On our Saturday conference call, St. Germaine asks: …as fellow journeyer, as mentor, as steward, as guardian, on behalf of all of us who are ascended masters, we ask you, with us, to recommit, to hold this alignment because when it is held everything falls into place, the openings are apparent and Nova Earth is born.

Greetings, I am St. Germaine. Yes I know, there were many of us lined up, for Archangel Gabrielle wishes to send her greetings and her invitation to you to join with the highest realms. And of course, the Mother continues her discourses with you as well. But everyone has bowed, well at least leaned back, and allowed me the privilege of stepping forward this day.

So, I greet you as brother, as friend, yes as Keeper of the Violet Flame and the I AM Presence, as teacher, as mentor, and as steward and caretaker, not merely of the Violet Flame and not merely of the I AM Presence, but teacher and mentor and steward for each of you as well. Why do you think I am not on Earth? I always make light and say I never intend to return to Earth but part of that dear hearts, is that I am tending to you. Yes, there are many of us who have joyously assumed this role of steward and mentor, a form of guardianship, no never to replace your guardian angels and your beloved guides, but still a form of guardianship to watch over you particularly in your role as stewards…yes you are, as wayshowers, as teachers, as channels, as healers, as pillars, as gatekeepers of this miraculous unfoldment of the Mother’s plan.

And it is, can I say, more efficient in so many ways for me to be on this side to do my work with you; as is Sanat Kumara, whom we would like you to call ‘Sanat Kumara’, and Lord Maitreya, and Jesus Sananda, all of us, the Magdalena, St. Teresa, St. Catherine, St. Bernadette, St. Francis, also known as Frank. There are so many of us in attendance to you and with you at this time.

There are points of confluence, not only in what you think of as your time and space spectrum, but upon your grid, your etheric grid, your physical grid, the grid of Gaia, the grid of the universe, and then there are parts…if you think of the Mother’s plan…that have benchmarks where there is a coming together of energies, divine energies, my beloved ones, and human energies as well.

And in many forms upon the planet right now, this planet the I love more deeply than I can express and that I will defend and protect forever, there are intersections and think of it as layered intersections in your grid, in the Gaia grid, in the universal grid, benchmarks in the Mother’s plan that are all in alignment at this time.

Now, as you well know, this channel refuses and abhors time-lines. So, I do not speak of time-lines, but I have been known to simply speak of such benchmarks and intersections. The energies of the plan are in alignment at this time, above, below, in-between, and in each dimension.

Now, why am I bothering to speak of this? Why am I telling you this? Because dear heart, your actions, your energy, your creative energy and the absence of what, yes the non-creative dead energy has no place, but we need your creative energy in full force, in this time, in this moment. And let me say that this moment is a period of months, not hours, not days, not weeks, but this intersection, this opening, not for an event but for a multiple blossoming of many events…what you think of…you are always looking for the show. That is not what the Mother’s plan is about, if anything, it is eliminating the peaks and valleys of the show, of the drama. It is creating a garden of Gaia in which every flower blooms beautifully and equally, including you.

I have spoken to you recently of trust, of this being a time of trust, of stepping forward in the magnificence of your truth and your truth engenders trust. And it is not merely trust in us and unseen forces, it is trust in your very self, your very soul, your mission and purpose, your expression of your mission and purpose. I have spoken to you, I have begged you, to torch that which is not of love, to torch the chaos, the mayhem, the cruelty and let me suggest to you, yes I’m very glad you’re going to dedicate this Sunday Night Peace Meditation to the Middle East, but that is not the extent of your job. I want you to torch within yourself anything that is of that non-creative energy, I want you to torch it in your family, in your friendships, in your business relationships, in your collegial relationships, in your community, the institutions, your country.

And what do I mean by this? I mean those cruel, non-loving belief systems, opinions and actions that so many take every day out of shear habit because they do not stop long enough to truly think and consider what it is they are doing or saying. So what the torch does, it not only removes that energy, it acts as a stop sign for them to stop and think, “Why did I say that? Why did I think that? Why do I feel that way?” We want the questions to truly begin to be asked, not you posing the question to the person, merely torching it and letting them reach the conclusion and asking the question of themselves because in that way, in that moment they can say, “That is really not me. That is not how I want to be. That is really not how I feel.”

So, secondly I am asking you to use the torch morning, noon, and night. It is the torch of transformation and it can destroy what is not of love and it can create and bring to blossoming that which is. So, you can also torch someone who is just beginning to blossom; it is like fertilizing them, organically of course, it is like watering them with the spring rain. Torch them gently as if it is a fairy-wand and then leave them to their process.

Now I ask you as one who has walked the Earth as man, not as a pure incarnation, for I have known the pitfalls of being in form and the journey of seeking and the joy of finding, I ask each of you to recommit with me this day, this moment, and for the coming months, your heart, your mind, your will, your being to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Yes, the Mother has been asking you, but I ask you as brother and friend, as one who knows at moments how hard it is to be in human form, particularly when you are anchoring such transformative Ascension energies.

Your commitment, not merely your help, but your deep soul commitment, your consistency, your constancy, which is part of the Mother’s grace that she is already infusing you with, is needed right now. She is washing you clean with her Tsunami of Love; she is integrating you, she is lifting you up as never before. But as fellow journeyer, as mentor, as steward, as guardian, on behalf of all of us who are ascended masters, we ask you, with us, to recommit, to hold this alignment because when it is held everything falls into place, the openings are apparent and Nova Earth is born.

So, I do not ask this of you casually, I ask on behalf of my brothers and sisters, from the bottom of my being and I trust you and I know you, that you will say, “Yes.”

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.