tsunamilogoPlease join us and immerse yourself in the Mother’s Wave of Love at 6:00pm Eastern time. Sign up below! The Universal Mother’s Tsunami of Love continues to roll through our hearts, leaving the debris of old hurts in its wake. So much is coming to the surface for cleansing, but also to be experienced as joy and freedom. This, we wish to share with everyone who has not yet heard of The Mother’s Gift. And so, in that spirit we have begun reaching out to our brothers and sisters who touch hearts either via radio, television, or on blogs. It’s our way of joining hands in this global effort.

I had the pleasure of speaking about The Tsunami of Love for over an hour with Lauren Galey on her Healing Conversations internet radio program. The program will be aired on June 5th at 6pm EST. We are hoping that you will tune in so that we can support Lauren with a large listening audience for The Mother’s Tsunami of Love. Registration information is at the bottom of this Newsletter.

The interview with Lauren was delightful. It was different. She asked questions I haven’t answered in quite some time, questions about my near-death experience through which my mission and purpose were revealed. She asked about the Golden Orb that was Archangel Gabrielle healing me after the car accident. She asked questions that took me into some depth about the early years as I was just beginning to be the messenger for The Council of Love.

And one other thing that struck me as being unique was the way in which Lauren and I walked through the basics of The Mother’s Tsunami of Love process. I was explaining it to people who, I envisioned, would be hearing it for the very first time. And so it was very detailed about the process we know intimately as the daily Tsunami meditation. Lauren will include The Council’s Tsunami of Love meditation in the program so that everyone will have the chance to join us in anchoring the waves. And near the end, The Universal Mother stepped in to speak about Her divine gift of transformation.

I invite you to come with us as we join so many who will be hearing of The Mother’s Tsunami of Love for the very first time. It’s thrilling to know that we have those generous hearts, like Lauren Galey, who are now linking arms with us as we expand the reach of The Mother’s Tsunami of Love.

How to Register for the free radio program: When you click on this link, you will be taken to The Acoustic Health website. At the very top you will complete the registration screen. You will then be emailed a list of coming programs, including ours. (Linda’s interview may not yet appear on the site, but you will get the link in time for the free broadcast.) You may enjoy staying on the list for future programs, or you may unsubscribe whenever you wish.

I really hope you’ll join us as we share The Mother’s transformative Tsunami of Love