Archangel Gabrielle asks us to go to the 1st dimension…to enter into the void, into that place of ideas, into the place of nothingness and some electricity, and to bring to humanity back the idea of their greatness…this is one of the things I am asking you to do on Sunday night during the Peace Meditation…

So let’s begin, well let’s begin by welcoming our Pleiadian brothers and sisters. So let’s drop down into our hearts taking a nice deep breath of emerald green and just feel all your energies sink into your heart, down from your crown and up from your feet and then remaining anchored in your heart let’s drop down to our Halion chakra which is at the base of your ribcage. And our Halion chakra is our bridge…oh cool…to our star brothers and sisters and what I’m being told and what I’m being asked to share with you is not only are there Pleiadian portals upon the beautiful planet Gaia but when we open this chakra, right now all of us together from the 13th Octave …click …click …click …open your Halion chakra and make yourself a Pleiadian portal so that you can intensify and join and gather and welcome the visitation, the energy, the family relationship of our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles, cousins from the Pleiades. And feel that Electra, electric green and blue and ashen blue and mint. Open up, bring in the turquoise, taste the mint and open, open, open so that it’s expanding in a spiral pattern, not only to our star brothers and sisters but insure it’s right through your body.

So the visual you want to have is if there is a big spinning wheel but it is shear energy and there is a hole, a massive hole from your heart, from the bottom of your heart to about the bottom to your pubic bone and there is this giant portal and you are saying, “Welcome.” And receive, deeper, higher. And in this we also want to activate our ability balancing our Halion with our third and fourth eyes so that we see and recognize not only the ships in the sky but our brothers and sisters as they arrive. More. And then come back and anchor in your heart, leaving it open, and if I forget remind me at the end to close it and rebalance. And breathe gold and it is the gold of Gabrielle, it is the golden bubbles of joy and it is the golden rays of gratitude.

Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, spokes-being for the Council of Love and yes, it is as that that I speak this day because I speak of course on behalf of my beloved self but also on behalf of this beloved Council. Welcome my sweet hearts, sweet angels in form, starseeds, Earth-keepers, pillars, way-showers, gate-keepers; my goodness you are busy.

And yes, I have asked this channel to come forth this day and to speak to you, to each of your hearts, your minds, your will, your very core, your essence about this continued issue of self worth/self love. And yes, with it, in conjunction, not only with gratitude but with Universal Law and I have quite a bit to say, so let us begin and I hope, dear hearts, that you will bear with me because these are matters that we have not fully spoken of before and so it is important.

Breathe my gold and feel my love and feel the golden love of Yahweh and feel the golden love of Sanat Kumara and feel the blue of the Divine Mother, yes, and of my twin archangel, Gabrielle and Michaela, Michael. And now your pink.

First we begin by thanking thee for the work that you have so diligently undertaken in the raising and the removal of the false grid of lack of self-worth for humanity. And yes, it has improved dramatically and that is not the only reason we come to speak this day but it is part of it because dear hearts, too often you do not hear or feel or know fully our gratitude. So we come to say, “Thank you for entering into this partnership more fully with us!”

The quotient of self-worth has risen to about the lowest area of 50 percentile while yours is skyrocketing. Now, we do not want this to become an ego contest so we simply move along but know that you are doing the sacred work for the collective. Now, some of you have asked of us, “How, how do we work with this issue and how did the lack of self-love, self-worth become so diminished?” We are going to talk today, not only about Universal Law, Gratitude, but also interdimensionality.

When you have been in the old 3rd dimension, very rapidly, well you would think it took hundreds or thousands of years, and it did, but in our terms that was fairly rapid because it diminished, diminished, diminished, diminished. What occurred in the very 1st dimension in the idea of who you are, in the idea and the knowing of your expression of divinity, you began to eliminate, block, shield, it does not matter what you call it, the idea of self-worth of your own spectacular grandeur from the idea of who you are. Then eventually what happened, of course that became a little heavier and you were eventually blocked from the 1st and 2nd dimension the same way that you were blocked, in many ways, from the higher dimensions, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and so on.

So within this universe that you thought was complete was this belief system that you were not worthy and that somehow you had to earn this value to be loved. Now even while I speak to you you know that this is not the truth and it most certainly is not the essence of who you are. You are at that place of knowing but dear hearts, why we give you this background is so that as you work with others you do not ignore calling upon that 1st dimensional reality of wholeness, of essence, of the spectacular ideas of each individual upon the planet and far beyond, and reinstalling it within them. And this is one of the things I am asking you to do on Sunday night during the Peace Meditation.

So, it is to enter into the void, into that place of ideas, into the place of nothingness and some electricity, and to bring to humanity back the idea of their greatness.

I wanted to speak about gratitude this day because as you also know, as you return full cycle and embrace your Creator Self with us, individually and as this sacred circle, that all creation, the formula, the triangle, the diamond, is based upon being enveloped in love and in gratitude. Now, how can you possibly be in the fullness of gratitude if you are not in the fullness of the knowing, of e embrace, of the anchoring of your own self-worth/self-love? And yes we are using those terms interchangeably.

Let me elaborate: Why would you be fully grateful when you only feel like you were only at 30 or 40 or 50 or 90 percent? Because there is still this part of thee that says, “Why am I not in the fullness, the completeness, and child, if you think I don’t hear you you would be sorely mistaken. I hear every whisper that you make. Yes, I like to be engaged in conversation but do not think I do not hear you or that the Mother does not hear you or Michael or Uriel or any of us. And when, by chance, we don’t hear you your guides and guardian angels transmit very effectively.

So as your quotient of self-worth is escalating as it needs to, as we pray it does, then of course your quotient of gratitude also grows. And in this it is related and linked to the Universal Law that you are so richly, thank goodness, that you are so richly embracing. Again, it is all of one piece and we know there have been many elements that we have been bringing together for you and with you for years. But think of it, how can you imbibe in full gratitude and in alliance with the Law of Above and Below if, in fact, you think of Above as 120% and Below as 60%? Well, that doesn’t work and it certainly doesn’t bring up gratitude.

So often we hear this expression, “Thank God for small mercies.” Can you please erase that from your vocabulary and your mind and your heart? That is not what you are asking, that is not what you are creating, it puts you…yes we know, you think it is an expression of gratitude…it is an expression of gratitude that places you in a lesser position…we know how difficult it is for you to think of yourself in partnership, equality, unity, heart-connectedness with us. It has never been a hierarchy; it is a circle. When we speak of the Council of Love we include you and we speak for your hearts as well. We are one and yes, you are the brave ones that went to Earth and said, “I will do the dirty work. I will be the love forces on the ground. I will go and nourish and hold and cherish Gaia until humanity wakes up and then I will also assist in the waking up of humanity.” Now, how on Earth or any planet could that be done by lesser beings?

Please look in the mirror, anchor that 120%, be as grateful for you as we are. See the magnificence of yourself and embrace it. Invoke the totality of Universal Law including Gratitude and Love. Attract what you want, not only for your sacred self but for the collective and repulse to the farthest reaches of the multiverse that which no longer serves.

You are in the place of unity consciousness, my beloveds. You are in the Stillpoint of Oneness. You are there. Expressions of gratitude, not merely feelings, heart anchoring, yes, feelings, yes, knowing, yes, but do not forget action; physical expressions of gratitude. Nail it down; anchor it upon Gaia and within your sacred self. When you say, out loud, to us, to each other, to a stranger, not by remote control but from the depth of your heart and you say, “Thank you” or you say, “Just what you did for me was magnificent, I truly appreciate it” or you make a gesture, a smile, a connection with your eyes, you pick a flower like a child and you give it like a child does to its mother, or a pie, or a meatloaf, or a soufflé, it does not matter. These are actions and expressions of gratitude.

Now, why do I bring this up? No, I am not suggesting that you all begin cooking for one another, but what I am suggesting, dear hearts, is we want you to look in the mirror. Yes, we began with mirror-work and we’re not done yet. I want you to look in the mirror and express, out loud, your gratitude for your sacred self, for your eyes, for your face, for your smile, for your body, for your liver, for your kidneys, for your sense of humor, for your dedication, for your prudence, for your persistence and consistency, for your trust, for your faith, for everything you do and who you are because you cannot fully appreciate, in true partnership, this circle, our partnership, your partnerships on Gaia unless you are in full appreciation of your sacred self. And that is part of anchoring 120%. That is part of your birth right.

Now I know I speak vigorously, that happens to be my tendency. So, I would be remiss, again, if I did not say to thee how well you are doing. But, of course, what is the reward of doing well? Well, we just ask you to do more because we know what you are capable of.

And so, we will meet you again tomorrow night as we travel to the 1st dimension to re-anchor in humanity the fullness of the idea of the Mother’s Plan of what it means to be human in all its glorious, spectacular wonder.

I thank you, I love you, and I bless you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon