stars, your star family, saints, sinners, masters – it is an equalising energy, but everybody… think of it… everybody is being raised at this time. It is exhausting work. I would suggest you sleep!

Suzi: Yeah, sometimes actually sitting in the chair and looking at the wall is pretty much what I’ve got! [Laughter]

Buddha: And do you know – that has been my prescription for happiness for a very long time!

Suzi: Oh joy! That’s wonderful.

Buddha: Yes, it is the joy!

Suzi: It’s been really wonderful. Have you got some wonderful words in closing on this wonderful topic?

Buddha: Yes. I do not want you simply to think of the drudgery of eliminating judgment and the boring nature of discernment: stand back, be the observer, no action.

Discernment frees you up so that when your heart and your solar plexus flare into action, it is right action. It is not wasted motion; it is not spinning your wheels. It is going directly to and through and creating exactly what your heart desires. There are many, many rewards for discernment, my friends.

So take my compassion, my wisdom and claim it as your own. I share it freely.

Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon