On our Saturday conference call Yahweh asks us to give him our dreams and creations for completion…

Greetings, I am Yahweh, I am Father, I am Grandfather, I am brother, I am One. And yes, I am normally silent and I come this day to complete the conversation that we have begun years ago.

My beloved friends, my family, my children, you are not merely birthed by the Mother, you carry my energy as well and I am just as vigilant. I do not wish and therefore I will not be some form of distant spirit or deity or thunder: I am your Father and I have cared for you and loved you and watched you and provided for you forever. And yes, as spiritually mature adults who are still my children, you have come to the planet to create Nova Earth, to ascend in form and to be the embodiment of love, of the Mother and my love and of your love; we are united and we are family.

So, as I reach out to you this day I do not merely wish to speak of 30%, I do not merely wish to speak of partnership, I wish to speak of unity and wholeness and yes, 100% of self worth and love and the unity consciousness that you carry within your very bones, within your heart, within your cells. None of you came to operate, to experience, to live at 30% or anything that is less than 110%, 120%. It is not the truth of who you are.

Seldom do you truly call on me, do you turn to me and simply give me your creations, your creation projects, the dreams of your heart and the dreams of the collective. And the dream of the collective is and always has been love, peace, wholeness, connectedness and unity. There is not one being upon Gaia, or elsewhere by the way, that wishes to live in separation and isolation. You have never declared, “Oh, I would like to fall in love or be loved a little” especially you, my New You, my Council of Love. My beloved family I am asking you, to turn over your creation project. Give it to me for completion; I will return it to you in the wholeness that you have asked and I will assist you and bring forth the worthiness that you are.

I penetrate your heart, your selves, your being, your fields, your shields with my gold, with my power, with my Will to complete. I do not wish and therefore I will not simply be silent and be in the background. I step forward, gently, as your loving Father to assist, to embrace, and to show you the way. You do not need and you never have needed to do this all alone. You know of the Mother’s constancy, of her continuity, and of her deep love, but dear heart, sweet angels of light, know of my love as well. Do I create in a slightly different manner? Yes, but it is just as effective. Let the Divine Masculine balance come forth now. Let us stand together in the balance of masculine and feminine divinity and know that divinity and feel the presence of that divinity, that wholeness, within your sacred self for this is your birthright, it is who you are, it is who you have always been.

So, step forward, step towards me as I step towards you and let us proceed right now as one family and one family of heart, of love, and of action. I am with you. Go in wholeness, go in completion and stay with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon