tsunamilogoThe Tsunami of Love has begun in earnest and is being experience in various ways by people all over Gaia. The purpose of this broadcast is to come together in community, unite in heart and receive the next downloads updates and messages on this precious gift from the Divine Mother.

The Tsunami of Love is the Universal Mother’s gift of transformation. It is the essence of her Love being sent to and through us as an incredible blue wave eliminating all debris; lifting us to the higher octave of heart-consciousness and Ascension.

The Tsunami of Love Livestream broadcast will include a special message from the Mother as well as attunements to prepare you to anchor and flow joyously with this magnificent gift of Love. We will join together hand to hand and heart to heart and do the Tsunami of Love meditation together.

Lightworkers/Loveholders are the anchors and the breakwater; we choose and welcome this change. We choose Love and we commit as always to the unfoldment of the Plan of the Divine Mother. Whether this is your first step into the blue wave, whether you have been feeling jittery, exhausted, anxious, bliss or ecstasy come and join us. We are One.

A Livestream broadcast is similar to watching a movie but the advantage is it’s live – if you tune in the day of you receive all the energies full-force and immediately. The event will be taped and available on demand for our friends overseas. While the COL energies will be imbedded within the broadcast there is nothing like being part of the original transmission.

All you need to do to activate the Livestream is register and then the day of click on the button. It’s easy peasy. We have intentionally kept the cost of the 90 minute broadcast affordable for all at $22.00. And yes, I will be accepting submitted questions from those registered beforehand as well.

This is a global initiative – this is part of how we are coming together to create Nova Earth – not only to receive the incredible gifts and blessings of the Divine Mother but to step forward and begin creating our heart’s desires. I really hope you’ll join us!