1920334_692811027445755_687915522_nThe following is a discussion from the July 19, 2014 Saturday Conference Call. Normally these conversations are not shared but the insight from the Council on this difference between creative and non-creative energy is essential. The COL is guiding us to ensure we are remaining in the creative energy of Love. What does that mean?

It’s fascinating, is that what they are saying is that when you are in what we would call the old 3rd dimensional energy, and many of us are there sometimes either to do our work or because we simply slip and slide, is that that energy, the lack, the limitation, the cruelty, control, lust, and greed, are really up for grabs right now. When we are in that energy it is non-creative energy and what they are telling us is that that energy, and it’s encouraging to talk about this, that energy has no creative power. It has only the power to stall, act like fear, freezing, act as an obstacle that needs to be manoeuvred around or overcome, but it has no power to really create and certainly not to create Nova Earth and the inter-dimensionality that we are all ascending to.

Whereas when we are in the love energy, and all of us in various ways are feeling the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, and when you are traveling inter-dimensionally, which I strongly encourage all of you to do, is that you feel nothing but the love, is that that’s the creative energy, the joy energy, the divine quality energies, the grace energies that really have the power to create and create the new. So when you are going about your busy day, or not busy day, it’s just really important that you be paying attention, that you are staying in that higher energy, otherwise you are just getting basically trapped, in, you know, the construction zone where you are sitting in your car for an hour just getting frustrated.

Caller: …But isn’t this where the work is needed? Well, I’ve just asked like, “Why can’t I just go to the 7th?” I read that in your book about the whole thing between the 5th dimension and the 7th dimension, but the 3rd dimension is where we’re needed, it’s where the work is.

LD: No, but if you are thinking, and I’m glad that is a great question, but if you are also listening to the InLight Radio shows particularly Heavenly Blessings where we have been doing this kind of the hands on work, most recently with St Germaine, but on an Hour with an Angel as well, is that you don’t want to anchor yourself in the old 3rd. Where ever you go, whatever you do, think of it as we as human beings have the inter-dimensional realities, 1 through 12, available to us. That is how the realm of human experience on Gaia was created. The old 3rd, what we call the old 3rd, which now when you look at it is just vapours, it’s not even solid, it’s just like mist. You don’t…no they are correcting me…you can’t really anchor there, because there is nothing solid to really anchor on. It’s like in our human reality if you are trying to stand on a cloud it’s not really going to work very well for you if you are in your body.

So we send our energy, we send our creative energy, our love energy, our healing energy, our raising the vibration energy, however you think of it, we send that to the old 3rd and people who are clinging to that cloud, but we don’t live there. The physical experience we are having is at the lowest, and I don’t want to use that term as in ‘hierarchy’ but just in terms of numerology, is the cleaned up 3rd, which is the place to have a physical experience and to have the experience of free will. But we are not trapped in just being in the new 3rd, because simultaneously we are traveling into the 4th, the 5th, the 7th, the 1st. Please don’t forget the 1st and 2nd dimension, they are vitally important. Traveling up to the 10th and 11th to hang out with the masters, but we are not restricted. So we send the energy into the old 3rd, but try your best, don’t live there.

Caller: Linda, it’s so interesting that you say that this morning, customers coming into work this week there have been some horrific, horrific things that people are going through, violent, awful things and in meditation this morning I’ve had a really hard time dealing with that energetically because customers I had known being murdered and all sorts of stuff going on. Sanat Kumara had me have a look at my energy field in my heart and it was in two. The words he used I remember he said that is dead energy. And so that is exactly what you are talking about, I hadn’t thought about it in terms of non-creative energy and have never heard them use that exact terminology before.

LD: Yea. They are giving us new…you know the energy has shifted so significantly, you must have noticed that Mother Mary is talking to us in ways that she’s never talked to us before. So is St. Germaine, so is Ashira, they are being more blunt with us. Yes it is kind, it is loving, it’s uplifting, but there is directness, as if they are speaking to beings that are more spiritually aware and evolved. So they are telling us more really like it is and what we really can do and what is not going to serve. So dead energy, that is pretty clear. And this started for me when the whole thing started to decline again in Iraq, because you know that is very distressing with ISIS, basically for me it brings up all the memories of the holocaust because people are being lined up and machine gunned down after they have dug their own trenches to fall into and then just bulldozed over.

This is horrendous, horrendous stuff and it’s like we are in the middle of it and here we are in Ascension? So the key is not to go and engage in that energy, send it, send it special express. We have our Peace meditation tomorrow night let’s focus on the Middle East; it’s a tinderbox but don’t go and sit in it. And it reminded me, because years ago I went and I lived in Saddam Hussein’s house and confronted the guy and had interactions, it was like meeting the devil if the devil ever had a form, it was terrifying. But they are not telling us to do that kind of thing anymore, it’s like send the energy, but don’t sit in the energy, don’t live there.

Caller: So how do we not, I understand when you say not engaging in the drama, but do we bring ourselves to the 13th Octave?

LD: That is a great idea, bring yourself to the 13th Octave, anchor in that fourth click into Gaia and then go about your day, but it’s even more practical than that. You know sometimes you can go to the supermarket and let me tell you, I am not a shopper, so going to the supermarket is one of the more challenging things. The lights, the really tall isles, I’m really short, its overwhelming, there is too much of everything in the store, including people with all their energy going crazy because they are worried that they have to stretch their dollar as far as it will possibly go. For me it’s really hard energy. But sometimes you can put yourself in the space and you can waltz through the supermarket and you are in the Love and you have such a wonderful time, you know from the moment you walk in, to the moment the guy helps you with your little buggy to the car. And that is the Love energy. And other times you go in and sometimes someone bangs you or looks at you or says something grumpy and you come right back and you match their energy, you get grumpy all of a sudden and you think, ‘oh, I hate being here.’ You can’t go there. So when you find yourself doing that you have to go quickly put your hands together and click yourself up and raise yourself up, don’t go to that stalled energy.

Caller: Linda, I wrote you about my experience with my sister over the weekend, two weekends ago, how I just didn’t buy into any of the negativity that she had and I wasn’t aware of choosing not to do it until a day or two later, but then it lasted two more days and am I correct in saying she was in the 3rd and I was in another? It was a breeze for me not to enter into her energy field and prolong any of that.

LD: You didn’t buy into it, that’s a really good example because the other thing that happens is that it puts you back in the sludge; but if you stay in the higher dimensions then you just…it does become a breeze and it becomes pleasant, it’s like an enjoyable experience.

Caller: So this is something I come up against, do I say something to the person like ‘I’d really rather not…or can we talk about something a little more uplifting’ or do you just let them vent and just not ask questions?

LD: It’s different in every situation. This is where our discernment comes in, because, you know, sometimes if you say something it’s just going to escalate the situation and sometimes saying something can instantly shift the situation, so it just depends. I wanted to share with you, years ago, when I was living in San Diego, we had a class for people who were training to be teachers for the Council of Love and at the end of the weekend we went out for dinner together and we were all in a very high, celebratory space. We went to this wonderful restaurant down by the harbour, Harbour House. When we walked in we were seated next to a family who were literally abusing their kids’ right in front of us, yelling and nasty. It was awful. So for those of you who know LaHoChi we began to use that position and just flaming or violet torching that table. And the energy changed. No one said a word, but we all started sending the energy and that table changed immediately. By the end of dinner it was like they were our new best friends and the kids were running all around laughing. But we didn’t say a word. So it just depends. Use your discernment