I wish to share with you a tiny glimpse of my being, of my existence, of my role within the Mother’s plan, of your plan, of the plan within the plan, of my plan and my plan within the plan. I wish to draw to your attention the similarities in our existence…

The Being Named Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael
An Hour with an Angel 03-15-16

Steve: Linda, we’re happy to have you back after a long recovery from surgery.

Linda: Yahoo! It’s just great to be back. And, I want to start my return by saying thank you to everybody who has supported me, who has sent support, healing energy, love, love notes. I have felt it, and, let me tell you, I firmly believe it has so contributed to my bouncing back and recovering, and getting back to whatever new normal is all about. So, from my heart to you, thank you. Thank you.

SB: From all of our hearts too, because having you back means to have the whole Council of Love back!

LD: Yeah! Linda Dillon is only a sideshow. The real show is the Council of Love, absolutely. Speaking of which, I am, because of guidance, and because the Equinox is coming up, but also as a personal thank you…I am doing a free chakra clearing webinar on the Equinox.

And, the reason it’s on chakras is that our physical bodies, all of our bodies, but particularly our physical bodies – our light bodies – are being recalibrated. And, we are holding frequencies and energies higher than ever before. So, what we’re doing is not just taking a Spring elixir and doing a Spring housecleaning and opening up the windows to our souls. We are literally opening up and recalibrating, reenergizing our chakra system – our energetic system – so that it is in alignment with the pattern of the Divine Mother and with Gaia. And after we’ve done that and we’re all bright and shiny, we’re going to send that energy of recalibration to the entire collective. So, it’s about anchoring the highest frequencies and vibrations into the entire planetary system.

It’s on the Council of Love website. And, one of the wonderful things that has happened, Steve, in terms of technology, is that in this new system that Isaac has keyed into, when you register, you enter the time of day that you want to watch, and the webinar will just pop up on your screen so you can start watching it at the time you’ve designated, which is really cool.

So, we’ve already had a ton of people from Australia, and New Zealand, and Europe register because, rather than having to get up in the middle of the night, they can actually key in to when it’s convenient for them.

You know, in preparing for this chakra webinar, I’ve been doing a lot of research. And, one of the things that the Equinox is about is obviously, balance. It’s that time, in olden days and Latin times, where they said it was equal balance between light and dark during the, you know, 24 hours. And, what they showed me is that ‘down under,’ it’s the Autumn Equinox.

And, they were showing how that is the balance of going into the darkness, of going into the time of regeneration, and harvesting, and bringing forth; whereas, we’re in that time of rebirth and fresh start. And, it’s the balance in between.

SB: So, today, I understand we have Archangel Michael. The return of Michael. Wonderful.

LD: Let’s make our transition.

Archangel Michael: Greetings! I am Michael!

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: And, welcome to you.

SB: Welcome back.

AAM: Yes, well, you know I haven’t been that far away.

SB: Laughter. I knew you’d say that.

AAM: Yes, it is my honor, my pleasure, my deepest joy to join with all of you again. And yes, it is our deepest joy that this channel returns to the place of balance and renewal as well.

I come to you as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, bringer of news. And yes, I know we have much to discuss this day. But, I wish to set the tone.

I wish to share with you, my brothers and sisters of light and love, a tiny glimpse of my being, of my existence, of my role within the unfoldment, not only of the Mother’s plan, but of your plan, of the plan within the plan, of my plan and my plan within the plan. I am Archangel, among the firstborn. Yes, like each of you, birthed from the heart of Mother, Father, One.

Why do I start right here? Because I wish to draw to your attention, not to the differences, not the class distinctions that come forward all too often, but to the similarities in our existence. I am born and birthed from the heart of One just as each of you are. I carry the pattern of the Divine Mother, of Her Essence, of the Essence of One, just like you. Have I assumed what you would think of – because I wish to use terms and constructs that are of the human understanding – so, have I assumed a form that is different and I might say, significantly different, than each of you in human form at the moment? Yes. And, while your being in human form is a gift and a service and a wonder that we stand and behold and assist and try to help…when you are not in form, sometimes you’re angelic.

Sometimes you are archangelic, seraph, cherubim, ascended ones, enlightened beings, sheer energies, star beings. You have many forms and realities that you have chosen and selected, my beloved friends to inhabit, to wear like a new suit of clothes. But after a while, even a new suit of clothes becomes, well, either worn or boring; and you move out and you return to the truth and the essence of who you are.
As Archangel, I have not shifted into alternate forms, because I am in and of the essence of peace. That is my truth. That is my totality. And, I am in joy. I am the reflection of the Mother’s love in this form, as are you.

Now, I have spoken to you in previous delightful conversations about how I have been and am a musician and an artist. And, I love to work on the grandest scale. But, like you, my only desire, my truest alignment, is to and with the Mother and – through the Mother – the Father. Yes, understand what I say: To the Mother, and through the Mother to the Father, to the unified One.

If there had ever been a request for me to assume different form, I would have. But, that has neither been necessary, desirable, or part of the plan. I am part of the unified whole, and within that whole, I am part of the legion of Archangels and, in that, I have my legion of blue, my mighty peaceful warriors, my carriers of truth, of which you, dear Steve, are one. Many of you travel with me, and have since the very beginning.

I play music. I create. I work with musicians. I paint the sky. And that is sharing the joy, the peace, the love of my essence. My service, in this spectrum of what you think of as time, and in human or Gaian time – Earth time – this service has been for eons and you would probably think of it in terms of tens of thousands of years. My service has been not merely to anchor peace, or the absence of violence, which is only a small fraction of what peace is upon this beautiful planet; but to truly be in peace, in the totality of that peace, and instilling that sense of peace and truth and strength within each of you, within your star brothers and sisters upon other planets, other galaxies. I hold that energy for the collective of what you would think of as the Angelic, Archangelic realm.

So, what do I do with my days? What do I do with a thousand years? When I look, and I have looked, at what has happened upon this planet. When Gaia, also in her own Archangelic service to the Mother, assumed form of a planet, of a sentient, alive prosperous, abundant planet, it was to be a planet of love. And to be a planet of love, to have diverse experience in physicality, of what love can be, what peace can be, what truth can be, what joy can be. You know the list.

For a long time, we’ve witnessed the upheaval, and the growth of false illusions, of paradigms of destruction, not in a positive way, of control and greed, lust and hatred. And even as we witness this, there was part of us who always would be in presence and infusing the humans, the humanoids, the visitors, the planet, with our various elements, our divine qualities. But, there was a part of us that always felt and knew, and our knowing is infinite, that surely, sooner or later, humanity would understand that these false grids, these illusions were nothing more than a departure from the very essence of who they are in truth and the reflection of that truth of the Mother.

Now, it has taken a very long time, but we have always known and persisted in that knowing and action. Yes, sometimes standing back, sometimes being very involved. But we have always known that the time would come when those false curtains, those veils, would fall away and humanity, together, would claim who they are; would look at themselves, their hearts, their bodies, their souls, and each other, and see the beauty and magnificence.

Now, in the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, and I preface what I say – I have told you before – when the Mother desires something, anything, infinity to be created, it is done. And, the plan for Gaia and for each of you, for humanity forever, has been that you will be elevated beings…let me call you that…in form, in love, the existence, the expression, the exchange of love amongst all kingdoms and all beings, whether upon the planet or far beyond.

Now, within that plan, there has certainly been a great deal of, shall we say, tinkering, adjustment, attunement. But the knowing of the final epiphany, the final rebirth, at least for this phase of existence, has always been written in stone. Now, stone can be fluid when it is being formed, but that does not change the writing within it.

I have the capacity, and the delight, to be in many, many, many places, many planets, many galaxies, at once. But, the focus of much of my service and my art, and my music, has been upon this planet for a very long time. It does not mean I do not attend elsewhere, but the bulk of my work is certainly right here. And, you are at a point of what has been termed ascension, shift, awakening, heart consciousness, bliss, ecstasy, it matters not. The terminology is infinite and you love to have your own expression, as do we. The realization of your divinity, the contentment with who you are in totality in your divine human self, is truly awakened.

Now, is there debris, distraction, disarray still to be cleaned up? Yes. And our attention, in partnership with you, has never been stronger. For many eons, I and my brothers and sisters attended to you. And in many ways, we did for you. Because the illusion of distance, of separation, of isolation, was so dense and so strong that you needed these confirmations…what you can often think of as divine intervention or miracles. You needed them as confirmation of existence of the outer realms.

And, frankly, we needed to intervene because there were certain conjunctures that were not acceptable, let us put it that way.

The impact in terms of the unfoldment of the plan, not only upon Gaia, but far beyond, was too great to not be attended to. But, now we are in sacred union, and as that partnership has been evolving – yes, over many decades, but even more intensely in the past several years – you have intensified and come to a deeper understanding of the sacred union with yourself.

You see the reason that I do not desire or assume other forms is because I am completely in peace, in joy, in love, being who I am. So, I do not know the experience of death, or birth, which is a gift to each of you that does not occur to us. It is not a beginning and an end. It is a stream, an infinite stream of eternity. But, in form, which is the experience you are having, you have come to more deeply understand your divinity. And in that, also understand the truth not only of beginning and ending, those are incidental, but of who you really are.

That you are of the Mother and the Mother is of you. This fundamental, not mental or emotional or even spiritual understanding, this full embrace in physicality of your divinity and of your human self as indivisible as One, has been growing, anchoring, expanding at a phenomenal rate.

Now, what happens when this is occurring? There is no room for those old illusions. There is no room. Yes, we have done core issues again and again, and we will continue to. But there is no room for the hatred, the greed, the sadness, the despair, the lack the limitation. There is no room for that.

Envy has been a very, very pervasive grid. Anger – it is strange. It is understood, but it is strange. All of this comes bubbling, might we say boiling, to the surface because what you are saying individually and collectively is there is no room for this. This is not who I am. This is not who I desire to be. This is not the experience of being in form that I choose or desire. And, therefore, it cannot be.

Yes, you are that powerful in your creative capacity. When we say to you that you are creators and co-creators of Nova Earth and Nova Beings, we are not simply speaking metaphorically. So, this is a part of that creation that we knew, and know, would come to pass; where selfishness, and anger, and hatred has no place.

And, so many of you say to me, “Well, Michael, Me-Ka-El, you’ve got it wrong. Get your legion and get down here because all I am seeing is hatred and greed and anger and fear and envy and chaos.”

My beloveds, as your brother of peace, I gladly, joyously bring my legions. But do not forget you are part of that legion. And those of you who are not, are of the legion of Gabrielle, or Jophiel, or Raphael. All of you have multiple faces, multiple existences. But you are anchored in where you are by choice, by free will in service to the Mother.

So, the more that you are saying, expressing, living, embodying the unacceptable reality of hatred, etcetera, then you are aligning with your Self, with us, with the Mother, Father, One – so, you are integrated, the fullness of your frequency, of your vibration.

Have there been attunements and are there attunements? Yes. But they are coming forth because you are saying, “I am ready. I am Nova Being, I am Gaian, and I do not wish to live according to an old paradigm that is no longer acceptable or even in existence.”

Now, I begin this way, and I know, dearest Steve, there are many questions after our long hiatus.

SB: There are many questions coming out of what you say today. At the end of the program, I think, I’m going to want to leave about five or ten minutes to ask some questions on the political scene. But I’d rather ask you a couple questions right now on what you just said. The first is, “The bulk of my work is this.” We don’t know how Archangels divide assignments. We don’t know whether Archangels have a quadrant of the universe they specialize in or whether they cover the whole of the universe. First of all, what are your, I’m inclined to say, your beat, as in the cop on the beat? Where are the locals you agreed to specialize in? And how is it decided what the assignments are? Is it just the Divine Mother saying, “Michael this is an assignment I have for you.”

I apologize for the noise. I used my will to have them stop and it didn’t work.

AAM: Not to worry, and think of it in this way. They are drilling. They are cleansing, they are reconstructing. So, not to worry, it is all good news.

Let us talk about this. It is a communion. Now, this is a word we have not spoken of a great deal. But, let us be practical. Many of you have children or are in sacred partnership, and you are together, and without really having an extended discussion, you look at each other and you say, “Let’s have pasta for dinner,” and you’re both thinking the same thing. And so, then you go about either going out or beginning to make, in your delightful kitchens – which are really very interesting, but that is another conversation – you make your dinner.

Now, we are in communion with the Mother. That movement is continual, eternal, infinite, with and through us. So, there is never any second-guessing that, in fact, she wants curry for supper and we want pasta. That never occurs. It is known. It is as clear as the sun is to you most days.

Now, when you see – and it can be at times in human realm overwhelming to even think of the infinity of the universe – and there is a tendency that I use to talk about the universe, the multiverse, meaning the various universes, because, there is more than one…and then the Omniverse, which brings all universes into one integrated whole.

At this time, my primary focus is within this universe. Not just within this galaxy, but this universe. Now, if you were to talk to me…oh, tens of thousands of years ago, I would have talked to you about how much of my focus was not, yes, upon planet Earth at the same time, but also on the outer galaxies, or during the time of intergalactic wars and bringing peace to that quadrant and to that conflict.

But, in the unfoldment, as peace is restored, as the elevation of consciousness – that would be your understanding – has come to a higher realm; then the greater focus comes to, well, what is the next step? What is the next piece in this infinite unfoldment? Well, it is what is happening upon Gaia, upon Earth. And, look at what a terrible shape they’re in. Doesn’t matter. We know where it’s headed. We know what has to be done. And, what we do, myself, my brothers, my sisters, the legions, we do for practicality terms.

We do two things: we intervene, not with free will, but, what you can think of – and now I am talking past tense in terms of your reference points – we intervene in events, in unfoldments, in interactions. So that certain triggers, which could create the dissolution of humanity or Earth, do not take place. We employ and work with many of the energies of your star beings that we talk to 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 years ago to come to Earth to be part of this. And they assist us as well.

And then we infuse. Now, if you think about it, you can feel periods of time in your heart if you anchor there, in your mind if you anchor there…where you can feel the infusion of certain frequencies or vibrations where your focus, human and spiritual, has turned to matters of peace, inner peace and world peace, inner calm and serenity and outer calm and serenity. And there are even such things as you will say, “Well, this feels as if the energy that is penetrating the planet at this moment, is very blue.” And, you know that is me.

Or you will say, “It is very magenta. It feels thick and it feels that I have been in a war zone, and somebody, I don’t know who, has my back.” And, that is Jophiel. Or, it feels very golden and your focus is on prosperity and creation. And, that is Gabrielle and her legions.

So, we infuse you individually, but usually masses at once so that you are in a place…not interfering. If you wish to, will to not be part of this, then you can fight tooth and nail – it’s a waste of time but you can do it – so you can begin to get ready to choose the next step. So, we don’t choose the step for you. But we infuse you with the energy, the reawakenings, the activations and the correct vibration that you are ready to take the next step by free will and free choice.

So right now, my quadrant, as it were, and many, is this universe and particularly this planet. Because what is happening on this planet will affect what I am I going to bring my attention to for the next 10,000 years.

SB: Could you explain that, Lord? Why is it going to affect the next 10,000 years?

AAM: Because there are other planetary systems that will also evolve to this higher realm of heart consciousness, of love. You see, the ultimate plan is for everything to evolve back to the love, to the original form. So, you are setting a pattern. You’re laying a foundation that will then be replicated elsewhere.

It does not mean that I will abandon Earth or humanity. But, like those that I attended to 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 years ago, you will be okay for a while. So, I will go off and do something else.

SB: Hmm. And you said that we’re replicating a form that will be…the form of love. Could you just talk a little bit about the new phase that’s being opened? We are evolving into a fifth dimension, with our physical bodies, into a phase that we’ve never been there before. Whenever I try to think about that, I have a lot of difficulty. Could you describe that a little bit more, about how one creates a space where one has never been there before?

AAM: No that is not correct, sorry.

SB: Okay.

AAM: The space, as what you think of as your 12 dimensions, have always been there. Now, what you are asking I believe, is how do we move in physicality through the dimensions? How do we access it in physicality, anchoring the higher vibratory rate so that we may flow freely inter-dimensionally.
Now, two things are occurring. First of all, you tend to think, and it is a mental process, that you are going to an alternate dimension, whether it is the fifth, the seventh, the eleventh – it matters not – that you need physically to travel to, to have that experience. And that is truth, by the way. But at the same time, also understand the fluidity, these are not brick walls you are talking about. So that in the fluidity of energy that you are learning about and experiencing, the energies of the existence of the various dimensions is flowing into you at the same time. It is not just you going to, it is also receiving.

So, you are receiving the energies of the various dimensions constantly. And now, that sense of impenetrability of ‘that could not possibly be,’ is removed. So that, what you have felt as a brick wall, veil, is gone. So, you are beginning to have the access and the experience of the other dimensions.
Now, one of the things that you are attempting to do is to delineate and to define, to nail it down. It is not that succinct. The qualities of the fifth dimensional person…Gaia is already ahead of you as are the kingdoms…so, we are talking about the human beings is exactly what I have been speaking of. One in which is the choice and the experience is to be in the joy, is to be in the love. And, that your entire existence, as you know it in human form, is governed by that energy. So, that what you create, what you experience, what you undertake, how you feel, how your body works, is governed by that.

So, you are going through this massive change. You are thinking that you are stepping from one room to another. And, it is far more fluid than that. You don’t know the space because you don’t have the prior experience in this lifetime or in any human lifetime, well, with a few exceptions, of truly being in alternate dimensionality or being in multi-dimensionality where you are experiencing many dimensions simultaneously. And that is where you are going.

But, it is not a matter of trying to construct a physical realm. Because it is an energetic realm, and the physical realm is where you are anchored. We do not wish to eliminate your physicality and the physicality of Gaia. That is not the intention. It is not the plan.

SB: So, let me more fully describe what I’m driving at, Lord, then. Previously, we went to the fourth dimension permanently, for instance. We had to stop the process. We had to turn aside. Then we found ourselves in the fourth dimension, and if we went to the fifth dimension, called the mental plane by many, we would feel that we can’t breathe. If it wasn’t our time to be in the fifth dimension, if we were just visiting, we would start to feel as if we were suffocated out for a while. We’d have to return to the fourth.

Now, somebody has changed all that. Whether the Mother…whoever it was, has come up with a new plan, a new way of creating the dimension for us. And, now you’re saying that we, first of all, don’t have to die to enter the fourth or the fifth, and furthermore, that we can travel to the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth. And there will be none of this, oh, gosh, I can’t breathe, I have to go back to the third or fourth. So, who changed it, what was the change they did? How did it happen?

AAM: The Mother did not change it. It was always the plan that you could come and play in these various realities. What changed it was the human obstinance. You, my friends, not you personally, built those cement brick walls. And so, when you are in a place where you are inhabiting, deeply entrenched in ego, in power, in control and ‘I am in charge,’ then you aren’t given access.

So, in that way, it is as if we erected a stop sign, as it were, because you weren’t allowed to have the various experiences… because there is no place for ego, or hatred, or greed in any of that. So, there would be no room. So, that brick wall was extended, but now it has been torn down. So, it has always been there, but it was like an iron curtain. There never was an iron curtain. But, your entire planet adhered to the reality – and the practices that were attendant to that reality – that there was an iron curtain. Do you understand what I am saying?

SB: Well, I do, but there was no… It seems to have been torn down before, I guess I don’t really know that, but I was going to say, even before we knew about it.

AAM: Oh, it was torn down. It was torn down at the beginning, well it has been removed in stages, let us put it that way. But it was completely torn down at the time of the harmonic convergence. So, the doorway has been open. But, it is like going to a town and not knowing that that doorway was open to you, and simply assuming that it was locked because it was always locked. And, many of you were not even curious because it was not within your realm of possibilities.

Now, there have always been beings, adepts, those who have followed a very strict path, who have gone through that doorway and certainly been able to breathe. And, they have been your wayshowers. But now you have reached a place where you are wayshowers to each other. And, I would like to think, and I know, that I am also one of your wayshowers.

So, what I am saying to you is the awareness, the mental knowing, and the emotional knowing, the spiritual knowing has always been there…that you have access to more…has been grounded within you. It is one of those infusions that we have done. And, it was very strongly done in 2012.

SB: I do know that on the other side of the astral plane…that developed people could pass…that the problem is in my mind.

We have only five minutes left, Lord, and I have a very strong compulsion to ask you a question about recent events in the electoral campaign in the United States. There was a subtle message, well maybe not so subtle…there was an intel report that President Obama had been moved out of the White House. Paul Ryan was in, had become President. And it shocked a lot of light workers who thought, “Oh, my gosh, eight more years of a conservative regime,” or whatever. I need you to tell them whether that report was true or not.

AAM: It is completely false.

SB: And is everything from that same intel provided completely false?

AAM: Not necessarily, but, listen to what I say to you. Because, I have begun today by saying I am truth. I can only speak the truth. I can only be the truth. You are born of the Mother. You are truth. And in that truth is, in human form, enormous beautiful, bright discernment. Not judgment…discernment.

Do not, at this critical time, do not allow yourself to be distracted by these silly reports. Do not allow yourself to be distracted from the beauty of the truth of who you are. If it does not feel like truth, if it does not make your heart sing, then question it, the veracity of it, deeply. And, dig deeper.
There are those wittingly and unwittingly, so no judgment, no blame, no shame – who are making false declarations to distract you from this momentous occasion of becoming. There are many who are still recalcitrant, consciously and unconsciously, who wish to maintain power and control.

Obama is a star being. He has been placed as a beacon of liberty. Have they hemmed him in? Yes, but he has stood true. Have there been missteps? Yes, he is also in human form. But he will not be removed. Let us be very clear about that.

So, many are acting to bring up the lies, the discrepancies, the untruth, the hatred, the greed, the anger, the fear. When you are feeling the anger or fear, or you are reading something, ask. Ask me and ask yourself, is this the truth of who I am? Or, is this something simply that arises up that it may be eliminated, that I may shed this burden and no longer carry this misconception. So, don’t pay attention to these distractions. You are wise beyond any measure of years. You know the truth.

SB: Well, let’s look at the other side of the coin, Lord. There are reports that say daily, or every second or third day, that the RV is signed off, that it has gone around the world. Are those reports true?

AAM: There is an element of wishing. There is an element of wanting you to feel good. There is an element of excitement. But, we would not say that it is completely of truth as yet.

SB: So, there’s a ways to go.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Thank you for that. I know you won’t give dates, so I won’t go further with that. I believe we’ve run out of time, which is very sad to me because there is so much I’d like to pursue with you about what you said. But we’ll have to do that on our next show. And, I thank you very much.

AAM: I would be honored to be back. Go with my love and go, bright angels, in peace.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2016 Council of Love, Inc