New information regarding our ability to work with key motivators has been flowing fast and furious! A Key Motivator is that core issue which has been the most prominent obstacle in this and every lifetime. Despair, betrayal, or abandonment are examples of key motivators. The COL’s guidance is that while our key motivators have not changed, we have. We are stronger, fortified by the Universal Mother’s gifts of clarity, purity, grace and the Tsunami of Love. We are now able to address our key motivator and learn from it; deal with it in a much more direct way.

In the past, this central issue in our lives was one that was seen as potentially dangerous to our very existence, and so in many cases, we learned to avoid it as life threatening.

Each of us has a key motivator, what many think of as their core issue, which has been carried through many lifetimes and has either helped us create and keep going, or brought us to the edge of extinction or the choice of death. We create stories and illusions in order to explain both the process and the import of this key motivator. We create stories about who and what we are; what we need or don’t need to do; and then too often falling into reactive automatic behaviors as a result of these ideas or beliefs about ourselves. Our NOW – our New You process, is about breaking free of those ropes that bind and proceeding in ways that our history becomes our ally and supporter, rather than the sword of Damocles.

So what is the key motivator? It is the issue, circumstance or external situation that so challenges your core that it either makes or breaks you. The key motivator is the core belief that is tied to your idea, mission and purpose that when activated will result in either victory and success or feelings of defeat and surrender. There can be no judgment in this process just acknowledgement of what your individual, unique key is – and how it is working with or against you during this time of such incredible change. Once you have identified your key motivator is becomes so obvious and apparent that you have to smile and slap your forehead – a genuine “could have had a V8” moment. Remember that your key motivator is tied to your soul mission and purpose, your idea.

This issue of working with our key motivator is discussed with the Divine Mother in today’s (July 24, 2014) Hour With An Angel radio show. Tune in and listen – open your heart and learn. This is not a one-time ‘fix’ – this is a process of our Ascension.

For more information and understanding please go and read the chapter on Eliminating False Grids in The New You