We are the Tsunami. We are the Love. In our everyday lives we can bring in the Tsunami no matter what we are doing from the simplest task to something complex ~ it is remembering we are Love every second of the day.

May 9 – LD

Tsunami of Love Experience 5/8/14

I enter the local public elementary school where I will be facilitating a meditation program for the teachers. I have previously called the Tsunami of Love to begin its work here. I walk through the halls and feel the various energies. It has also been 17 years since my daughter has been here so I am filled with nostalgia. Many know me from the community from years ago and come to greet me or send messages to me, so excited I have come for this program. I walk down the halls Beaming Light, Confident, Knowing what my mission is. I am here for the children and will reach them by supporting the teachers. The office staff is disappointed they cannot attend one of the seven sessions I will be facilitating. The PTA mom in charge tells them I will send energy their way which I do.

This is voluntary for the teachers and is set up during their planning time for Teacher Appreciation Day. Having been in the classroom for many years, I am not surprised with the stress and anxiety they bring with them when they walk into the room. Most have never had any experience with meditation. I know those who participate have been drawn to my room for a reason. I work with the different groups of teachers taking them on journeys channeled through me. The conclusion of our time together is always the same. The Love, Peace and Joy in the room has touched each one of us. Each time I give a quiet prayer of gratitude that these teachers will now bring this to the children.

May 9 JMc

My TSUNAMI work has been intermittent, most non-memorable for a few weeks; but, always, there was Relaxation and a “known” inner feeling that while the conscious session had “stopped”, the TSNUMANI reality was very PRESENT in my daily life. MY May 5th experience was, as follows:

I woke up from a short nap, stretched, did brief bed Yoga, and intended to go into the PINK DIAMOND in my Heart. AHA. Instead:

I was sent to a Crystalline Temple and placed in a smaller crystalline structure, 9-12 feet high with holographic Pink, Blue, & Yellow Diamonds. Immediately, after breathing into the 3 diamonds separately, all 3 entered my body.

I was sent– once again– to MYSTICAL Higgins Lake , Mich, where my parents had a cottage, and I spent  magical, nature-rich weekends & summers. I waded out into the familiar waters, held hands with J(Left)& J(Rt) & AAGabrielle(L) & AAMichael(Rt).

Then, Goddess SEDNA(L) & God POSEIDON(Rt) joined us. Human me thought, “Wait, these are Ocean Deities.” Immediately, I saw myself, and THOUSANDS of others of all ages, races, cultures in the 20,000+ lakes of Mich. & Minn.

A nano-scond later, HUNDREDS of  THOUSANDS of children, parents, grand-parents joined in concentric circles behind & in front of all of us. The scene expanded to the large LAKES of the entire WORLD.

(As a geography minor, i can see where many lakes are.) Every lake was ringed with JOYOUS TSUNAMI HELPERS.

While the waters on top were sparkling, below the surface were floating debris, trash, toxic wastes, sunken boars, docks, & unknown flotsam & eerie objects.

Human me felt “negatively” about pollution. In another nano-second, hundreds of WATER SPOUTS appeared, some 20 feet, others 50 feet  high, all RAINBOW colored.

INDIGENOUS people and EARTH-HONORING groups were singing, drumming, and holding SACRED WATER CEREMONIES. Millions from the SPIRIt WORLD were very present among all around the planet.

Next, boy & girl scouts, ecologists, biologists, researchers, fishing & sports enthusiasts joined the circles. Beautiful SOUNDS surrounded  us.  Everything was omni-happening and everyone  was VERY BUSY, VERY INTENSE, VERY CONSCIOUS, VERY MINDFUL, VERY FOCUSED, VERY JOYOUS– like a Pieter Bruegel or Grandma Moses painting.

This went on for a LONG, indeterminate , pleasant time. Then there came a great QUIET, a STILLNESS all around the world & planet.  ALL were in a REVERENT STATE. More time passes…

Then, once again, I was back in the tall CRYSTALLINE STRUCTURE with the PINK, BLUE, & YELLOW DIAMONDS. I felt my heart do something indescribable.  Next, I  was “back” on my bed, with both hands on the center of my chest.

Clearly, like the vicissitudes, challenges, happiness-surprises, the TSUNAMI has its own laws, purposes, ways, and I, perhaps like so many others, are changed in Miraculous, Uncharted ways.

May 11 JC

As the meditation started I saw myself standing on the beach at the water’s edge looking out at the vast ocean. I noticed how peaceful and calm the beach and ocean was and decided to start walking into the ocean. I walked all the way until just below my chin. I actually got a little nervous, LOL, before putting my head under the water. It was as if I was trying to remember how to breathe underwater. My heart was racing. I began to rock from side to side as a way of soothing myself before taking the final steps underwater. I heard “I AM with you always”. So I took a deep breath and began to descend under the water.

As I walked, I came to a drop off of the ocean floor. As I looked out, I heard “Go further still”. So I took a leap of faith and took the next step over the drop off. When I did this, I realized that I was still walking at the same level as I was before and the oceans floor was well below me. I was walking on water underneath the water. This is when I realized that my entire being, my universal self, was with me under the ocean. We had submerged together as ONE. I could see the “outlines” of my selves around me. And we kept going deeper & deeper until we were all completely covered in water.

We came to a stop eventually. And I could feel the tides begin to move. We began to sway back and forth ever so gently. Then the tides began to pick up speed gradually. I heard “breathe”. So I allowed myself to experience the fullness of this as I swayed back and forth and surrender to the tide. I felt like a sea fan that sways back and forth in the ocean with the holes throughout its structure. Because the water was literally going through me as it went in and out. As the tide would go in, it filled me with love. And as the tide went out, it would take all that no longer serves me. We stood there and allowed this process to continue throughout the rest of the meditation.  Then the tides gradually began to slow down.  This was our cue to begin to ascend from the water.

As we began to walk out of the water, I felt the need to stop again at the water’s edge. I sat down on the sand with the water at my toes looking out at the ocean. As I began to internalize what had just taken place, I literally started to cry.

Then I felt a presence sitting beside me. It was Yahweh.

Yahweh sat there with me in the sand, put his arms around me and held me as my tears streamed down my face. We sat there for some time not saying a word, just in the moment of release. Then he held out his hand. There was a heart shaped sea shell in his palm that was cut in half. Yahweh took half of the heart shell, place it around his neck with a string of light. Then he took the other half and placed it around my neck with a string of light and said, “I AM with you always”. And the Father held his daughter and said, “I will hold you for as long as it takes”.

The blessings and gifts of the Tsunami of Love are many and infinite, from sweet release to the wonder of the children.

May 11 LD

Tonight is a special night for my congregation to honor teens who have committed to study beyond their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Two of these teens, 15 years old, will be graduating from the program, confirming their commitment to continue their journey. I cry along with everyone else as these two young men each read what they have written. Here are excerpts: “…you are not carrying yourself, you are carrying all of your loved ones, your friends, all of the people in the world. You have a responsibility to spread Light to all the people near you and affect them in a positive way.” “I know that for the rest of my life, no matter where I go or what I do, I will always keep the values that I have learned as a young man.”

All together as a congregation we sing a beautiful blessing for these young people, each of us sending Love from open hearts. I watch as AA Raphael comes into the room and fills it with his Healing Green Light. I say to myself, ”it is our Love that has called him.”

May 12 KW

Netting, flotsam and jetsam tangled me up in the Waves this morning.

Before I had gotten out of bed, I activated my adjustor/regulator and set my intention to Be – loving kindness and compassion. . .

But fear for the future came up ~ Law of Elimination ~ fear disappears

And then past sadness, sorrow, entangling situations came up and tears flow. . . standing back, observing my Self. . . remember (thank God!) loving compassion, kindness, give to my Self. . . hugging my Self. . . remember (thank God again!) to ask Waves to wash this through. . .

Then with encouragement from Archangel Gabrielle, the words come – the memories dancing around under sadness, sorrow, more tears – conscious awareness, speaking to her in my heart what is troubling me. . . feelings of sadness, sorrow dissolving, washing away, transmuting to balance. . .

Loving energies working their magic within and without quickly – more quickly than ever now . . . Stranger, Guides, Archangels, Circle close at hand. . . never alone

Joy bubbling, percolating from within, simply, easily now

In stitches at insanity of it all, feeling freedom

Dear God, I Am/We Are Worthy

Feeling Joy for All

Intentions and Love are a beautiful thing. . .


 May 15 LD

Meditation 5/11/14

It is Mother’s Day. I set the intention that the Tsunami of Love today will be for all mothers and children that have lack of self worth, who have any part of them that feels unloved, who are sad or grieving for any reason, who have taken on sorrow and pain for others.

I walk into the water and go into my ankles. I then call all the mothers and children that the waves will be for today and they start lining up on each side of me. There are multitudes that come including babies. As the waves come through all of us, I also send Love from my heart through this circle that has formed around Gaia. Yes, the waves and my heart for her too.

5/13/14 – 5/14/14


I receive a call from one of my congregants. Her father has just died. Her parents were very active in an Orthodox synagogue and they also belong to a Conservative synagogue but neither rabbi can officiate the funeral. The Conservative rabbi is in Europe and the Orthodox rabbi will not officiate as the body will be put in a mausoleum which is not allowed in Orthodox Judaism.

I am on alert for I know I am now on assignment for my mission. This is the third funeral in four weeks and they are all at the same funeral parlor. This is very unusual.


In the morning I set the intention that once again  as the last funeral people will feel uplifted and there will be much healing during the service. I call in my partners from the Council of Love. We arrive at the funeral parlor and the husband, the son-in-law whispers to me, “We need lots of positive energy from you.” As my husband speaks to the extended family we see and feel the tension in the room. The mother is upset as she wants her son to say the traditional prayer, “Kaddish” for his father but he has left the religion. Traditionally this prayer is said for 11 months after a parent’s death, needs to be said with a group of least 10 men in a synagogue or where they are gathered for prayer and is not said by a woman.

My husband knows exactly what to do and puts everyone at ease. He is asked if the son can say Kaddish by himself without going to a synagogue. “It depends on which rabbi you speak to. My view is that yes, it can be said anywhere.”  The daughter, my congregant, asks, “Can I say it too?” “Yes,” my husband answers.

I think about this prayer, of why it has so much sacredness, of how the original intent has been distorted by all the “rules.” There is actually no mention of death anywhere in this prayer. It is basically a prayer of gratitude said in Hebrew and Aramaic that praises God. The prayer ends with bringing peace to all people in the world.

The women in the family come to me afterwards and tell me how grateful they are that my husband has empowered all of them as well as the son. I tell them how 11 years ago when my father died that I said Kaddish by myself every morning. And this is the rabbi’s wife and cantor speaking!! I think privately about this time and remember how beautiful and healing it was for me every morning to connect to my father and God.

We enter the chapel and I see the room is filled.  My husband speaks so beautifully as he always does, from his heart and I watch how people are mesmerized by his words. At one point he explains how wonderful it is that the deceased had connections to three different congregations, Orthodox, Conservative and ours which is non-denominational. All three with different styles and traditions, but all of the same essence. There are many people there from the Orthodox synagogue and he thanks their rabbi for always being there for the family. I watch as the wave of Gratitude and Love goes across from the room.

The son gets up to speak. He tells the 200 people there that although his father never said the words, his realizes that his father’s eyes expressed love for him. He wife begins to sob. He promises to now be a better father, a better son and return to the family. The older grandson, our Bar Mitzvah student from 9 years ago, gets up and apologizes that he hasn’t spoken to his grandfather for six months. They were in a fight. He tell him he loves him.

The wife gets up to speak. She says, “I don’t know why I am up here speaking but I really thought no one would come to this funeral. After all, my husband has basically fought with every single one of you!” Everyone begins to laugh and I smile as AA Gabrielle’s Joy begins to fill the room. I know she was the one who nudged the wife to speak!

We go to the mausoleum and I see someone dancing on the coffin and wonder who it is. It seems to be an angel. The coffin is put in the wall and an announcement is made that the service is over and people can return to their cars. I begin singing “Oseh Shalom” “Let there be Peace” the last two lines of the Kaddish to escort the people out. But no one leaves. They all begin singing with me and I feel the expansion of the most beautiful peaceful energy. They all wait until the last part of the wall is sealed. I sing again as the people leave.

I tell my congregant about the dancing on the coffin. “Would this make any sense to you?” She laughs, “Oh that would be my dad alright. He was so irascible but everyone just loved him.”

The wife comes to speak to me and how grateful she is that my husband and I were the ones that officiated the funeral. She is still surprised at how many people came, some that hardly knew her husband. The conversation turns to her daughter. “She has the huge heart of my husband without the gruff exterior.”

I understand then why so many people were drawn to this funeral of why they all didn’t want to leave and stayed until the very end to say goodbye.

It was his heart that people felt. It was his heart that spoke to them. I ask that my heart is always the one speaking as well.

5/12/14 – 5/14/14

My girlfriend of over 20 years calls me, so excited to share what happened on Mother’s Day! She wanted to play a certain Chopin nocturne, one that her mother always loved. The nocturne was in a book that was very old and falling apart so she kept the various pieces in a folder. After searching everywhere through all sorts of folders she still couldn’t find it. She asked her parents to help her. Her three dogs came into the living room and started barking for no reason. She got the idea to look on top of her piano where there was much music. Her dogs continued to bark. As she piled each book of music on her arms, still looking, somehow this pile of music fell and crashed to the floor. Still her dogs were barking. As she bent over to pick the music up, there was the Chopin Nocturne!

She played for her mother and the dogs stopped barking.

My friend is a different person than she was just even a few months ago. She was quite sick and put everyone else’s needs ahead of hers. But now she loves herself. When Yasmin met my friend on Tuesday, she told her she had a glow. My friend replied with her beautiful smile, “Thank you!! I feel like I have an inner glow.”

This morning, my friend wanted to play the piano again for her parents and called on them to listen. She said there was a clarity that came from inside her as she was playing. “I know you understand what I mean, Lee” I reply ,”yes.”  She continues, “You know, I have such a different view of death now.”

I hear her words and send a prayer of gratitude for I have been asking why I have been part of so many funerals lately. There have been three in four weeks and now a gathering for a family this coming Sunday who buried their loved one in another state. I know that I have been called to do much clearing but I want to have a deeper understanding. Yes, I know, I am always asking questions!! But now I have my answer or at least the answer that is for my present understanding for there is so much more! With partnership from Above this clearing is helping people have a different view of death. The old view is a false grid.

Each day I am becoming more aware and in such awe of this amazing interconnectedness!  I know it has always been there, but it is just now that I am seeing some of its nuances. This is a gift I have been given through guidance from Linda, the Council of Love, the Tsunami of Love. But it is really a gift I have given myself.

I wonder what gifts are in store next!! I guess I will just have to ask myself!!

5/14/14 – 5/15/14

It is Wednesday evening that I become aware of it, of something different in the universe that I just can’t put my finger on. It is something exciting but subtle, an opening. It is still there when I wake up on Thursday. I call my friend from my Triad. She feels it too. We talk further about the prosperity project we are supporting, of how progress is being made. As we discuss the information just received from the physical realm we are given a message that we are to go into our circle and work with Blue Light. The three of us begin our work each with our own part to do.

I build a corridor made of Blue Light leading to where the money is being held. I do further work that I have been told to do and then see on the outside of this corridor on both sides those who are to be kept away from this money.

I go down to the ocean and call for this group of people to join me to feel the waves of the Tsunami of Love. I am surprised that they come! As the waves do their work, I see that I look different than usual. I am wearing a white beautiful skirt like a petticoat with rows of beautiful crystals. I am in such Joy and just want to fly up into the air, so I do! I become a fairy and sit on a leaf which flies backwards. This is really much fun!! I then become my crystal self again and do a Joyous dance. I dance with the archangels and others from the Council of Love!

While still in the sky, I become a girl lying on my stomach on the edge of something holding the strings of marionettes. The puppets are fighting with each other. I am also my crystal self and show this child how the puppets can love each other. We sprinkle Uriel’s silver sparkles down below.

I am then shown a snow globe which only snows when it is shaken. I understand the message that we have had to be shaken to bring the “snow.”  I check the dome I have put on earth from another meditation. I program it so it will always be snowing AA Uriel’s Silver sparkles.

I return back to the room to where the Blue Corridor leads and join the celebration!

May 16 DC

Feels like such a long stretch since I have reflected here. As you may remember… gone for several days connecting with family & extended family.  Many gifts of our togetherness.  The stay was communal…  tricky to find a place to nest for reflection… much activity… but positive.. nourishing.  I do realize how much my soul is fed by the rhythms of stillness & meditation.

Twice down 2 blocks to the ocean to perch on the rocks & offer my deep yearnings to be bathed & held in the Mother’s Blue… to be permeated, cleared & held there until absorbed in the Oneness.  Then trot back up to the cottage we shared… help w/the next meal…  dress for next activity.

The Energy soo strong for stretches during this metamorphosis.  Some vertigo & light headedness…  Almost as tho I am floating..  or one foot on land another in a boat headed out to sea. The need? The longing still to sleep & sleep…

Now I am wanting to share the power of your posts after several days of very limited viewing.  Almost as tho it had been three years… or   the expansion of your hearts & souls was arresting.. in some ways…  & beautiful!   Was uncertain as to how to reenter.

Thank you all for offering your words of Light.   Lovely.

At this moment… your recent posts are front & center & sweetly potent.  This window into your process feels rich & expansive. The reflections of recent funeral services…  the transmutation of energy… the gifts bestowed.  Thank you. Your constructed corridor of blue light. I have been drawn to work with blue & blue lightening angels for many, many years for clearing.  Before  I knew of the Mother.

Another visual that seems to bring joy in recent days… a vision of our entire planet… bird’s eye view… the joyous, delightful interchanges growing on all continents.. in all countries…  numbers of laughing, buoyant souls delighting in each other…  hugging, waving… exchanging good news & bubbly messages. Any negative energy fading & the Light..  golden sparkles expanding.    More & more whale sprays…  great, huge pods moving thru the waters… & leaping dolphins… etc.  All colors of rays from above… penetrating thru every being into the earth & heart of Gaia. A rainbow of rays.

Beauty and Joy are the emerging magical themes from the Tsunami of Love meditations and the interconnectedness of the All that runs through everything. . .


May 16 LD

Meditation 5/16/14

Beach Day!! But maybe not. The weather is rainy and the forecast not exactly promising.

I call on my stranger to help with the weather for I have been looking forward to this beach day all week and to doing the Tsunami of Love meditation in the actual water!

As we make preparations to leave, my husband says, “You know, you never know who you are going to touch.” He goes on to tell me of a conversation he had with one of the attendees at the funeral we just officiated two days ago. The man lost his wife a few years ago, but after the service with my husband and me, he had a new outlook on her death.

I think, “Wow, further confirmation of an answer I was given of what is being cleared with so many funerals lately!” As I shared on another post, people’s  view of death is changing. My husband and I discuss further and I share what I have posted on the forum and am in awe of – this interconnectedness that runs through everything. I wonder what made him think of this story and tell it to me now, two days later? It is as if there are streams of thoughts that come together to create a theme of whatever is currently in our awareness.

We get to the beach and have it to ourselves due to the weather forecast! The waves are so gentle, the water so peaceful and then the sun begins to peek out from the rain clouds. “Thank you Wysteria Winston Jane!”

I think of the phrase my husband used during the funeral eulogy that “we leave our footprints on earth.” I set the intention that every step during my walk will bring Joy to Gaia. With each footprint I leave on the sand, she answers me back! She fills me with so much Love that I invite my partners, the Council of Love, to join me as well and experience what I am experiencing!

It is time to go in the water and I decide I will just enter without a specific intention as I used to do in the early days of the meditation. I walk into the physical water up to my chest. It is so easy to anchor in the sand today as the water is still calm.

On my right is the sun and on my left is a being that is purple. I walk in further and my dolphin friend Eywah and chimpanzee friend, Tyree, join me. Tyree and I climb on Eywah’s back and we go for the most joyous ride through the water! Eywah comes up to the surface of the water and I stand on his back! I return to the water and there is  a yellow beautiful creature that comes to dance with me. I think she is a nymph.

As I continue to dance in the physical water I am so filled with Love and Joy! I stretch out my hands and say, “this Love is to go throughout the entire ocean!” I see words of Love multiplying in the water! I fly up in the sky and stretch out my arms and say, “I command that these words of Love are to be everywhere!” I stop for I am embarrassed that I have said, “command.” Is it okay that I say this? But the answer is just a filling up of Love once again!

I am then in the sky dancing with this Love still! As I continue to dance in the physical water below, huge orbs of rainbow colors come to dance with me in the sky. They become a trampoline and put me in the middle, then toss me into the air! I am so filled with Joy, with a Joy that these words cannot portray! There is a Oneness, a Sanctity, a Love that is for me, within me, that is for All.

I rest on the rainbow trampoline and think, “I am a rainbow, my soul color is rainbow.” I ask the orbs, “are you part of me?” There is a twitter of laughter that ripples through them and then dances inside my heart! They come and merge with me.

I leave the meditation but my heart continues to dance with Joy!!